7th August 2008 Archive

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  • Greene-free VMware joins Linux club

    As open as the next proprietary vendor

    Virtualization 07 Aug 00:12

  • Iomega throws out disk with latest made for TV device

    Yonder ScreenPlay TV Link betwixt display and USB storage

    Storage 07 Aug 00:41

  • Hack ushers in the insatiable toll booth

    The FasTrak to fraud and empty accounts

    Security 07 Aug 00:52

  • Ofcom tailgates Google with radio usage map

    Sussing out the spectrum

    Broadband 07 Aug 07:02

  • Tech Data waves goodbye to (maybe) 80 staff

    The Channel 07 Aug 07:39

  • Rockstar confirms GTA IV PC edition

    Three months and counting...

    Software 07 Aug 08:50

  • Free passports for WWII generation hit 500,000

    Buckshee ID chips for Wars on Stuff from 2068?

    Government 07 Aug 09:05

  • Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?

    Could it be true?

    Data Centre 07 Aug 09:35

  • Orange sees broadband subscriber exodus

    'Levelling off' claim takes the pith

    Data Networking 07 Aug 10:00

  • Top Jock cop calls for universal DNA database

    Bampot polis

    Law 07 Aug 10:02

  • Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa

    When voluntary means mandatory

    Security 07 Aug 10:02

  • Sony to gather gadget gold

    There’s gold in them thar gadgets

    Hardware 07 Aug 10:14

  • Deutsche Telecom sees income dip

    And UK mobe subs stand still

    Mobile 07 Aug 10:24

  • Mozilla dishes up teasers for concept browser

    New dawn please

    Applications 07 Aug 10:34

  • Snoop more, share less - Home Office spurns EU advice

    Databases not safe, says database-loving gov

    Government 07 Aug 10:40

  • Craigslist supervillain seeks henchmen

    'Goons. Hired goons.'

    Bootnotes 07 Aug 10:49

  • Olympus SP-570 UZ 'superzoom' camera

    This puppy packs a protruding 20x zoom

    Hardware 07 Aug 10:51

  • Oracle breaks patch cycle with emergency fix

    Tackles buffer overflow exploits

    Security 07 Aug 10:51

  • BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers

    You're all hogs in their eyes

    Broadband 07 Aug 10:56

  • FBI sets out case against anthrax 'rogue scientist'

    Strong but circumstantial - is there still room for doubt?

    Science 07 Aug 11:02

  • Virgin customer numbers dip

    It's er, quality that counts

    Broadband 07 Aug 11:02

  • Ubuntu gets into unified comms, chides Microsoft

    Says new suite more sweet for SMBs

    Networks 07 Aug 11:38

  • Cable broadband shines in Virgin Media Q2

    50Mbit/s by the end of the year

    Broadband 07 Aug 11:40

  • Sony Ericsson dials into the posers

    Phone featuring a self-portrait mirror

    Phones 07 Aug 11:54

  • Nikon locates image tagging snapper

    Never forget where your images were snapped

    Hardware 07 Aug 11:55

  • Apple's secret iPhone app blacklist

    Cloak-and-dagger app wipes imminent?

    Mobile 07 Aug 12:52

  • Sub £200 mini laptop launched

    Just don't hold out for Wi-Fi

    Hardware 07 Aug 13:21

  • Numonyx, Hynix say two NAND heads better than one

    Tricky market conditions, tough to produce...

    Storage 07 Aug 13:29

  • Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

    University lecturer waves through wonky wordage

    Bootnotes 07 Aug 13:44

  • iPhone fans shun credit crunch

    Diamond case that costs £7900!

    Hardware 07 Aug 14:26

  • German hackers poke hole in great firewall of China

    A new Olympic sport

    Security 07 Aug 14:30

  • Carbon Trust: Rooftop windmills are eco own-goal

    Perhaps we should stop subsidising them

    Science 07 Aug 14:31

  • SQL Server 2008 moves on, wants to stay friends

    It’s not you, it’s the BI and database engine

    Applications 07 Aug 15:02

  • Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery

    Silkworms 2.0

    Bootnotes 07 Aug 15:21

  • 'Carbon neutral' Dell's wind-blowing pays off

    Round Rock doesn't fart around

    Data Centre 07 Aug 15:31

  • T-Mobile dates BlackBerry Bold launch

    RIM's first HSDPA 3G BlackBerry coming next month

    Networks 07 Aug 15:36

  • SQL attacks inject government sites in US, UK

    Click for 'road of pain'

    Security 07 Aug 18:26

  • Anthrax 'rogue scientist' also Wikipedia cult member

    Jimbo Wales sleuths secret sorority obsession

    Law 07 Aug 18:36

  • Teradata keeps warehousing money

    Shrugs off economy and rivals

    Financial News 07 Aug 18:48

  • US Patent Office rains on Dell's 'cloud computing' trademark

    Claim on the term was a topical storm

    Servers 07 Aug 19:18

  • Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

    'I blame everyone but myself'

    Mobile 07 Aug 21:18

  • Openmoko to reveal Linux phone's inner workings

    Adapt us, please

    Developer 07 Aug 21:25

  • Crimeware grifters scamming naive phishers

    Dishonour among thieves

    Security 07 Aug 21:33

  • Sega hopes to score with homely Japanese women

    'Project Beauty' for Nintendo DS

    Bootnotes 07 Aug 22:03

  • IBM hacks into chip peoples' pay

    Poor reward for record revenue

    Financial News 07 Aug 22:57