25th September 2008 Archive

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  • Ellison flogs Oracle server appliance alliance with HP

    (Not) a hardware provider

    The Channel 25 01:34

  • Bluetooth watches show their feminine side

    Something for the ladies

    Hardware 25 03:25

  • IT, creators unite to slay Googlebeast

    Will this lobby fly?

    Media 25 05:49

  • Royal Navy won't fight pirates 'in case they claim asylum'

    'Tis Execution Dock a council flat for ye, matey

    Government 25 07:02

  • Gay sheep romp turns Tyneside blue

    Farmer unaware of ovine boy-on-boy

    Bootnotes 25 08:02

  • Godfather dons 'best ever film' mantle

    Where did all the foreign films go?

    Bootnotes 25 08:49

  • Cisco's dirty dozen fight IOS flaws

    Patches for the masses

    Data Networking 25 08:52

  • Dell confirms 12in netbook? MID? Tablet?

    Tesco leak legit, sort of

    Hardware 25 08:55

  • EPO staff strike over patent quality

    Accuse office directors of profiteering

    Law 25 09:08

  • EC to drag fibre from incumbents' greedy paws

    If 'Steelie' Neelie gets her way

    Data Networking 25 10:08

  • US financial meltdown hits canine thesps hard

    Crisis bites Broadway Chihuahua

    Bootnotes 25 10:10

  • Chrysler intros electric trio

    The MPV, the Jeep and the sportscar

    Science 25 10:13

  • Obama weighs into Shuttle-v-Soyuz ISS brouhaha

    'Pay extra for more shuttle flights or go with Russia'

    Science 25 10:16

  • The ultimate mobile phone?

    Does everything... and makes calls

    Phones 25 10:23

  • Toshiba touts quarter-terabyte 1.8in HDD for netbooks

    Overkill for an Eee, but good for an Air

    Hardware 25 10:43

  • Sony Ericsson eyes up Android

    Google-friendly Walkman en route?

    Mobile 25 10:47

  • Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer

    Power down

    The Channel 25 10:51

  • Developers to get Windows 7 pre beta next month

    Vista in full frontal shocker

    Operating Systems 25 10:57

  • Casio massively maximises LCD resolution to 546ppi

    More pixels per inch

    Hardware 25 11:17

  • RIAA filesharing target Jammie Thomas wins retrial

    Judge slams 'oppressive' $220,000 damages award

    Media 25 11:26

  • David Blaine tw*tdangle ends in controversy

    'I am totally unimpressed', huffs duped New Yorker

    Bootnotes 25 11:27

  • UK.gov 'to drop' überdatabase from snoop Bill

    Central snoop silo carries on regardless, sources say

    Government 25 11:30

  • SCCs, MIDs to achieve laptop-matching sales by 2013

    Explosive growth forecast

    Hardware 25 11:32

  • Airline industry refuses to be ID card guinea pig

    Unions and management unite against gov biometrics

    Government 25 11:47

  • Toshiba tools up for movie download future

    Why it never went Blu?

    Media 25 11:53

  • 'You can't use Google' - EU Parliament

    Euro legislation leaves crucial hole

    Law 25 11:58

  • LG Xenon phone leaked

    Take note...

    Phones 25 12:05

  • Cisco.com suffers lower case t breakdown

    Consonantal drift?

    Data Networking 25 12:12

  • Samsung U800 3G mobile phone

    Bringing a little Soul to the mid-range market?

    Phones 25 12:35

  • T-Mobile joins 3 UK in prepaid mobile broadband race

    Mobile data sector moves to new revenue streams

    Mobile 25 13:02

  • A mini mouse that loves wrist action

    Flick left to open iTunes

    Hardware 25 13:13

  • US Army unit deployed to home front

    Nonlethal force for civil unrest

    Government 25 13:34

  • China's Shenzhou VII is go

    Third manned mission blasts off

    Science 25 13:41

  • Atlantis launch knocked back four days

    Hurricane Ike provokes Hubble mission delay

    Science 25 14:06

  • Another London BT exchange hit by thieves

    Nine 21CN network cards down East End broadband

    Broadband 25 14:10

  • Debian all business with Lenny and Squeeze

    From Toy Story to tough times

    Software 25 15:02

  • Enterasys CEO dies suddenly

    Chairman takes over

    Financial News 25 15:34

  • ICO orders LibDems to stop bothering voters

    Nick Clegg violates privacy rules

    Government 25 15:45

  • Red Hat: Go support yourselves, Fedora users

    That's what development release means, people

    Operating Systems 25 15:54

  • Take a Windows HPC test drive

    Crashing in on IBM's supercomputers

    Servers 25 16:00

  • Star Wars watch-maker calls time on R2-D2

    The watch with a mini R2-D2 robot

    Hardware 25 16:02

  • VMware renders multitasking OSes redundant

    Paravirtual activities

    Virtualization 25 17:28

  • World's electrical grids open to attack

    Scads of SCADA bugs

    Security 25 18:03

  • UN urged to prep for non-fiction Deep Impact

    One day, the asteroids will come

    Science 25 21:08

  • Microsoft threatened on antitrust non-compliance

    Settlement at sixes and sevens

    Law 25 21:52

  • American ISP giants: If we Phorm, we'll get consent

    'No need to legislate'

    Networks 25 23:00