11th August 2008 Archive

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  • Top-secret Android handset surfaces on YouTube

    A rare moment of openness for Google's open OS

    Mobile 11 06:44

  • Intel to brand next-gen CPUs 'Core i7'

    No, not 'Core 3'

    Hardware 11 08:59

  • Pirate Bay evades Italian blockade

    Blasts Italian fascists

    Media 11 09:03

  • The BPM Buzzword Bonanza

    We need your help to get to the meat

    Reg Technology Panel 11 09:12

  • Hull falls off the internet


    Broadband 11 09:15

  • Aussies: Eat roos, save the planet

    What's that Skippy? You go with horseradish and mint sauce?

    Science 11 10:32

  • Google maps Russian assault on Savannah

    Georgia on its mind. Just not the right one

    Bootnotes 11 10:44

  • Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Headsets

    Our pick of the top handset accessories

    Hardware 11 10:49

  • Fake feet trip up Olympic opening coverage

    Made in China games better than reality

    Media 11 11:15

  • Samsung Tocco SGH-F480 touchscreen phone

    Who calls a phone Tocco, I mean really

    Phones 11 11:33

  • Freecom pitches netbook-friendly skinny DVD drive

    Light enough to carry in your pocket

    Hardware 11 11:38

  • UK employers sharpen job axe

    But industry still begging for science skills

    Business 11 11:39

  • SMS used to land plane

    Rnwy 3 clr, lndin gr dwn, prepr 4 lnding

    Mobile 11 11:45

  • MessageLabs mulls float as economy sinks

    Says Saas bucking market

    Small Biz 11 11:46

  • Phorm papers reveal BT's backwards approach to wiretap law

    Would you trust these men with your network security?

    Broadband 11 11:55

  • Intel papers over remote attack chip flaws ahead of demo

    Researcher's guns spiked

    Security 11 12:11

  • Four high-end iPod Docks

    Hardware 11 12:32

  • Samsung slides out Messager budget talker

    No touchscreen in sight

    Phones 11 12:35

  • Fringe organisers launch inquiry into ticketing fiasco

    Joke system leaves promoters baying for blood

    Management 11 12:54

  • Russian cybercrooks turn on Georgia

    Infamous rent-a-bot krew gets political

    Security 11 13:26

  • Hadoop: When grownups do open source

    On the emasculation of Twitter and Dirty Harry

    Servers 11 13:52

  • Teens admit to Grand Theft Auto-inspired petrol bombfest

    Kids these days...

    Games 11 13:53

  • Nokia readies video conferencing robot

    N800 used to control futuristic web-bot

    Hardware 11 14:20

  • Home Office lost CDs on 3,000 workers

    Details go missing in post

    Government 11 14:35

  • 'I've cracked Nokia S40 security', claims researcher

    Gimme €20k and I'll show you how

    Mobile 11 14:35

  • Sun quietly sets mobile middleware bait

    Who's biting?

    Developer 11 15:02

  • Yes! It's Joyce McKinney, admits Joyce McKinney

    Booger cloner 'fesses up to being Mormon-cuffer

    Bootnotes 11 15:03

  • VIA heralds end of third-party PC chipset biz

    Owned by Intel and AMD now

    Hardware 11 15:10

  • UK to get 60GB Xbox 360 on Friday

    More storage for the same price

    Games 11 15:12

  • iPhone apps selling like hot cakes

    As long as Apple likes the recipe

    Mobile 11 15:17

  • Wikimadness XVII: The Return of Byrne

    Overstock CEO demands naked shorting mea culpa

    Financial News 11 17:32

  • HP Procurve people buy into 802.11n

    Acquires Colubris Networks

    Data Networking 11 18:26

  • Tiffany demands reappraisal of eBay counterfeit decision

    Doesn't want all that glitters to be sold

    Law 11 20:50

  • Patched DNS servers still vulnerable to cache poisoning

    But the sky won't fall just yet

    Security 11 21:06

  • 'Milestone' Microsoft service pack staples .NET's stomach

    Can its willpower hold?

    Applications 11 21:21

  • Napster bullish on user engagement

    Investors bearish on Napster sales

    Financial News 11 22:44

  • Virtual Iron presses energy savings into fresh Xen-based code

    (Fe)atures power management goodies

    Virtualization 11 23:45