6th October 2008 Archive

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  • Mono delivers Foundation-free open .NET alternative

    Parity on C# 3.0 and LINQ

    Developer 06 06:04

  • Copan plugs on with its creaky green revolution

    What happens if you solve a problem no one cares about?

    Storage 06 07:02

  • T-Mobile joins data breach elite

    17 million customer records go missing

    Law 06 08:15

  • Hospital staff use paper to wipe up NHS IT mess

    Running out of patience

    Government 06 09:20

  • Nasdaq threatens Overland with de-listing

    Reverse stock-split coming

    Storage 06 09:25

  • Miliband the Younger becomes Green Energy minister

    Dept for of Energy & Climate Change set up

    Government 06 09:27

  • Sainsbury's launch console price war

    Buy something new today

    Games 06 09:29

  • Dell UK releases Ubuntu netbook but favours Windows

    Get a better deal with the XP version?

    Hardware 06 09:31

  • AMD releases revamped model number scheme for 45nm Phenoms

    Hardware 06 09:55

  • Crypto attack unveils hidden backups

    Hide and seek

    Security 06 10:19

  • Birmingham Airport in X-rated X-ray shocker

    Annual report reveals passenger's intimate luggage secrets

    Bootnotes 06 10:24

  • Nokia's Communicator to make a comeback?

    Business talker updated with touchscreen and swivel

    Mobile 06 10:26

  • Kingston jumps on Intel SSD train

    Will supply business after-market

    Hardware 06 10:51

  • UK border facial scan tests hit by errors and breakdowns

    Calibration, reliability and tailgating issues

    Government 06 10:53

  • Asus Eee PC 1000 10in Linux netbook

    The Eee family expands - literally

    Hardware 06 11:02

  • MSI prepping 'ThinkPad style' netbook

    SSD option, HSDPA on board

    Hardware 06 11:03

  • Anonymous plans zombie Scientology protest

    You've got red on you

    Law 06 11:07

  • Trigger-happy Welsh cops taser sheep

    'Sparky' taken out in runaway ovine dual carriageway drama

    Bootnotes 06 11:13

  • McCain laptop theft sparks conspiracy theories

    Political shenanigans

    Security 06 11:16

  • Credit agencies get death lists

    Fighting ID fraud with weekly updates

    Law 06 11:17

  • Amazon's 'Kindle 2' spotted in the wild

    Rounder, thinner, flatter

    Hardware 06 11:18

  • Hosting biz-queenpin parachutes Everest

    Memset MD strives for gender-balanced IT sector

    Bootnotes 06 11:18

  • Stick health warnings on gays, says Stock Exchange chaplain

    Tattoos to combat the evils of sodomy

    Bootnotes 06 11:24

  • The Obscene Publications Act rides again

    Girls Aloud case heads for court - net holds its breath

    Law 06 11:26

  • Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science

    The takeaways from rogue Chinese food additives

    Science 06 11:49

  • Berlin drivers first to trial next-gen electric Smart

    Science 06 12:12

  • BSA flashes gums at 'online software scams'

    Keeps teeth in jar by bed

    Security 06 12:13

  • BlackBerry Storm revealed in slides

    RIM still keeping mum

    Phones 06 12:19

  • Manhunt 2 to hit UK on Halloween

    Pitch-forks at the ready...

    Games 06 12:30

  • SanDisk gets Samsung in X4 armlock

    Give us more money you cheapskate

    Hardware 06 12:39

  • Agile development - can’t scale, won’t scale?

    Where’s the point of no return?

    Workshop 06 12:52

  • Sergey Brin descends from Mount Sinai with Android API

    The Ten Commandments or a waste of time?

    Developer 06 13:02

  • In-body electric eel tech to make 'leccy from body fat

    mp3 charger name forecast: iSingTheBodyElectric™

    Science 06 13:19

  • Captain Cyborg to chew the fat with Ultra Hal

    Reading uni hosts Turing Test contenders

    Bootnotes 06 13:56

  • Nexsan breaks up archive for faster search

    Waves AaaS, but will customers bite?

    Storage 06 14:04

  • eBay cuts jobs, buys credit firm

    Credit? What could possibly go wrong?

    Financial News 06 14:11

  • Acer: We’re comin’ at ya, Dell

    The PC company that rose without trace

    The Channel 06 14:12

  • Harvey Keitel to experience Life on Mars

    US rehash hits the small screen

    Bootnotes 06 14:13

  • HTC gets colourful with Touch Diamond

    iPod Nano inspired?

    Phones 06 14:38

  • Ballmer backs away from 'Vista Capable' legal row

    Microsoft boss tells judge: 'I don't know nuffink'

    The Channel 06 14:43

  • DARPA seeks Special Forces submersible aeroplane

    Wet doesn't have to mean slow any more

    Government 06 14:58

  • Vodafone opens online library for mobile e-bookworms

    Download a book, save a tree

    Media 06 15:58

  • NetApp signals recession kick-off

    Uh oh

    Storage 06 16:05

  • Bull lands 200 teraflop German super deal

    Taps Sun and ParTec

    Servers 06 16:08

  • Mio parks satnav dock with Skoda

    "Active cradle" overcomes suction cup woes

    Science 06 16:19

  • Verari noses HP, IBM with third gen blades

    It's cooler on the botttom

    Servers 06 17:00

  • STEC spills prelim Q3 numbers

    SSD outfit solid as a rock - for now

    Financial News 06 17:26

  • Boffins (finally) publish hack for world's most popular smartcard

    Mifare weakness official

    Security 06 18:44

  • Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

    Class-action call up

    Applications 06 18:58

  • Judge traps RealDVD in legal limbo

    Hollywood gets its wish

    Media 06 19:11

  • MS to link Zune software to Windows Mobile

    But a Windows phone still isn't on the cards

    Hardware 06 19:33

  • Big Blue shares cloudy thinking with developers+dog

    Get your apps in the sky on the net

    Developer 06 21:30

  • Microsoft plans science of appliance for next SQL Server

    2010 or bust

    Applications 06 21:47

  • Jesus Phone vuln delivers fanboys to phishermen

    Apple silent on 'pretty dumb design flaw'

    Security 06 22:36

  • Amazon patents 'customer review incentives'

    Bezos unreformed

    Government 06 22:54