17th September 2008 Archive

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  • HTC's Touch Diamond is all-white

    "Ice Ice Baby..."

    Mobile 17 Sep 00:02

  • US retailer Forever 21 hit by payment card breach

    Almost 99,000 cards affected

    Security 17 Sep 00:28

  • Mobes & pheasants litter London's black cabs

    Taxi for Mr. Ritchie

    Mobile 17 Sep 06:02

  • Samsung turns hostile on SanDisk

    Anybody else out there?

    The Channel 17 Sep 07:16

  • Snappy snapping, the Casio way

    40f/s stills and 1000f/s videos

    Hardware 17 Sep 08:02

  • Media standard backers attempt Apple-less solo run

    'We don't need no stinkin' iTunes'

    Media 17 Sep 08:45

  • No pr0n surfing for Qantas A380 passengers

    Airborne 'cached internet content' only

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 08:49

  • 12th century thinking haunts digital music

    On serfs, fanbois and bandits

    Media 17 Sep 09:11

  • US Congress votes for some offshore oil relaxations

    Bush wants more, threatens veto

    Science 17 Sep 09:25

  • Confirmed: Android to land on T-Mobile next week

    But handset price still a mystery

    Mobile 17 Sep 09:30

  • Royal Society says goodbye to creationism row vicar

    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Science 17 Sep 09:31

  • Oz woman sold mobe with preloaded smut

    'It's sickening to think I've been using this phone near my face'

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 09:48

  • Artemis Fowl scribe to pen sixth Hitchhiker's novel

    Arthur Dent rises from the grave

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 09:49

  • Microsoft makes another play for UK schools

    'Pub sec, get your discounted licensing here'

    Software 17 Sep 09:50

  • Kodak launch world's first wireless OLED frame

    Cable-free memories

    Hardware 17 Sep 10:04

  • Adobe raises guidance amid market turmoil

    But Q3 profits fall on year

    The Channel 17 Sep 10:12

  • Android springs to life next week

    Rises from Google's pocket

    Mobile 17 Sep 10:12

  • BenQ W500 projector

    There’s more to image quality than a massive pixel-count

    Hardware 17 Sep 10:42

  • Wunderkind starts robot-buster weapons firm

    Noel Sharkey backs RoTM droid-defence biz bonanza

    Science 17 Sep 10:54

  • Iomega launches sexy MacBook Air storage

    For trend setters only

    Hardware 17 Sep 10:58

  • Peak oil: postponed

    What the oil companies don't tell you

    Science 17 Sep 11:05

  • Pope watched over by flying robots during Lourdes visit

    Flocks may safely praise

    Science 17 Sep 11:13

  • Paedo case expert Jim Bates arrested on child porn charge

    Operation Ore campaigner has collar felt

    Law 17 Sep 11:52

  • Big Brother tracking comes to Second Life

    Sadville gets RFID enabled

    Broadband 17 Sep 12:07

  • Fancy a shattering ORG45M for £150k?

    Or how about a hot PEN 15 for £99,995?

    Bootnotes 17 Sep 12:09

  • Tiny tots trial touchscreen tech

    Chalk out, fingertips in

    Science 17 Sep 12:17

  • US tech spending growth to drop in 2009

    Forrester revises forecast in eye of financial storm

    The Channel 17 Sep 12:39

  • Sky drops download limit and tops satisfaction poll

    'Fair use' policy given the chop

    Broadband 17 Sep 12:40

  • Epilepsy tests delay PS3 videogame launch

    Game fails routine photosensitive epilepsy screening

    Games 17 Sep 12:55

  • BT lobbies Welsh Assembly for superfast broadband subsidies

    Not Bryn Terfel

    Broadband 17 Sep 13:06

  • Cambridge tech boss rips gov over innovation cash

    'We'll all be painted blue and dancing for tourists'

    Small Biz 17 Sep 13:48

  • Yes! It's the USB Flash drive bottle opener!

    Storage has never been so refreshing

    Hardware 17 Sep 13:52

  • American girls love to talk: Official

    But boys are slower to adopt mobes

    Mobile 17 Sep 14:49

  • Kings of Leon to freetards: Y'all are trash


    Media 17 Sep 14:51

  • Canon devlop anti-reflective coating


    Hardware 17 Sep 15:01

  • Nortel forced to reforecast, put unit on block

    Downturn and delays skewer Q3 revenues

    Data Networking 17 Sep 15:27

  • Axon takes 100mpg wonder car for a spin

    Carbon auto has half CO2 emissions

    Hardware 17 Sep 15:29

  • 4GB fourth-gen iPod Nano confirmed

    Not a main configuration, claims Apple

    Media 17 Sep 15:36

  • Touchscreen BlackBerry details leaked

    Storm breaks

    Phones 17 Sep 16:37

  • IBM rolls up (discounted) AIX Enterprise Edition

    Datacenter Edition on the way?

    Servers 17 Sep 16:51

  • Axon 100mpg car gallery

    Hardware 17 Sep 17:01

  • 'Very quiet' Jaguar prototype points to hybrid drive?

    The strange case of the Jag that didn't roar

    Science 17 Sep 17:18

  • AMD unimpressed with Intel six shooter

    Barcelona beats Dunnington - sometimes

    Servers 17 Sep 18:00

  • Anonymous hacks Sarah Palin's Yahoo! account

    Veep candidate's email bared by Wikileaks

    Security 17 Sep 20:40

  • Securing the world against terrorists, scammers, and thugs

    A day in the life of a cyber gumshoe

    Security 17 Sep 21:09

  • Bill seeks guidelines for US laptop searches

    Some rules for border agents, please

    Government 17 Sep 21:45

  • Watchdog: US Computer Emergency Readiness Team isn't ready

    Nation not secure

    Security 17 Sep 23:26