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'Malware-friendly' Intercage back among the living

A day after security experts celebrated the death of a network provider accused of hosting a large concentration of the world's cybercrime, California-based Intercage appeared to be among the living again.

Sun jilted in Oracle big-systems love

OpenWorld 08 Oracle will partner with Intel in the ever-nebulous cloud computing arena, in the latest straining of Oracle's relationship with one-time big-systems pall Sun Microsystems.
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Mayor Boris wants 'WiFi London'

London should become a "WiFi city," Mayor Boris Johnson told a local radio station Tuesday morning.
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Oracle promises more cloud love

OpenWorld 08 Oracle is planning partnerships with more cloud computing providers while suggesting it could also deliver cloud services as part of its existing ondemand business.
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MEPs demand privacy safeguards on cross-border policing

MEPs have voted to insert data protection provisions into a proposed framework on police and judicial cooperation, meaning the European Commission will be required to pay as much lip service to the proposals as it can be bothered to.
Joe Fay, 24 2008

Sony Ericsson presses play on Play Now music services

Sony Ericsson has updated its music, and content, offering with a piecemeal service direct from the manufacturer, and a subscription service that will only be available via network operators.
Bill Ray, 24 2008
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Googlephone unworthy of Satan tag

Comment If this is The Satan Phone, then Beelzebub has lost his mojo.
Cade Metz, 24 2008

Hands on with the T-Mobile G1

First Look The G1’s looks, specifications and, crucially, launch date have already been widely reported. So, that just leaves one question on everyone’s lips: what’s the Android-based talker actually like to use?
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LHC downed until after Xmas - Boo

Proton-punishing boffins at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have confirmed that a recent technical mishap will down the colossal particle-masher until well into next year. The various treats promised once the LHC began living up to its name will not, now, arrive in time for Christmas.
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Net Suicide Bill would breathe life into government censorship

Government moves to reduce the availability of suicide sites on the internet may herald a new era of online censorship in the UK.
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Firefox update fixes critical bug brace

Mozilla published a new version of its Firefox web browser on Tuesday that fixes five security vulnerabilities, two of which it rates as critical.

BBFC bite back at ELSPA

The British Board of Film Classification has bitten back at recent negative comments made by the Director General of the European Leisure Software Publishers Association, which claimed that the Board isn’t fit for purpose.
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Boffin brews up 'Jurassic Park' beer

A scientist at California Polytechnic State University has answered that most pressing of questions for would-be time travellers - assuming you survive the journey through the wormhole vortex back to the Eocene epoch, what's the beer going to be like when you get there?

Dell debuts 'world's first' electronic privacy filter for laptops

Dell has introduced what it claims is the world's first fully electronic screen filter - digital version of the clip-on sheets offered by the likes of 3M to shield screens from prying eyes.

HTC Touch Pro smartphone

Review HTC brought out its iPod-bothering Touch Diamond back in May, but four months can sometimes seem like a lifetime in mobile phone terms.
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Oz woman held hostage by pugnacious porker

An animal-loving New South Wales vegetarian has been shown why the only good porker is one sliced into rashers and shoved between two thick slices of bread after being held hostage in her home by an 80kg bald pig, the BBC reports.

World's largest digital photo frame displayed

Digital photo frames are nice to look at in the corner of your room, but Smartpart’s latest frame will need more space than that because it’s claimed to be the world’s largest.

Northamber balks at forecasts amidst market uncertainty

Northamber illustrated the fragility of the tech market today with results that showed a slip in sales, increasing credit insurance costs and a refusal to give guidance on its future performance.
Joe Fay, 24 2008
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Daily Mail hacks get emergency bird flu jabs

There's some good news today for those of you concerned that as the impending bird flu pandemic apocalypse sweeps the UK - decimating the population in scenes of horror not witnessed since the last visitation of the Black Death - you might not be able to expend your dying breath expressing your anger that swan-roasting Albanian immigrants are actually to blame for the H5N1 catastrophe.
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El Reg dresses The IT Crowd

Cash'n'Carrion We're delighted to announce today that, following a request from Talkback Thames, El Reg's merchandising tentacle has dispatched a load of apparel and other paraphernalia to act as cast and set dressing for the forthcoming new series of Channel 4's The IT Crowd.

Brocade encryption won't stretch to tape for months

Brocade's encrypting switch and blade will be the performance migration path for NetApp's DataFort encrypting appliances, with tape fans having to sit tight until the end of the year.
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Grand jury fails to level charges in Palin hack case

A Tennessee grand jury considering the Sarah Palin webmail hacking case completed its meeting on Tuesday without returning charges against the key suspect in the case, the student son of a state politician. Prosecutors said an investigation into the case remains ongoing.
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BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees

Cleveland Police, the force that will today bring six people to court for alleged involvement in the OiNK BitTorrent network, does not pay licensing fees to legally play music in its canteens, it has emerged.
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ASA: Publishers must vet AdSense ads

Publishers must take responsibility for the suitability of published adverts, even if the ads are chosen by an automated system like Google's AdSense, the advertising regulator has said.
For Sale sign detail

IBM raises standards bar, bitchslaps Microsoft

Big Blue has issued a thinly-veiled threat to the international standards body ISO following its approval of Microsoft’s contentious Office Open XML document format.

