9th September 2008 Archive

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  • Big and bendy e-ink displays on way

    Plastic Logic to get one over Sony and Amazon?

    Hardware 09 00:02

  • Google to ‘anonymize’ user IPs after 9 months

    EU pressure? What EU pressure?

    Applications 09 05:41

  • Crunch starts to bite on IT spending

    Big firms make big cuts

    The Channel 09 08:56

  • Nuke-nobbling US laser jumbo fires test beams

    First ray-play day for ICBM sky fry guys

    Science 09 09:05

  • HP clocks up 24-hour laptop battery life

    Five hours more than Dell

    Hardware 09 09:26

  • Google's Street View fleet - 100 spots and counting

    You can run, but you can't hide

    Bootnotes 09 09:44

  • AMD Socket AM3 Phenoms due Q1 2009

    Right after the arrival of Socket AM2+ versions

    Hardware 09 09:48

  • Sony Ericsson shows off secretary smartphone

    But it can't get you a latte

    Phones 09 10:03

  • Tikitag lets anyone become Big Brother

    Stick NFC tech into clothes, toys, children

    Broadband 09 10:11

  • Google publishes Chrome patch details

    Carpet-bombing fix looks threadbare

    Security 09 10:16

  • Morse suffers blip amid economic turbulence

    'A disappointing year'

    The Channel 09 10:17

  • Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

    Killer rabbit or jackalope

    Operating Systems 09 10:21

  • AMD releases overclockable tri-core CPU

    'Energy efficient' parts too

    Hardware 09 10:23

  • DoJ hires Mickey Mouse lawyer for Google probe

    Lumbers towards action

    Financial News 09 10:31

  • Sony gushes over gurly laptop line

    Lipstick colours

    Hardware 09 10:55

  • Creative Zen Mozaic MP3 player

    Tough, capacious and affordable

    Hardware 09 11:02

  • BlackBerry, HTC eat into Nokia Q2 market share

    Touchscreens driving demand, says analyst

    Mobile 09 11:11

  • Doctors rally for right to call UK.gov quangonista a 'sh*t'

    Free speech row 'threatens career'

    Law 09 11:14

  • Nokia plays MobileMeToo

    Anything Apple can do...

    Mobile 09 11:19

  • Exposed: North Korea's taekwondo assassins

    Planned murder most foul

    Bootnotes 09 11:20

  • Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown notices

    Push Me F*ck You

    Law 09 11:34

  • MS pumps up Zune storage ahead of iPod revamp

    'We make MP3 players to... er... hello? Anyone there?'

    Hardware 09 11:38

  • Sony intros dual-drive HDD, SDD 18in hi-def notebook

    Blu-ray all-in-one desktops too

    Hardware 09 12:36

  • UK Govt screws browser choice

    Bureaucrats play the numbers game

    Applications 09 12:37

  • VMware co-founder quits for academia

    And then there were fewer

    Virtualization 09 12:45

  • Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race

    Gov says computer scientists not in short supply

    Management 09 12:51

  • Google goes after 3 billion with super satellite

    Hella lotta Gmail

    Broadband 09 13:28

  • Legal digital music is commercial suicide

    Fans suffer as lawyers get rich

    Media 09 13:43

  • Ingram Micro captures Eurequat at point of sale

    The Channel 09 13:52

  • Vodafone to offer Nokia 'Tube' iPhone rival

    Maybe next month

    Mobile 09 13:58

  • Aaaagh, there's a thumb in my USB port!

    Oh wait, it's a Flash drive

    Hardware 09 14:01

  • Fake Twitter profile punts Orkut attack

    Tainted tweets target twits

    Security 09 14:14

  • Sony Ericsson and Nokia fight over uncapped music downloads

    Sony Ericsson to launch Comes With Music rival

    Phones 09 14:44

  • Sony Ericsson apes Nokia's 'Saw You Coming'

    Bundles music with phones

    Media 09 14:53

  • Obama strumpet-sex scandal ruse spreads malware

    Election-related campaign kicks off

    Security 09 15:57

  • AMD trumpets Hyper-V nuptials

    A marriage of convenient marketing

    The Channel 09 17:15

  • Flagship Sony Alpha blown in

    World’s first 24.6Mp shooter with full frame CMOS sensor

    Hardware 09 19:37

  • Apple revamps iPod line-up

    Shakes Nano particularly

    Hardware 09 20:15

  • Google smears Chrome on 'sacred' home page

    Ambition meets autism

    Bootnotes 09 20:43

  • The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?

    Never mind the bosons

    Science 09 21:39

  • Apple channels Pandora with iTunes 8

    Asks $80 for ear buds

    Hardware 09 22:04

  • Microsoft delivers four critical updates

    Patch Tuesday train arrives

    Security 09 22:32