13th August 2008 Archive

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  • Google Android just five weeks away?

    T-Mobile asks $399, Google demands your soul

    Phones 13 Aug 00:27

  • China's The9 earns epic loot from The World of Warcraft

    Practically gold farming in real life

    Servers 13 Aug 00:31

  • Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop

    No compromise spec, apparently

    Hardware 13 Aug 05:18

  • How poor crypto housekeeping left OpenID open to abuse

    Internet bouncer snooze leads to 'small earthquake'

    Security 13 Aug 06:02

  • Acer Aspire One gets official WinXP update pack

    Drivers ahoy!

    Hardware 13 Aug 07:49

  • Rude financial firms to pay, Ombudsman vows

    Distress grounds for additional compensation

    Small Biz 13 Aug 08:45

  • OpenGL 3.1 promise follows gamer revolt

    'Just a little longer'

    Developer 13 Aug 09:01

  • Underage US gamers buying GTA: IV

    Or parents buy it for their kids to play

    Games 13 Aug 09:41

  • Brown's website is Web2.0tastic


    Government 13 Aug 09:55

  • Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

    TSA added forgetful to terror database

    Government 13 Aug 09:59

  • How good are open source phones?


    Hardware 13 Aug 10:16

  • Retailer 'recalls' PSP Go!Cam

    Japanese supplier said to be worried about fire risk

    Hardware 13 Aug 10:18

  • The IT Crowd goes west

    Will they know it's a comedy?

    Bootnotes 13 Aug 10:28

  • Duncan McIntyre severs ties with Morse

    The Channel 13 Aug 10:39

  • VMware admits 'time bomb' rolled past quality control

    Glum CEO says 'we're sorry'

    Servers 13 Aug 10:50

  • Council IT provider's staff exposed back-room operations

    Taxi drivers, PCSOs shocked by windowsill sex romp

    Bootnotes 13 Aug 10:51

  • Windfall taxing big oil: how to make the gas crisis worse

    Election crowd pleasing = higher pump prices?

    Financial News 13 Aug 11:02

  • Nokia punts 'understated elegance' talker

    No bling? No problem!

    Phones 13 Aug 11:21

  • 'Different' Dell to downgrade XPS brand

    Good news for Alienware

    Hardware 13 Aug 11:24

  • Celio Redfly Windows smartphone terminal

    An expensive horse for a specific course

    Hardware 13 Aug 11:29

  • Bumper Patch Tuesday plugs multiple Office flaws

    11 updates, six critical in latest Microsoft update

    Security 13 Aug 11:32

  • Symantec wins big in UK bootleg software case

    Essex distie coughs up £700,000

    The Channel 13 Aug 11:55

  • Phorm secretly tracked Americans too

    2005 hot spot trials exposed

    Broadband 13 Aug 12:02

  • eBay wins right to not police counterfeit goods

    Tat seller wins rights to tat

    Small Biz 13 Aug 12:13

  • Best Buy helps Apple put an iPhone under every tree

    First 'independent' US retailer

    Mobile 13 Aug 12:14

  • Logitech docks daring mouse design

    Mouse sticks onto your laptop's lid

    Hardware 13 Aug 12:18

  • iPhone 3G isn't necessarily

    Networks place the blame at Apple's door

    Mobile 13 Aug 12:34

  • Criminals hijack terminals to swipe Chip-and-PIN data

    Police arrest two in raid on counterfeit card factory

    Security 13 Aug 12:39

  • World shocked (shocked!) by Legal P2P

    Old news sinks in

    Media 13 Aug 14:00

  • GTA slammed in parental poll

    Worse than beer and porno, say parents

    Games 13 Aug 14:09

  • Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

    'Quicker and more effective than lawsuits'

    Law 13 Aug 14:21

  • PS3 DVR add-on launch delayed

    But £8 price cut announced

    Games 13 Aug 14:56

  • Chinese network announces $14.5bn 3G plans

    Olympian outlay

    Mobile 13 Aug 15:09

  • Cybercrime bust highlights PIN terminal insecurity

    Clear and present danger

    Security 13 Aug 16:16

  • Yelp 'pay to play' pitch makes shops scream for help

    User generated discontent

    Small Biz 13 Aug 16:55

  • Windows XP crashes out of Olympics?

    Microsoft takes Blue Medal of disgrace

    Operating Systems 13 Aug 18:33

  • Three-alarm fire bakes Apple facility

    Building iBurnt, nobody iHurt

    Bootnotes 13 Aug 18:51

  • Security researchers' accounts ransacked in embarrasing hacklash

    'War' aims to shame

    Security 13 Aug 19:26

  • Google will eat itself in 202,345,117 years

    Click bots shovel stock into secret Swiss bank

    Bootnotes 13 Aug 20:18

  • XIV lands quietly on planet IBM

    Moshe, Moshe, how shall I thank thee? Shhh. Don't mention it

    Storage 13 Aug 20:20

  • Microsoft's data crunching baby hit with lawsuit

    Datallegro not so happy

    Law 13 Aug 22:44

  • Apple faithful snared in phishing scam targeting Mac.com users

    More MobileMe carnage

    Security 13 Aug 23:26

  • NetApp thin provisions income in Q1

    Cultivated surge planned

    Storage 13 Aug 23:50