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Google tells Congress it's not Phorm

Google wants you to know that in targeting online ads, it doesn't use Phorm-like deep packet inspection. But it still refuses to acknowledge its own massive threat to the privacy of humankind.
Cade Metz, 12 Aug 2008

UK.gov pushes £50,000 fine for online copyright infringement

The government has launched a consultation on plans to increase the maximum fine for traders in copyright-infringing material from £5,000 to £50,000 as part of a plan to protect "creative Britain".
Christopher Williams, 12 Aug 2008

Research firm emails 20,000 addresses in the clear

We've almost got bored of stories about people sending emails to lots of subscribers without using the BCC field, but not when the mail is sent to 20,000 people.
John Oates, 12 Aug 2008

Gmail outage causes outrage

Google has apologised to users unable to get into their Gmail accounts last night.
John Oates, 12 Aug 2008

AMD releases 'world's fastest' graphics card

AMD has launched its two-GPU Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphic card, as expected, with a host of suppliers offering boards based on the design.
Tony Smith, 12 Aug 2008

Filesharing teen gets damages reduced in ignorance claim

A 16-year-old girl has successfully argued that she was too young to understand that her copyright-infringing downloading of music was unlawful. A US court said she will only have to pay $200 per song downloaded instead of the $750 demanded in the case.
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Aug 2008

SIM modding kit offered to Brits

Easy handset unlocking has come to the UK courtesy of online supplier SIMable which is now offering a 20 quid kit to let any SIM work with (almost) any network-locked mobile.
Tony Smith, 12 Aug 2008
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NEC raises PC prices (in Japan)

Rising PC component prices and labour costs in China have prompted NEC to raise prices in its home country for the first time in six years. The computer giant aims to push through a three per cent rise to Japanese customers in September, Bloomberg reports. Fujitsu told the newswire that it had no plans to follow suit, while Toshiba hasn't made its mind up. No word from Dell, either.
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008
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Recycled PCs despoil developing world

The Mail on Sunday has run an expose on secondhand computers tipping up in Ghana, in which the intrepid reporter obtained an NCR PC containing National Health Service patient data. Worse, much worse, is the picture the article paints of PCs being sent to the developing world for supposed recycling, as opposed to re-use. The Mail visits a "toxic pollution dump" in Ghana - and it is truly shocking. So what are UK end-use organisations and resellers to do? Use reputable brokers and charities for computer disposal, for starters. Make sure that PCs are destroyed in the UK - not sent abroad. And make sure that PCs for re-use are properly data-wiped. But we all know the drill. Is it really that difficult to turn theory into practice?
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008

Dell to launch 'Eee PC beater' today

Dell is expected to unveil its eagerly anticipated attempt to out-Eee Asus' Eee PC later today at an event focused on a "new generation of mobility products".
Tony Smith, 12 Aug 2008

Motorola prepping second iPhone killer?

Pictures and specifications of the latest would-be iPhone 3G 'killer' have emerged online, and this time the codenamed handset comes from Camp Motorola.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

JDA gobbles up i2

JDA Software is buying i2 Technologies for $346m in borrowed cash.
John Oates, 12 Aug 2008
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Date bug kills VMware systems

Irate VMware customers were left unable to power up their virtual servers this morning because of a bug that killed their systems when the clock clicked round to 12 August.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Aug 2008

Space shuttle replacement delayed until 2014

NASA has put back the planned launch of its Orion spacecraft for a year, meaning the first test launch won't be until 2014 at the earliest.
Scott Snowden, 12 Aug 2008
2e2 logo

2e2 rolls up Netstore for UK channel glory

2e2, the private-equity backed reseller group, is buying Netstore for £57m in cash.
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008

Virus writers go for Olympic gold

Websites carrying news of the Olympic games have been targeted in a new wave of SQL injection attacks. Vulnerabilities in sites including New Delhi Television Limited's NDTV.com have been booby-trapped with exploits designed to install malware onto users' computers.
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2008

Swedish men left frustrated by state sex aid policy

Outraged Swedish men are up in arms over the state run pharmacy Apoteket’s policy of stocking only female-oriented sex toys.
Joe Fay, 12 Aug 2008

Dutch unlocked iPhone site takes €700,000 then goes offline

A Dutch online reseller who promised customers simlock-free iPhones has apparently gone missing, leaving coworkers bemused and hundreds of consumers a total of €700,000 in the hole.
Jan Libbenga, 12 Aug 2008

Generic VoIP toolkit comes to the iPhone

Global IP solutions is now punting its VoiceEngine Mobile technology for the iPhone, making it simple to add VoIP to any iPhone application.
Bill Ray, 12 Aug 2008

Philips Cineos 42PFL9603D Ambilight LCD TV

ReviewPhilips' Ambilight feature at first seems bizarre: back-mounted lights that change hue as the dominant screen colour does. However, it's hard to switch off once you’ve used it.
David Phelan, 12 Aug 2008

