2nd October 2008 Archive

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  • Genesis ex-CEO settles after SEC inside trading charges

    When STM came a-courting, chief went a-buying

    Hardware 02 00:25

  • China Skype service snags and stores users' messages

    More than a million messages logged

    VoIP 02 01:36

  • Interwebs page channels Palin twaddle

    Artificial intelligence ineptitude

    Bootnotes 02 04:55

  • Nokia chief: Mobile superiority coming to America

    Software is king

    Mobile 02 05:48

  • Handango cashes in on Android

    Making moolah out of mobile development

    Mobile 02 06:02

  • DARPA seeks ultrasonic auto-scab tourniquets

    'Deep Bleeder' sonar medicuff deal inked

    Science 02 07:02

  • Toshiba demos Cell HD TV - again

    Hardware 02 07:31

  • Apple ups the ante in Psystar battle

    Attack on the Cloners

    The Channel 02 09:05

  • It's Time that Google forgot

    Time's up for timeless UI design

    Media 02 09:25

  • Branson brand floats into mobile broadband

    Hardly Virgin territory

    Broadband 02 09:26

  • 'Luxury' Wind netbook wafts in

    Bigger battery pack too

    Hardware 02 09:28

  • BBC jumps gun on Ofcom rethink

    Obliquely reports Australian 3G successes

    Mobile 02 09:49

  • Crashed aircraft is Fossett's, authorities confirm

    'Number plate' identifies adventurer's Bellanca Super Decathalon

    Bootnotes 02 10:08

  • Nintendo introduces redesigned DS

    DSi gets camera, SD card slot

    Games 02 10:10

  • Report: UK physics 'damaged' by budget blunder bloodbath

    Not enough boffins at the top, says top boffin

    Science 02 10:11

  • Honda shows Insight hybrid in Europe

    We'll always have Paris

    Science 02 10:14

  • MS intros Gears of War 2 Zune

    Another Zune tie-up

    Hardware 02 10:38

  • Is Fujitsu spinning out of the hard drive business?

    Western Digital said to buy it on a platter

    The Channel 02 10:40

  • 'We'll sell 10m PS3s inside one year,' says Sony

    Still no sign of a price cut, though

    Games 02 10:47

  • Remote access tech nabs smut-fan laptop theft suspect

    Busted while gawking at norks

    Security 02 10:55

  • Ofcom to create 116 bureaucracies

    Proper freephone calls'n'all

    Broadband 02 10:56

  • Philips PET723 portable DVD player

    Marriage twixt DVD player and digital photo frame

    Hardware 02 11:02

  • US sky marshals submit to Heart of Gold randomware

    Nobody could have predicted this

    Law 02 11:03

  • Riverbed settles de-dupe tech dispute

    $11 million flows to Quantum

    Storage 02 11:09

  • DVLA: A licence to bill

    Selling your data to... well, anyone

    Government 02 11:42

  • Apple probes poison-pumping Mac claim

    Yet to find toxins in 'new computer' niff

    Hardware 02 11:57

  • UK minister looks for delete key on user generated content

    Burnham lets slip UK.gov real view of the net

    Government 02 12:22

  • T-Mobile launches 3G broadband sharing station

    Pretty little dock for multi-user wireless web

    Mobile 02 12:34

  • Asus gets new girl as Eee lass makes Mac move

    Hardware 02 12:38

  • HBOS could shift 2,000 IT jobs to India

    Hyderabad Bangalore or Sangli

    Management 02 12:49

  • California train smash driver sent text seconds before disaster

    Investigators get to work on sequence of events

    Mobile 02 13:02

  • 'First production-line energy weapon' now shipping

    Northrop delivers 'push-button' electric raygun to USAF

    Government 02 13:18

  • Daylight savings shift to cause phone havoc Down Under


    Phones 02 13:33

  • Ecommerce standard tightens up wireless security

    PCI DSS update

    Security 02 14:34

  • Messenger closes on Mercury for second fly-by

    Cameras at the ready...

    Science 02 14:46

  • Memory gluttony slims suppliers

    Micron's mucky manufacturing mess-up

    The Channel 02 14:52

  • Catholic priests cane YouTube over blasphemous vids

    Video hosting site slated for host slating videos

    Bootnotes 02 14:55

  • WoW gets physical

    Gaming vest provides physical feedback from game

    Hardware 02 16:03

  • Asus adds HDD to Atom-based old-style Eee

    Ha! It's the Eee 900HA

    Hardware 02 16:24

  • US cybersecurity shake up would give prez more control

    Hands to the tiller

    Security 02 17:40

  • California outlaws RFID tag skimming

    You looking at my ID?

    Broadband 02 17:46

  • Microsoft turns Live Searchers into gamblers

    More online bribery

    Applications 02 17:47

  • Feds: Search engine bride was tax evading prostitute

    Ask Jeeves for 'A Touch of Brazil'

    Law 02 18:07

  • Google to save US from fossil fuels

    'Let life imitate Mountain View'

    Science 02 19:01

  • Nokia's free music offer isn't so free

    Comes With Music comes with indies - and a price

    Media 02 21:21

  • Red Hat chases Redmond with HPC play

    Hello? We supercompute too

    Servers 02 21:48

  • Facebook picks Dublin for international HQ

    Top o' the morning...bitch

    Business 02 21:51

  • Bastard Gator child dies sudden death

    'Spyware king' rests in pieces

    Security 02 22:58

  • IBM, EMC, Microsoft blasted for 'REST rip-off'

    Not just 'idiotic' - 'misleading' too

    Software 02 23:07