22nd August 2008 Archive

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  • Lag log leaks - Home Office contractor loses entire prison population

    Secure database + idiot + memory stick

    Law 22 Aug 07:13

  • BBC iPlayer upgrade prompts new ISP complaints

    High definition network freezes out the little guy

    Broadband 22 Aug 08:23

  • Intel talks up CPU+GPU system chippery

    'Ibex Peak' unpicked

    Hardware 22 Aug 09:29

  • Logitech rolls out Wii wheel, with feedback

    Driving Miss Daisy, it ain't

    Games 22 Aug 09:35

  • UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted

    Carphone Warehouse now taking orders; O2 will sell it 'soon'

    Phones 22 Aug 09:37

  • BCS to review NHS IT for Tories

    Calls for public input

    Government 22 Aug 09:40

  • Enterprise class mobility

    Blackberry v iPhone v Windows Mobile

    Broadband 22 Aug 09:49

  • Card fraud-fearing Brit tourists carry cash

    Plastic ain't fantastic

    Security 22 Aug 10:19

  • El Reg salutes ultimate shed anthem

    'It's Rainham Sheds, hallelujah...'

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 10:21

  • Jeery Jerry loves Vista, y'know

    Microsoft scoops up funny man in OS ad crusade

    Operating Systems 22 Aug 10:37

  • Asus M930 Windows Mobile smartphone

    Built like the proverbial brick dunny

    Mobile 22 Aug 11:08

  • Web app designers & developers can get into reMix08 cheap

    Rub shoulders with online gods

    Software 22 Aug 11:18

  • Winehouse jibe wins Fringe's funniest gag

    'I can't believe Amy self-harms...'

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 11:22

  • Apple's MobileMe plays into hands of spammers

    Address harvesting all too easy

    Security 22 Aug 11:46

  • NASA test rocket explodes

    Crash, bang at the Wallops

    Science 22 Aug 11:49

  • A PS3 price reduction? You must be kidding!

    SCEE President says: "Non!"

    Games 22 Aug 11:57

  • Sony unveils wireless streaming iPod dock

    Hardware 22 Aug 12:00

  • PSP-3000's LCD is 'berry' good

    Image highlights screen's clarity advantages

    Games 22 Aug 12:19

  • iTunes, and Sting, banned from China

    Athletes blamed for rocking out to Tibetan protest songs

    Media 22 Aug 12:54

  • IT Security: Podium place or first round shame?

    The Reg Readers have spoken

    Reg Technology Panel 22 Aug 12:59

  • Alleged Brazilian botnet herder faces US extradition

    Zombie farmer suspects sent to the pen

    Security 22 Aug 13:03

  • Asus' own Eee-beater spied on web

    Snaps reveals snazzy, top-end system

    Hardware 22 Aug 13:10

  • Cops cuff anti-drug ninja vigilantes

    Tooled up to deliver 'justified yet merciful force'

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 13:47

  • Openstream implores you: Talk to your mobile browser

    Swearing won't make that page load any faster, you know

    Mobile 22 Aug 13:52

  • US made to wait for Quantum of Solace

    Next Bond outing pushed back a week

    Bootnotes 22 Aug 13:56

  • OLPC kits out entire nation's kids with laptops

    But a small nation

    Hardware 22 Aug 14:17

  • ARM elbows out Intel in Albatron's Eee beater

    Move over Eee PC - here's the... er... Tee PC

    Phones 22 Aug 14:33

  • Judge bans European-wide online music rights

    PRS versus Dutch Buma

    Media 22 Aug 15:08

  • iPhone toolkit goes graphical

    Still no unlocking for 3G iPhones though

    Mobile 22 Aug 15:14

  • Higher, Further, Faster with the Beijing Bonanza

    Hurry, while the show's in town

    Site News 22 Aug 15:56

  • FCC votes to silence 700MHz lurkers

    Get your stuff and get out before Feb

    Broadband 22 Aug 16:05

  • Acer US prunes Aspire One mini laptop prices

    Rolls out new top-end model too

    Hardware 22 Aug 16:06

  • LG confirms 8Mp cameraphone plan as details leak

    HSDPA, Wi-Fi, video capture, quad-band, but no kitchen sink

    Phones 22 Aug 16:18

  • Sun loses MySQL Asia-Pac veteran

    Hunts for replacement

    Applications 22 Aug 16:25

  • Red Hat hack prompts critical OpenSSH update

    Poisoned code never entered our bloodstream, says Linux distro

    Security 22 Aug 16:28

  • UK spooks forced to hand Gitmo files to suspect's lawyers

    Dirty bombs, dirty hands for MI5

    Law 22 Aug 16:35

  • That password-protected site of yours - it ain't

    Google exposes the Net's dirty secrets

    Security 22 Aug 18:16

  • Anatomy of a malware scam

    The evil genius of XP Antivirus 2008

    Security 22 Aug 18:45

  • Dell thrives in up server market

    Ugly economy fails to tarnish iron in Q2

    Servers 22 Aug 18:46

  • MetaRAM now pumping 288GB of memory into Intel boxes

    Triple stuffed

    Servers 22 Aug 19:21

  • Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

    A phoned-in performance

    Mobile 22 Aug 22:42