22nd September 2008 Archive

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  • OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin

    A poke is not a revolution

    Developer 22 Sep 01:02

  • Miracle airship tech sustained by DARPA pork trickle

    Designer claims to have cracked century-old snag

    Science 22 Sep 06:02

  • Comcast reveals it is protocol agnostic

    Throttling the user, not the application

    Networks 22 Sep 06:14

  • Intel ships dual-core Atom

    Hardware 22 Sep 08:29

  • Nokia's next-gen Linux-based net tablet to incorporate HSDPA

    'Maemo 5' to support accelerated 3D too

    Hardware 22 Sep 08:56

  • Palm OS II-based smartphones now due H2 2009

    Linux-based system software slips again?

    Mobile 22 Sep 09:14

  • Gov seeks UK nuclear competition for EDF

    Glowing future foretold

    Science 22 Sep 09:22

  • Carphone goes bargain hunting in Tiscali sell-off

    Gazunder bid in marathon auction

    Broadband 22 Sep 09:24

  • Feds search Palin hack suspect's flat

    Investigators interrupt student party

    Security 22 Sep 09:55

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman slider spied online

    Rika revealed

    Phones 22 Sep 10:03

  • UK.gov IDs identity vendors

    CSC, Fujitsu and IBM on passport shortlist

    Government 22 Sep 10:06

  • SanDisk seeks to replace the CD with the SD

    Buy music on preloaded Micro SD

    Media 22 Sep 10:06

  • Is flash a cache or pretend disk drive?

    Or is this the wrong question for Fusion-io?

    The Channel 22 Sep 10:10

  • MI6 agent's moustache falls off during TV interview

    Wicket sticky, stiff upper lip less so

    Bootnotes 22 Sep 10:21

  • Sun faces up to the 64 thread question with T2+

    Nehalem x64 boxes expected next year

    Servers 22 Sep 10:40

  • Are today's developers more creative?

    Have your say

    Workshop 22 Sep 10:55

  • College launches iPhone videogame course

    Eyes front, sit up straight

    Hardware 22 Sep 11:00

  • Apple 2G iPod Touch

    The world's best music player, net tablet, handheld games console?

    Hardware 22 Sep 11:02

  • Fujitsu to take on FSC commercial biz?

    German paper says Lenovo lined up for consumer unit

    The Channel 22 Sep 11:52

  • Scrap PCs smuggled, dumped in Africa, China

    Charity calls on UK.gov to WEEEd out rogue traders

    Hardware 22 Sep 11:57

  • SanDisk pre-launches slotMusic

    To push up Samsung bid price?

    Mobile 22 Sep 12:17

  • Million dollar burnout features as malware lure

    Fake robbery footage punts rogue security app

    Security 22 Sep 12:19

  • London battles fire-breathing black cabs

    TX4 uprising contained - for now

    Science 22 Sep 12:22

  • Superfluid leak downs LHC for months

    Bored boffin mischief disasters now inevitable

    Science 22 Sep 12:28

  • What's the cost of global warming?

    Doing the maths

    Science 22 Sep 12:29

  • Pentax goes back to DSLR basics

    "Press here to take an image..."

    Hardware 22 Sep 12:50

  • Electric Mini spied in Munich

    Punters to get a go?

    Science 22 Sep 12:51

  • Hammer Films has risen from the grave

    First horror production in 30 years

    Bootnotes 22 Sep 14:19

  • Police drop BT-Phorm probe

    'Move along please, nothing to see'

    Law 22 Sep 14:30

  • Android-based T-Mobile G1 pics leaked

    One day before the official Googlephone launch

    Mobile 22 Sep 14:47

  • Free from Philips, iRex launches A4 e-book reader

    Electronic paper gives up bookish profile

    Hardware 22 Sep 15:12

  • Armani stiches together latest talker

    Something of the night about it

    Phones 22 Sep 15:13

  • Has the war on terror scored a virtual victory?

    Amateur spooks put willies up Al-Qaeda

    Government 22 Sep 15:17

  • McAfee snaps up Secure Computing

    Playing with risk

    The Channel 22 Sep 15:20

  • Turkish court bans Dawkins' website

    Squawking over Dawkins

    Law 22 Sep 16:09

  • Oracle website 'not found' as Ellison et al schmooze customers

    Database giant suffers second outage

    Applications 22 Sep 16:10

  • US pilots will go to VR drone ops straight from training

    The years to come seemed waste of breath

    Government 22 Sep 16:15

  • Toshiba, Sony to ship 45nm Cell in 2009?

    PS3 chip finally able to go mainstream

    Games 22 Sep 16:16

  • Brocade adds encryption to SAN fabric

    New switch, new blade

    Storage 22 Sep 16:57

  • MS trains eye on supercomputing with HPC Server 2008

    Hopes to sooth Wall Street Apocalypse Now

    Servers 22 Sep 17:02

  • Will Microsoft ever get the web?

    Looking for converts

    Developer 22 Sep 17:37

  • 'Malware-friendly' Intercage gets PIE in the face

    Net provider goes dark after all

    Security 22 Sep 19:08

  • Oracle pledges $3bn R&D spend

    Double the collaboration suites

    Applications 22 Sep 19:49

  • Data centers embrace The Great Outdoors

    Why your big iron needs Windows windows

    Servers 22 Sep 21:24

  • Senate bill sics DoJ on copyright infringers

    Comcast nemesis calls for outrage

    Government 22 Sep 21:45

  • HP loads PC with nonexistent web browser

    Firefox sandboxed

    Security 22 Sep 23:39

  • EA in Spore DRM climbdown

    Unlimited installs...sorta

    Applications 22 Sep 23:47

  • Oracle sits big iron on Amazon cloud

    Removes license hurdle

    Software 22 Sep 23:54