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CERT: Linux servers under 'Phalanx' attack

Attacks in the wild are under way against Linux systems with compromised SSH keys, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team is warning.
Dan Goodin, 27 Aug 2008

US data breaches booming in '08

The number of personal information leaks reported in the US this year have already exceeded the total amount in all of 2007, San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center said today.
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2008

UK etailer punts bovine coitus thumb drive

An army of online deal seekers has called for a boycott of Boffer.co.uk, after the "daily deal" site fooled them into coveting a non-existent bovine sex device.
Cade Metz, 27 Aug 2008

Nvidia rolls out budget GeForce 9 chip

Nvidia has introduced its latest GeForce 9 graphics chip, punting the part as an ultra-low cost alternative to integrated GPUs.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2008

iPhone hackers post latest jailbreak tool

The iPhone Dev Team has posted PwnageTool, a revised version of the iPhone hacking utility released yesterday then quickly removed.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2008

Apple slapped for dodgy ads

The Advertising Standards Authority has told Apple UK not to show an advert which suggested the iPhone contained "all parts of the internet" any more.
John Oates, 27 Aug 2008

Dell turns to Linux, Atom for budget biz boxes

Dell still hasn't formally announced its Eee PC rival but it did at least unveil some cheap Linux machines today based on Intel's Atom processor - the forecast revamp to its Vostro budget business box line-up.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2008

Nikon debuts D90 DSLR... and short-shooting camcorder

Nikon has unveiled a digital SLR snapper that lets you shoot HD video - provided you like short movies.
James Sherwood, 27 Aug 2008

Electoral officers oppose edited register

Most local authority electoral officers support the information commissioner's recommendation to scrap the edited electoral roll, according to a new survey.
Kablenet, 27 Aug 2008

Samsung samples SSDs for SCCs

Samsung has begun punting a compact 32GB solid-state drive card at makers of Small, Cheap Computers.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2008

McCain: Keep Shuttle flying, don't trust Russia

Presidential contender John McCain and two other bigshot Republican senators have written to George Bush urging that NASA keep the Space Shuttle fleet alive beyond 2010. The politicians are concerned about US reliance on Russia for manned space transport in the early years of the next decade.
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2008

Serco buys US government reseller

Serco is to acquire SI International, an IT reseller specialising in the US federal market, for $423m cash - a 40 per cent premium on SI's closing price on NASDAQ yesterday. Serco is also asssuming net debt of $87.3m, so the enterprise value of the deal is $510m - a multiple of 12.3 on forecast EBITDA for 2008.
Drew Cullen, 27 Aug 2008

Freesat signs fourth hardware maker

UK free-to-air satellite TV service Freesat has recruited another hardware maker: French digital TV receiver specialist Metronic.
Tony Smith, 27 Aug 2008

iPhone passwords not worth the paper they're written on

iPhones protected by a password aren't actually protected at all, as just by pressing a few keys a miscreant can access all the phone's functions without needing the password at all.
Bill Ray, 27 Aug 2008

Portsmouth punts naval boy-on-boy to innocent kiddies

Avast there and unfurl the Twat-O-Tron ye scurvy landlubbers of Middle England, lest Portsmouth Historic Dockyard make barrel boys of ye all, damn their eyes:
Lester Haines, 27 Aug 2008

Microsoft dishes dirt on IE8 'pr0n mode'

UpdatedMicrosoft has outlined the new privacy tools available in its forthcoming browser Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Aug 2008

Nokia 6210 Navigator phone

ReviewThe upgraded successor to last year’s 6110 Navigator, the 6210 is a tidy slider-design handset, bearing more than a passing resemblance in looks and specs to the recently-launched 6220 Classic.
Phil Lattimore, 27 Aug 2008

Euro guidelines will allow Bluetooth spam

The Mobile Marketing Association has published its guidelines for advertising pushed over Bluetooth connections, and considers anyone who hasn't opted out to be fair game for spammers.
Bill Ray, 27 Aug 2008

SanDisk pitches SDHCs at Nikon D90

The Nikon D90 DLSR has only just been announced, but SanDisk is already punting a compatible SDHC on the back of the camera-cum-camcorder's launch.
James Sherwood, 27 Aug 2008

Which is the best Linux for laptops?

I have been a user of Windows for ages now, literally using WinXP Pro since its first public release, and I have a fairly good understanding of how the OS works. I have been starting to venture into the Linux/Unix world, currently using the Ubuntu 8.04 on my ThinkPad X60.
Thomas Roche, 27 Aug 2008

Credit crunch bites into mobile sales

Global mobile phone sales will exceed 1.2bn handsets this year, although tough economic conditions are already biting into phone sales, market watcher Gartner has warned.
James Sherwood, 27 Aug 2008

Election watchdog makes ID card U-turn

UK election scrutineers are pushing for polling stations to require tougher proof of identity to reduce the risk of ballot-rigging, but do not want voters to be forced to bring photo ID.
Christopher Williams, 27 Aug 2008

Crayola colours keyboard... you know... for kids

Crayon crafter Crayola has created a colourful keyboard designed to prepare kids for a lifetime spent mindlessly tapping numbers and text into computers.
James Sherwood, 27 Aug 2008

Tech repair shop to the UK flees Manchester

A Novo UK, which services mobile phones, monitors and set-top boxes, is laying off at least 130 staff and closing its Manchester repair centre.
John Oates, 27 Aug 2008

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'

UK company Plasma Product Innovations (P2i) today demonstrated a chemical process it claims can render any material 100 per cent waterproof.
Scott Snowden, 27 Aug 2008

MS beefs up WinXP Pro's anti-piracy nagware

Microsoft wants to rein in more Windows XP pirates over the coming weeks, by pushing out a new version of its “nagware” which detects when a machine is running a fake copy of the OS.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Aug 2008

Brit firm to demo serious flying robo-saucer in 2009

A small British company developing a unique form of hovering aircraft says it will soon demonstrate a new and much more serious version of its technology.
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2008

Android's missing Bluetooth: Limitations laid out

Android developers have admitted that Google's mobile phone platform won't support GoogleTalk in its first version, and that Bluetooth support will be severely limited.
Bill Ray, 27 Aug 2008

Finnish blogger amputates Google from Google

Getting a head start on the world's antitrust regulators, an astute Finn is offering a bastardized version of Google's search engine that ignores sites served up by Google itself.
Cade Metz, 27 Aug 2008

AMD's dual-core 'Kuma' specs listed?

Quite contrary to rumors AMD scrapped its plans to bring dual-core K10 parts to the market, the chip maker may have already begun selling the line to its partners on the sly.
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2008

Google's MapReduce suddenly not so backward

What was seen as a major hole in Google's MapReduce database technology has been plugged, not once but twice. In the same week.
Phil Manchester, 27 Aug 2008

Feds cuff blogger for Guns N' Roses leak

The FBI has arrested a 27-year-old American blogger for leaking some unreleased Guns N' Roses tunes to the internet.
Cade Metz, 27 Aug 2008

Hijacking huge chunks of the internet - a new How To

More evidence that the intertubes are fundamentally broken has been served up by Wired.com in an article laying out a technique to surreptitiously hijack huge chunks of the internet and monitor or even modify unencrypted traffic before it reaches its intended destination.
Dan Goodin, 27 Aug 2008

Microsoft and Immersion settle settlement settlement

Microsoft and the force-feedback technology firm, Immersion, appear to have come to final terms after six years of suing each other.
Austin Modine, 27 Aug 2008

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