1st September 2008 Archive

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  • Does an imported PS3 need power conversion kit?


    Hardware 01 00:02

  • iRiver readies Euro revival

    Hardware 01 07:02

  • Government data protection standards are protected data

    We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you

    Government 01 07:42

  • Bet against the bubble - how to head off a subprime crisis

    More speculation, not less, is the key

    Financial News 01 08:02

  • Being jitter free is important

    DataDirect discusses Apple's Final Cut, disses Isilon

    Storage 01 09:16

  • Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

    Pull the other one

    Mobile 01 09:48

  • McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo

    Last gasp plea

    Law 01 09:51

  • Neo-Nazi forum hacked

    Blood & Honour, cloak and dagger

    Security 01 10:16

  • Medical isotope scarcity as Dutch reactor goes titsup

    Terrorism fears lead to 'perfect storm'

    Science 01 10:28

  • MSI intros cut-price Linux mini-laptop

    Other models get hard drive boost

    Hardware 01 10:50

  • Sony's slips out slender, sensory Walkman


    Hardware 01 11:00

  • Anti-Kremlin website owner shot dead in police custody

    Ingushetian intrigue

    Security 01 11:01

  • Sony coughs to third-gen PSP power problem

    Brighter LCD = shorter battery life

    Games 01 11:05

  • Federation borgs asset org

    FAST and IiS - together at last

    The Channel 01 11:23

  • Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB media player

    Burdened with a fair amount of frankly pointless functionality

    Hardware 01 11:48

  • Yes! It's the upside down car!

    Drive up walls and across ceilings

    Hardware 01 12:04

  • Thus passes to C&W

    Buyer reveals company already bought (mostly)

    Broadband 01 12:10

  • US to give some rendition info at Gitmo trial

    UK courts may let Brit spies keep schtum

    Law 01 12:15

  • Intel buys up UK Linux lab

    A bird in the OpenedHand

    Mobile 01 12:15

  • Euro consumers to get 'Made for iPod'...refrigerator

    Dock n' eat

    Hardware 01 12:17

  • Shine on Silverlight and Windows with XAML

    Learn now, pays later

    Developer 01 13:02

  • PC Gamers get Bill of Rights

    An amendment too far?

    Hardware 01 13:21

  • Welder in DIY penis enhancement nut mishap

    Pre-engagement tumescence requires Singapore sling

    Bootnotes 01 13:28

  • Oz cops call up phone records after car smashes

    Phones 01 14:13

  • Sony's Rolly mobile music player rolls into Britain

    Pre-orders being taken

    Hardware 01 14:16

  • Virtualized PCIe switch

    NextIO revs products

    Storage 01 14:30

  • Concrete-jet 'printers' to build houses, Moonbases in hours

    Man, this refill cartridge weighs a ton

    Science 01 14:41

  • iGoogle personalises personal pages on other people's behalf

    Erm, doesn't that kind of defeat the iPoint?

    Applications 01 15:09

  • Apple, O2 to release PAYG iPhones this month

    Pre-pay details announced

    Mobile 01 15:15

  • Immersion shakes out $20m for MS legal win

    Will share its toys with Microsoft?

    Financial News 01 15:32

  • Designer moots Zune-friendly wireless speaker

    Also acts as nightlight

    Hardware 01 15:38

  • VPN security - if you want it, come and get it

    Attention WiFi hotspotters: You want it

    Security 01 16:02

  • Ambulance-chasing Graun goes after Gustav

    Bringing Fuzziness to the Believers

    Science 01 16:04