5th August 2008 Archive

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  • AMD's Fusion details break from containment

    GPU type and process size spotted

    Hardware 05 Aug 00:28

  • LiMo lands seven new phones

    21 partners join Linux mobile fold

    Mobile 05 Aug 00:55

  • Apple reneges on Black Hat security talk

    Marketing drones demand Jobsian secrecy

    Data Centre 05 Aug 03:41

  • US court liberates Cablevision 'remote DVR'

    No hard drive? No problem

    Media 05 Aug 04:22

  • DVD distie goes titsup

    Administrators go in at S Gold & Sons

    Financial News 05 Aug 09:20

  • Hard 'core'? Birmingham City Council's net filtering

    No sex, drugs or cannibalism, please, we're Brummie

    Security 05 Aug 09:31

  • Spanish 'electronic tongue' to lick established techniques

    'ET' umami-bot is 'swift, portable, can be trained'

    Science 05 Aug 09:33

  • Orbitsound T12 soundbar

    Stereo sound from one speaker? That's just crazy talk

    Hardware 05 Aug 09:37

  • Slimmer and lighter cameras promised

    DSLR snappers benefit from enhanced lens technology

    Hardware 05 Aug 09:38

  • South Korean prez turns on the internet

    Blame the messenger

    Government 05 Aug 09:54

  • Mobile-based payments set to soar

    How would you like to pay? Cash, Visa or mobile?

    Phones 05 Aug 10:43

  • US woman celebrates cloning of 'precious Booger'

    Five pit bull puppies from frozen dog's ear

    Science 05 Aug 10:54

  • Twitter Trojan targets tossers

    Micro-blogging malware madness big in Brazil

    Security 05 Aug 11:05

  • Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life

    Gartner puts brakes on biz takeup

    Mobile 05 Aug 11:13

  • Telly stand technology

    Sharp and Sony create all-in-one entertainment systems

    Hardware 05 Aug 11:26

  • Profs: Teacher-student relationships key to sex education

    Do stand so close to me, if so inclined

    Science 05 Aug 11:30

  • Web giants ink a*se-covering China-dealing deal

    Slow progress on online rights

    Government 05 Aug 11:47

  • Jobs in 'Apple not perfect' shock

    MobileMe could have been better, admits Steve

    Mobile 05 Aug 11:58

  • Micron debuts SSD duo

    Consumer and enterprise models unveiled

    Storage 05 Aug 12:00

  • MPs lambast BBFC over Batman

    Keith Vaz, IDS get knickers in a Knight knot

    Bootnotes 05 Aug 12:03

  • Facebook throws open developer fund compo

    Offers cash for apps

    Developer 05 Aug 12:15

  • Mac users urged to ditch Safari

    US consumer group bemoans lack of phishing net

    Security 05 Aug 12:46

  • Wii MotionPlus will be cheap

    Nintendo claims add-on is inexpensive to make

    Games 05 Aug 13:17

  • Deutsche Post axes massive HP services deal

    Sends IT giant a Dear Hans letter

    The Channel 05 Aug 13:31

  • Samsung scores Chelsea camera duo

    NV4 and L100 rebranded as "The Pensioners"

    Hardware 05 Aug 13:57

  • The solar-powered gadget purse

    Power-up in style

    Hardware 05 Aug 14:39

  • Tasing of unarmed opposition peaks among firearms cops

    Station 'leccy bill to blame?

    Law 05 Aug 14:57

  • Webcam hacker-ogler jailed for four years

    Peeping Tom goes down

    Security 05 Aug 15:03

  • Pioneer's 500GB Blu-ray disc

    400GB discs are so last month

    Hardware 05 Aug 15:53

  • World's dumbest file-sharer: Judge to the rescue

    Verdict may be nullified

    Media 05 Aug 15:57

  • Microsoft charts security vuln MAPP

    More transparency, better protection

    Security 05 Aug 17:49

  • Symantec drafts nSuite for virtualization ops

    Connection broker boosts endpoint roster

    Virtualization 05 Aug 18:36

  • IBM gets hip with 'cool' Ubuntu PC deal

    Canonical offers Office 'alternative'

    Applications 05 Aug 19:02

  • EMC in fourth-gen CLARiiON call

    CX4 storage arrays get flash

    Storage 05 Aug 19:54

  • Unencrypted traveler data laptop disappears then reappears

    Terminal stupidity

    Security 05 Aug 20:10

  • Delta aims Wi-Fi at American planes

    Troll the friendly skies

    Broadband 05 Aug 20:45

  • IBM's Ubuntu deal favors the server

    Again, with the Linux desktop

    Servers 05 Aug 21:08

  • Online cult decides federal court case

    American adjudicators embrace Wikimadness

    Software 05 Aug 22:24