4th August 2008 Archive

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  • Sage brushes off credit crunch

    Despite 'uncertain and challenging markets'

    Small Biz 04 08:13

  • Dell files patent office application for 'cloud computing'

    Hey! You! Get off of my trademark...

    Servers 04 08:59

  • Rumour of redesigned iPhone

    Will Santa's stocking hold a new iPhone Nano?

    Networks 04 09:04

  • Kyocera print service gig is toner-free heaven for Midwich customers

    Service revs without the service

    The Channel 04 09:13

  • Third time unlucky for Elon Musk's Falcon rocket

    Volcano lair rather than space station for now

    Science 04 09:23

  • Depp for Dark Knight follow-up

    Casting riddles kick off

    Bootnotes 04 09:45

  • Thailand bans GTA after video game style murder

    Distributor imposes self-inflicted ban following robbery and murder of taxi driver

    Software 04 10:02

  • Why flying cars are better than electric ones

    Schizoid techno-piety condemns us all to misery

    Science 04 10:08

  • Microsoft 'proves' six degrees of separation theory

    All corporate news is six steps away from reality

    Applications 04 10:24

  • Nvidia denies chipset farewell

    'Completely groundless'

    Hardware 04 10:24

  • Hushmail swats code backdoor rumors

    Safe as (straw) houses

    Security 04 10:29

  • Samsung NV4 multimedia camera

    Nice looks, shame about the handling

    Hardware 04 11:06

  • Home Office bankrolls plastic plod 'documentaries'

    The Ministry of Reality TV presents:

    Government 04 11:17

  • The James Bond C902 mobile phone

    Licence to chat?

    Phones 04 11:18

  • Inside the tent, the best bioterrorist money could buy?

    Bruce Ivins, US government scientist, and anthrax terrorist?

    Law 04 11:53

  • Home radio networks: One standard to rule them all?

    Could a new one swim with the big fish?

    Data Networking 04 11:53

  • Apple pulls posted pulled iPhone modem app

    Netshare, the iPhone App Store's fastest moving product

    Mobile 04 11:54

  • Microsoft harpoons Nokia to fine tune Zune

    Playing catch-up with iTunes

    Mobile 04 12:26

  • FCC enforces internet anarchy

    Putting metaphors to work

    Broadband 04 12:57

  • Hyperic claims XenServer 'first'

    Expands VMware management circle

    Virtualization 04 13:02

  • Old ships' logs show temporary global warming in 1730s

    Records interrupted only by looting of treasure galleons

    Science 04 13:06

  • Wünderbra! German policewomen take 'Action Brassiere'

    All aboard Das Boob

    Bootnotes 04 13:14

  • P2P radio goes titsup

    Farewell then, Social.FM

    Media 04 13:21

  • Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets

    Threaten to subject Pope to an inquisition

    Bootnotes 04 13:21

  • Motorola hires Jha to get handset biz out of a pickle

    Ex-Qualcomm COO gets Moto co-CEO role

    Mobile 04 14:36

  • Anonymous relaunches fight against Scientology

    'More subtle and shocking tactics'

    Security 04 14:41

  • Drizzle plans to wash away DBMS past

    Cloud database says 'no' to Windows and SQL compliance

    Applications 04 15:02

  • Google's Blogger brands users as spammers

    False positives lock blogs

    Applications 04 15:03

  • Claranet blames data centre for downtime

    Global Switch fingered

    Broadband 04 15:04

  • Intel says 48 core graphics is just over the horizon

    We'll reach Larrabee by 2009...or maybe 2010

    Hardware 04 15:23

  • Sleazy doctors plead guilty to web drug racket

    Bad comedown

    Security 04 15:23

  • Lenovo heralds netbook PC duo

    Mini laptops for basic computing

    Hardware 04 15:43

  • Dutch botnet herders arrested

    FBI trace links to Brazil

    Security 04 16:00

  • Olympic ticket scammers still going for gold

    Who can you trust?

    Security 04 16:10

  • Congress quizzes world+dog over data pimping

    Phorm letter

    Law 04 18:14

  • Chip makers ride PC and phone sales in emerging markets

    2008 going well, thank you

    Hardware 04 19:06

  • Feds accuse bank insider of massive data heist

    Thumb drive skirts subprime security

    Security 04 19:55

  • Rogue trader's apprentice under investigation

    'Complicit' in €4.9bn SocGen fraud

    Security 04 21:08

  • Google 'exploitation' protest takes to the streets

    Schmidt Mobile delivers Gentrification 2.0

    Bootnotes 04 22:48

  • WebLogic to open gates on Oracle rationalization

    Two weeks and counting

    Developer 04 23:08

  • Cuil feasts on Salmon of Nonsense

    Another name for knowledge backside

    Bootnotes 04 23:14