25th August 2008 Archive

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  • Other smart phones are people too, says ex-Apple team

    Delivers media browser for all

    Applications 25 05:02

  • Advent 4211 mini notebook

    Dixons tempts with cut-price Wind

    Hardware 25 08:02

  • Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

    And the radio, and some trams

    Bootnotes 25 08:06

  • Aussie school trials use of gadgets in exams

    I don't know the answer - can I phone a friend?

    Hardware 25 10:46

  • Cloud computing: A catchphrase in puberty

    How Google and Amazon will take your money and step on your dreams

    Developer 25 13:02

  • Dancing Baby v. Universal: Baby wins!

    Assess fair use first, US court warns copyright holders

    Law 25 18:37

  • gOS - a Google good OS for your Mum

    Mac-like Linux serves the Windows crowd

    Operating Systems 25 19:06

  • AMD offloads TV chip unit on Broadcom for $193m

    You ought not to be in pictures

    Hardware 25 19:13

  • San Jose decides it's 'Visual Computing Week'

    And just where does that leave National Bowling Week?

    Hardware 25 20:24

  • Facebook summarily denies undeniable user-menacing security hole

    'It doesn't exist...bitch'

    Security 25 20:48

  • Newegg plays chicken with New York 'Amazon Tax'

    Out-Byrnes Patrick Byrne

    The Channel 25 22:09