30th September 2008 Archive

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  • Servers buckle as Congress rejects $700bn Wall Street bailout

    Microsoft assumes voice of reason

    Government 30 Sep 00:03

  • Nasty web bug descends on world's most popular sites

    ING, New York Times bitten hard

    Security 30 Sep 03:50

  • EU Commissioner wants to ease SMEs' red tape burden

    Keeping the credit crunch wolves at bay

    Small Biz 30 Sep 06:02

  • Get ready for the coming data centre crunch

    Can you go short on a power hungry server?

    Servers 30 Sep 07:02

  • Nvidia settles price-fixing lawsuit

    Out-of-court deal cut with plaintiffs

    The Channel 30 Sep 08:06

  • US boffins: Laptops will be as hot as the Sun by 2030

    Nanodemon tech to prevent notebook novae

    Hardware 30 Sep 09:07

  • Tories would decentralise NHS IT

    Want patient confidence and reined-in data

    Government 30 Sep 09:17

  • AMD intros low-tier Radeon GPUs

    Higher-end model coming next month

    Hardware 30 Sep 09:29

  • Lotus flowers with Apple app

    But IBM won't go native

    Mobile 30 Sep 09:53

  • Panasonic says Intel Atom not up to snuff for its PCs

    Japanese vendor not interested in netbooks

    Hardware 30 Sep 09:57

  • China wins, Symbian loses in Sony Ericsson reorg

    The UI moves East

    Mobile 30 Sep 09:58

  • Secret Service camera bought on eBay

    Nikon camera, good nick, includes secret files

    Security 30 Sep 10:01

  • LG notches up second 8Mp phone

    Take that Samsung!

    Phones 30 Sep 10:03

  • Hubble transmissions cease as computer fails

    Backup a bit dusty

    Science 30 Sep 10:05

  • Germans give peeking Google one in the eye

    Schleswig-Holstein's answer is NEIN!

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 10:10

  • UK cybercrime overhaul finally comes into effect

    DDoS doubly illegal from 1 October

    Security 30 Sep 10:41

  • Sony all-in-one PCs get even more iMac-alike

    Say hello to the Vaio JS1

    Hardware 30 Sep 10:52

  • Vendors launch sticker chart to boost 3G take-up

    GSMA launches pre-emptive strike

    Mobile 30 Sep 10:57

  • Meat Loaf gets Q gong

    Fat old man continues to flog dead Bat

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 10:59

  • Phoenix sees snow above Mars, but it's not sticking

    Boffins dreaming of white Xmas at Martian North Pole

    Science 30 Sep 11:04

  • Michael Dell says: If I could do it all again...

    I'd go to China and start a storage business

    The Channel 30 Sep 11:14

  • Microsoft waves updated Maps, Hotmail at customers

    'Look, we're over here...'

    Applications 30 Sep 11:43

  • Stealthy malware expands rootkit repertoire

    Burrowing worm borrows Windows vuln

    Security 30 Sep 11:46

  • 'Extreme' extreme porn law puts Scots out of kilter

    Proposals would criminalise material allowed in rest of UK

    Law 30 Sep 11:51

  • Western Digital ShareSpace 4TB NAS box

    NAS for the non-geek?

    Hardware 30 Sep 12:02

  • Sky told to hand over footy and film rights

    Rivals to get access at fair price

    Government 30 Sep 12:21

  • BPM unravels before your eyes

    'Next big thing' gets the RegCast treatment

    Reg Technology Panel 30 Sep 12:47

  • LG launches cost-conscious touchscreen caller

    UK's 'most affordable' touchscreen phone?

    Phones 30 Sep 12:54

  • Circuit City feels yet more pain in Q2

    Rocky retail horror show

    The Channel 30 Sep 12:58

  • IBM, Sun, Microsoft sink differences on VMs

    Anything for scripting

    Developer 30 Sep 13:02

  • Sony's curved OLED

    CEATEC visitors treated to prototype display demo

    Hardware 30 Sep 13:04

  • Custom-car creator preps electric Porsche

    Lithium-ion, Dr Ferdinand?

    Science 30 Sep 13:06

  • R&D tax credits knocked out in Congressional punch-up

    'This is the absolute worst that could happen'

    Government 30 Sep 13:10

  • About The Register

    Here we are then

    The Company 30 Sep 13:18

  • Terms of use

    The Company 30 Sep 13:33

  • Ballmer on banking crisis: No one is safe

    Yeah, cheers Steve

    Financial News 30 Sep 13:49

  • NetApp's 50 per cent guarantee

    Not against named competitors though

    Storage 30 Sep 14:12

  • Slimline Xbox 360 due in December?

    Microsoft exec in the firing line

    Games 30 Sep 15:27

  • Panasonic punts 'Freesat inside' HD TV duo

    Bringing HD to the masses

    Hardware 30 Sep 15:30

  • Sony intros good-looks laptop

    The Blu-ray VGN-NS11Z/S

    Hardware 30 Sep 15:34

  • How many terabytes can you fit on a 2.5-inch hard drive?

    Fun with areal densities

    Storage 30 Sep 16:55

  • Attack of the 50-foot mobile virus risk

    Don't believe the hype - show us the malware

    Security 30 Sep 16:59

  • Microsoft's Hotmail hybrid struggles to life

    'Classic' meets 'full,' fails to show

    Applications 30 Sep 17:54

  • Virgin Galactic to save planet from climate change

    Keeping up with the Googlers

    Science 30 Sep 19:13

  • UCSniff - VoIP eavesdropping made easy

    Press 1 for CEO wiretap

    Security 30 Sep 19:35

  • Movie giants sue RealNetworks over DVD copying software

    First day on sale

    Law 30 Sep 20:47

  • Super Talent delivers SSDs for poor people

    128GB for just under $300

    Data Centre 30 Sep 21:46

  • AMD races for Shanghai

    After botched trip through Barcelona

    Servers 30 Sep 22:18

  • Apple condemns FileVaulters to seventh circle of Safari hell

    The bug that wouldn't die

    Applications 30 Sep 22:31

  • Adobe preps Jesus Phone Flash Player

    Awaits Jobsian blessing

    Mobile 30 Sep 23:05

  • Elvis has left the border: ePassport faking guide unleashed

    Not good enough to work - probably

    Security 30 Sep 23:11

  • MS apps division architect to be fired into space, again

    Forgot his hat, or something...

    Bootnotes 30 Sep 23:59