19th August 2008 Archive

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  • Red rag, meet bull: The software resilience gamble

    This topic really got you going

    Applications 19 Aug 07:02

  • NASA to brief on manned spaceship 'concerns'

    Shuttle/Soyuz replacement looking peaky?

    Science 19 Aug 07:41

  • Intel adds 22nm octo-core 'Haswell' to CPU design roadmap

    tock follows tick follows tock etc.

    Hardware 19 Aug 08:56

  • Game sharer gets £16K fine

    Lawyers have thousands more names

    Games 19 Aug 08:59

  • Vodafone jacks up UK prices

    By as much as 40 per cent

    Mobile 19 Aug 09:25

  • Japanese photographers offered recyclable camera

    Snap, bin, reuse

    Hardware 19 Aug 09:37

  • Skinny ThinkPad X300 gains Centrino 2 tech

    DisplayPort added too

    Hardware 19 Aug 09:38

  • Symantec nabs PC Tools for added street cred

    G'day to added anti-spyware

    Security 19 Aug 09:48

  • Nokia rolls in sportscar-styled Arte phone

    You won't get this phone free on contract

    Phones 19 Aug 09:54

  • Teachers give toilet CCTV top marks

    Just so long as it isn't watching them

    Law 19 Aug 10:10

  • Apple tops customer satisfaction poll as rivals' ratings slide

    Windows Vista to blame?

    Hardware 19 Aug 10:39

  • Intel slings sue ball at N-Data

    Ethernet patent skirmish

    Data Networking 19 Aug 10:43

  • Alienware Area-51 m15x gaming laptop

    Out of this world - or the laptop that fell to Earth

    Hardware 19 Aug 11:02

  • Googlephone is coming soon

    T-Mobile confirms Googlephone launch. Ish

    Phones 19 Aug 11:03

  • Vodafone exec stabbed to death in country home

    Man questioned

    Security 19 Aug 11:05

  • ICANN backs auction of disputed domains

    Gavel to break ties

    Law 19 Aug 11:14

  • Surveillance Teddy nabs granny-bag robber

    Part soft toy, part robot - all cop

    Law 19 Aug 11:15

  • Another 60 days' free MobileMe service, madam?

    You just can't give it away

    Mobile 19 Aug 11:17

  • Is Zune finally coming to Europe?

    FCC documents leak 120GB model

    Hardware 19 Aug 12:08

  • The Terminator's back - as a DVD player

    Terminator's head used to play DVDs

    Hardware 19 Aug 12:17

  • Duke Nukem to make Xbox debut

    "Let's kick ass and chew bubble gum"

    Games 19 Aug 12:29

  • iPod Nano trouser fireballs sweep Japan

    They knew the risks

    Hardware 19 Aug 13:01

  • Dell extends laptop warranties to cover duff Nvidia GPUs

    12 months more added

    Hardware 19 Aug 13:07

  • A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP

    Microsoft pins hopes on lucky number 7

    Operating Systems 19 Aug 13:16

  • Palm to unveil Treo Pro today?

    Company agent says as much

    Mobile 19 Aug 13:30

  • Goldfish customers sent wrong bills

    'We're sorry about that. We're sorry about that'

    Security 19 Aug 13:34

  • Network Solutions falls off the web


    CIO 19 Aug 13:34

  • Red Devil assaults Burnley FC's stadium roof

    Pre-match entertainment ends in 'major embarrassment'

    Bootnotes 19 Aug 13:37

  • 3 launches second-gen Skypephone

    Call for free, in style

    VoIP 19 Aug 13:59

  • Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

    Oz thespo working on draft script

    Bootnotes 19 Aug 14:00

  • UK.gov to spend hundreds of millions on snooping silo

    Überdatabase pork barrel ahoy

    Government 19 Aug 14:27

  • Free the airwaves, cries Google

    FCC to consider petitions, analysis and dancing phones

    Broadband 19 Aug 14:33

  • Spice up your Apple applications

    Splash of Aqua

    Developer 19 Aug 15:02

  • Microsoft slackens VM licensing rules

    Give 'em enough rope...

    Virtualization 19 Aug 15:11

  • Mystery Fedora disruption prompts security fears

    Did security breach prompt ground-up rebuild?

    Security 19 Aug 15:54

  • Nokia travels Lonely Planet

    Guide books comes to handsets

    Science 19 Aug 15:58

  • Sun double teams Xeon chip

    Makes grunty boxes

    Servers 19 Aug 16:37

  • Microsoft dashes hopes for 'major' Windows server upgrade

    2008 sticking around

    Servers 19 Aug 17:10

  • Intel's Barrett goes for Washington on education, innovation

    'Teachers are the ultimate tools'

    Government 19 Aug 19:56

  • WiMax to cover 1 billion by 2012, says Intel

    A truly olympian task

    Broadband 19 Aug 21:23

  • Intel does SSD flash dance

    Now with Dynamic Wear Leveling

    Storage 19 Aug 21:32

  • Gag order lifted for students who hacked subway card

    MIT students free to discuss gaping holes

    Security 19 Aug 22:46