Cisco eyeballs IBM and Microsoft with SaaS conferencing

Cisco is offering a new collaboration portfolio and offering to whup IBM and Microsoft's collaborative asses with a software-as-a-service WebEx-based offering.
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Finns develop mobe sleep-cycle alarm app

Finnish academics have developed a mobile phone app which monitors sleep patterns and delivers a morning alarm when the user is naturally ready to wake up.
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TalkTalk ad slapped for misleading on LLU

TalkTalk's latest TV ad has fallen foul of advertising regulators, who received complaints from would-be customers who contacted the firm only to be told they had to pay extra because they lived outside its unbundled network.
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Coming soon: Spider-Man - The Musical!

Forget Amanda Donohoe and Emmerdale - this week's hot hot hot showbiz news is that Peter Parker could be donning his eight tap shoes as soon as 2009 for Spider-Man - The Musical!.

Dell launches monster quad-core notebook

Dell today introduced its stylish Precision M6400 quad-core "mobile workstation", the beefy specced desktop replacement it first talked about back in August.

Blockbuster: DVD to Blu-ray shift slower than VHS to DVD

Film rental firm Blockbuster has said that consumers will be slow at swapping their DVD libraries over to Blu-ray.

iPhone users get BBC radio downloads

The BBC has confirmed that its radio programmes can now be accessed on-demand through the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Dell intros compact DLP projector

It fits in your pocket, and it throws your laptop's screen output up onto the wall. It's Dell's M109S "on-the-go" projector.

Official Tube shot leaked?

Nokia has teased consumers with a blurred picture of the Tube handset already. But what’s believed to be the world’s first official shot of the upcoming phone has been leaked online.
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MS wields price cutlass at Chinese pirates

Microsoft has slashed the retail price of its Office 2007 suite in China by over 70 per cent for versions to counter widespread piracy in the country.
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Sun's solar wind hits 50-year low

The Sun's solar wind output has fallen to the lowest level since "accurate readings" became available, and the drop may have an effect on the natural shielding which protects the solar system from cosmic rays, NASA reports.
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So what is the perfect working environment for developers?

Reg Reader Workshop The latest Reg Reader Workshop on Agile Development has got off to a flying start with some lively discussion of whether today’s developers are more creative than their counterparts of 20 years ago.
Dale Vile, 24 2008
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Get your PHP on the right Trax

Hands on Ruby on Rails has become a popular framework for developing database-based web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

Ryanair dial into mid-air mobile calls

Ryanair is just weeks away from letting its passengers make in-flight calls using mobile phones.
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Unisys splits with CEO McGrath

Enough of that, then. The board of directors at server and services company Unisys has come to the conclusion that Joe McGrath, its president and chief executive officer since 2005, is not the right guy to lead the company forward. And as such, Unisys has begun a search for a new CEO.
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Fujitsu and Sun arm juttejutsu server with quad-core processor

Earlier this week, John Fowler, the executive vice president of the Systems group at Sun Microsystems, hinted that Sun and server partner Fujitsu would be bringing a new "gap filling" server to market based on the new quad-core Sparc64-VII processor. Turns out, it is indeed an entry server, even if it might compete against Sun's own "Niagara" family of servers, which use Sun's own multi-core Sparc T series of chips.
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Net sleuths spot poker site cheat code

The former operator of a popular online poker site faces a $75m claim after internet sleuths presented evidence that for more than three years it offered rigged games that allowed cheaters to win hands at astronomically unlikely odds.

Windows HPC server courts supercomputing greenhorns

Analysis What do you get when an $11 billion Windows server business from Microsoft collides with a $10 billion market for supercomputers? You get a chance for Microsoft to get a little extra money for a little extra work, which is about as good as it gets for Redmond these days.
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US Senate rubberstamps R&D tax credit

The US Senate has approved extending an expired tax credit for business research and development, a spending incentive that many American tech companies have come to rely on.
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Google spills Satan Phone dev kit

As it tells the world that unnamed developers will fill the gaping holes in its inaugural Android phone, Google has released version 1.0 of the Android SDK.
Cade Metz, 24 2008
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Mars Lander shows rock who's boss

In case you've been living under a rock on some distant planet, NASA apologizes for the intrusion.
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Apple bans App Store heartbreak chatter

Apparently, Steve Jobs has taken his App Store despotism to new heights.
Cade Metz, 24 2008