Joint Committee gets it (mainly) wrong on human rights

The Joint Committee on Human Rights delivered its 29th report at the weekend on the vexed question of whether the UK should adopt a “Bill of Rights”, and if so, how. Make yourselves comfortable - it's a long one.
Jane Fae , 12 Aug 2008
Graph - going up

Huge write-off takes Insight Enterprises into loss

A strong performance from EMEA and APAC helped Insight Enterprises to raise sales nine per cent to $1.4bn in Q2.
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008

16-card GPU bangs-per-buck mega shoot out

We've looked at a host of graphics chips, and while each new GPU generation has its fans who'll dash out and buy it no matter what, plenty of punters prefer to wait and see whether they're worth the money.
Leo Waldock, 12 Aug 2008

Sony's floating Bravia

Sony has expanded its Bravia TV line with a telly that not only boasts “floating” speakers, but a screen that can automatically dim itself to save power and improve contrast.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

Colchester Hospital sacks manager over lost laptop

Colchester University Hospital has sacked one of its managers over the theft of his work laptop, which contained unencrypted patient records.
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2008

Amazon Kindle set to go massive

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader will sell more than 380,000 in 2008, according to analysts at CitiGroup. UK retailer Waterstones agrees that e-books are the future and is putting Sony Readers into its high street stores.
Bill Ray, 12 Aug 2008

Xbox Live meets iPhone

Obsessed with Xbox 360 online gaming? Addicted to your iPhone? Now you can mash the two together with an Xbox Live application for the iPhone.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

Fringe plan box office balls-up post-mortem next month

Edinburgh Fringe organisers will wait until after the last acts have packed up and gone home before picking over the bones of its box office system fiasco.
Kelly Fiveash, 12 Aug 2008
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Cisco welds Linksys into one SMB channel prog

Cisco is merging its Linksys small business channel with its own reseller channel, to present a unified SMB partner program worldwide. Small and medium businesses present a big growth potential, Cisco notes. But as everyone notes, SMBs are difficult to reach and can be expensive to service. This is why resellers come in so handy.
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008

UK.gov misses deadline on EU Phorm probe

ExclusiveThe government has failed to meet a deadline to respond to European Commission questions over the UK's handling of BT's allegedly illegal secret trials of Phorm's ISP-level adware and its planned rollout of the system to millions of subscribers, The Register has learned.
Christopher Williams, 12 Aug 2008

Blighty's first 8Mp phone cometh

The days of minimal megapixel snapping will soon be dead, because Samsung’s announced the UK launch date for its eight-megapixel handset.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

Tories call for more freedom for snoopers

The Tory Party is calling for less restriction of police snooping because current laws are "placing a disproportionate burden" on investigations of "volume crime".
John Oates, 12 Aug 2008

Hitachi shoots out tri-format HD camcorder

Shooting HD video’s all well and good, but transferring footage between storage mediums is painful. Thankfully, Hitachi’s launched a camcorder that supports three different formats.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

Even Koreans turn off mobile TV

Despite billions invested in turning mobile phones into pocket TV sets, the public continues to find it all a giant yawn. A study by TMC Media published earlier this month suggests that peak-time viewing of direct broadcast TV on phones in Korea barely exceeds the pollsters' margin of error.
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Aug 2008

No wireless sex please, we're American

When it comes to filtering adult content in the US things are due to get that bit more um, sticky. Two Democrat members of the US congress have sent an open letter to FCC Chair Kevin Martin, supporting the agency's goal of a nationwide wireless service suitable for family viewing and accusing detractors of playing for time.
Bill Ray, 12 Aug 2008

Pentagon hacker McKinnon earns extradition delay

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has been granted a short reprieve from possible extradition to the US while a European court decides whether or not to intervene.
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2008

Game rating system needs legal backing, claims supporter

ExclusiveThe Pan European Game Information videogame classification system needs a legal framework, but it's still best placed to protect children from disturbing games, according to the code’s primary backer.
James Sherwood, 12 Aug 2008

BT hires ex-C&W boss to run Global Services (UK)

BT has appointed Royston Hoggarth, the former CEO of C&W's UK operations, to run the UK side of its Global Services division. He replaces Tim Smart who is off to King's College Hospital (National Health Service) Foundation Trust, Dow Jones newswire reports.
Team Register, 12 Aug 2008

Is Microsoft's Silverlight evil?

That's really the question John Markoff is asking in this New York Times piece about the way the NBC Olympics streaming video is putting Microsoft's browser plug-in on the map. Someone has even popped up to state that this is another go at technology monopoly:
Tim Anderson, 12 Aug 2008

Dell thinks young and colorful with business notebook refresh

It's been a couple years since Dell last had a major refresh of its Latitude business notebooks. Lo and behold, there's all these young, sleek rivals on the scene these days.
Austin Modine, 12 Aug 2008

Nvidia pulls off Project Blowout in Q2

Last month, Nvidia promised to bomb its second quarter. Today, the company delivered on those promises in smashing fashion.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Aug 2008

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