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Apple unsheathes Jesus Phone 2.1

Apple has released a software update for the iPhone, saying it will cut the number of set-up failures and dropped calls while providing "significantly better" battery life.
Cade Metz, 13 Sep 2008

Virginia de-convicts AOL junk mailer Jeremy Jaynes

Notorious American AOL spammer Jeremy Jaynes had his nine year federal prison sentence overturned today, when Virginia's high court ruled the state's tough "anti-spam" law violates the First Amendment right to free speech.
Austin Modine, 13 Sep 2008

Sapphire 4850 Toxic graphics card

ReviewSapphire’s HD 4850 Toxic graphics card tackles a perceived problem of the reference AMD ATI Radeon HD 485 by changing the cooling package to lower the temperature.
Leo Waldock, 13 Sep 2008

China's nonstop music machine

ExclusiveBaidu is renowned as China’s glittering internet success story, and as the start-up that gave Google a bloody nose. It dominates the web in the world’s second biggest economy with 70 per cent market share, and on Wall Street carries a market cap of almost $12bn.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Sep 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Enterprises throw caution to the wind in 802.11n rush

The wireless industry changes at the speed of light and so do the attitudes of its customers. Five years ago, amid the intense nervousness of enterprises about adopting pre-standard fast Wi-Fi standards or insecure - Wi-Fi at all - who would have predicted the carefree abandonment with which corporates are now embracing pre-standard 802.11n?
Faultline, 13 Sep 2008

Furse should not resign, she should be sacked

CommentThe farce of the London Stock Exchange not only crashing but failing to get its systems up and running again should surprise no one.
Dominic Connor, 13 Sep 2008

Educating Verity

StobIt's my own fault. If you've told me once, you've told me a hundred times to ignore them. You know the sort of thing:
Verity Stob, 13 Sep 2008

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