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'Series of tubes' senator indicted for false statements

Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican in the US Senate, was indicted today for making false statements to federal prosecutors.
Cade Metz, 30 Jul 2008

Citizens's panel demands policing for DNA database

A "Citizens' Inquiry" into the Forensic Use of DNA and National DNA Database is calling for proper public debate into the issues raised by the database, education of the public about their rights and an independent body to oversee the development of the database.
John Oates, 30 Jul 2008
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Neosploit hack-by-numbers kit euthanized

The distributors of Neosploit, one of the most noxious infection kits available on the internet, are retiring the product, citing support costs that didn't justify the expense.
Dan Goodin, 30 Jul 2008
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Siemens flogs chunk of telco unit

Siemens has finally found a buyer, or at least part-buyer, for its corporate telecoms business.
John Oates, 30 Jul 2008

Plods say it's OK for them give out your DNA

The National Police Improvement Agency has defended allowing companies access to the national DNA database.
Kablenet, 30 Jul 2008

Is Apple readying a MacBook redesign?

The web’s rife with rumour that Apple is readying the release of a redesigned MacBook, which could be renamed the MacBook Touch and sport more of an Air feel about it.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008

Alcoholic Malaysian shrews cast doubt on UK booze panic

In a shock development offering hope for the cohesion of British society - not to mention the finances of the British government and the operating model of the Reg - boffins have discovered that it is possible to live almost entirely on booze and yet remain fully functional.
Lewis Page, 30 Jul 2008

Nintendo left sweating over dodgy chargers

Only last week Trading Standards warned UK punters that dangerous third-party chargers were flooding the market. But now the problem’s afflicting Nintendo and the videogame giant’s issued a warning.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008

Alicia Keys croons Bond theme

Forthcoming Bond outing Quantum of Solace will feature a theme song performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White - the first time 007 has been honoured with a duet
Lester Haines, 30 Jul 2008

McKinnon loses Lords appeal

UpdatedAccused Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon has lost his appeal in the House of Lords against extradition to the USA, but his lawyers have vowed to take the fight on to the European Court of Human Rights.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2008
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony updates PS3 firmware, again

Sony clearly hopes it's able to put the recent PlayStation 3 firmware fiasco behind it, and so it's issued yet another update for the console.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008

Click here to save Bletchley Park

Those among you who feel strongly that the government should intervene to save Bletchley Park for the nation are invited to sign an e-petition aimed at prompting just such action.
Lester Haines, 30 Jul 2008

More dodgy phone-ins cost BBC £400,000

The never-ending TV and radio phone-in scandal prompted more embarrassment at the BBC today, as Ofcom hit the corporation with fines totalling £400,000.
Christopher Williams, 30 Jul 2008

Dell to launch MP3 player, claims mole

Watch out Apple, because Dell is poised to unveil an MP3 player and music downloads service, according to company insiders.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008

It's official: The Home Office is listening

The last week has seen the appearance of two carefully-modulated Yes Minister-style statements, defending the government’s approach to data and surveillance and explaining why we have nothing to worry about.
Jane Fae , 30 Jul 2008

Russians withdraw Lake Baikal record claim

The Russians have withdrawn their claim to have made the deepest freshwater submersion in Siberia's Lake Baikal after hitting bottom at just 1,580 metres (5,180 feet) - short of their planned touch-down at 1,680 metres (5,510 feet).
Lester Haines, 30 Jul 2008

EC proposes overhaul of patents and industrial rights

The European Commission has proposed creating a single strategy for the protection of industrial property rights in Europe. The Commission wants to integrate its strategy for industrial property rights and encourage smaller businesses to protect rights.
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Jul 2008

Extra-heavy minicopter 'Jetpack' astounds world+dog

The big story on the gadget beat this week is undoubtedly the Kiwi ducted-fan "jetpack", now on show at the AirVenture expo in Wisconsin. The Martin Jetpack, decades in development by NZ garage inventor Glenn Martin, has suddenly achieved worldwide fame largely due to the fact that a New York Times scribe had a bit of a hover about in it this week*.
Lewis Page, 30 Jul 2008

Chinese to censor Olympic press net access

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has admitted cutting a deal with the Chinese to allow the blocking of press access to some sensitive websites during the forthcoming Beijing games - despite previous assurances there would be no such censorship.
Lester Haines, 30 Jul 2008

PNY unveils GeForce 9500 GT

PNY has unveiled its latest graphics card, which is designed to offload tasks from the CPU to provide more realistic gaming and smoother video replay.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008

Sovereign immunity blocks DMCA suit against Air Force

Federal software contractors take note: A federal appeals court in the US recently ruled that a software owner couldn't sue the government for copyright infringement and anti-circumvention violations after the US Air Force refused to pay for a software license and cracked controls built into the software to control unauthorized use.
Kevin Fayle, 30 Jul 2008

Nokia E66 smartphone

ReviewThe next-gen version of the E65 slider is longer, but slimmer, and packs in a 3.2 megapixel camera, push email, HSDPA, AGPS, more memory and better battery life – all in a good-looking package.
Dave Oliver, 30 Jul 2008

Driving some value into Google's Street View

So Googlers are driving their cars around the UK at the moment snapping pictures of every bit of every road and everyone and everything around them - and causing a bit of a privacy hoopla.
M Walker, 30 Jul 2008

iPhone 3G not compatible with existing accessories

Reader Experience"I've just fallen foul of the fact that the new iPhone 3G is no longer compatible with a countless number of my existing iPod accessories."
Register Hardware, 30 Jul 2008

Microsoft to kill Windows with 'web-centric' Midori?

Microsoft is working on a project, codenamed Midori, to create an “internet-centric” operating system to replace Windows.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Jul 2008

Only 'unlawful threats' would invalidate McKinnon extradition

AnalysisThe Law Lords have published their reasons for rejecting the extradition appeal of accused Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2008

Global Wii sales nearing 30m

Nintendo has shifted nearly 30m Wii consoles worldwide since releasing the unit in late 2006, the videogame giant’s Q1 financial results have revealed.
James Sherwood, 30 Jul 2008
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Gmail certificate expiry snafu follows security upgrade

UpdateGoogle allowed one of its Gmail SSL certificates to expire days after promising users improved webmail security.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2008

Parallels gets SaaSy with software vendors

Parallels yesterday laid out a programme for helping independent software vendors to provide their apps in the SaaS model without having to rehash existing code.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Jul 2008
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Next Debian's 'Lenny' frozen

The next version Debian has come a step closer to completion with the freezing of the current testing distribution version codename Lenny. This will form the basis of Debian 5.0, expected in September.
Phil Manchester, 30 Jul 2008

IBM lays the rules down

In the aftermath of IBM’s announcement of intent to buy ILOG, it would be all too easy for us to reflect back on a conversation with ILOG’s chief executive Pierre Haren last winter at its annual user conference covering survival in the software industry.
Tony Baer, 30 Jul 2008

Comcast plays New York anti-porn game

After a legal threat from New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo, Comcast has joined the grandstanding American politician's quixotic crusade against online child pornography.
Cade Metz, 30 Jul 2008

K Desktop Environment 4.1 lands

The Linux K Desktop Environment project yesterday released KDE 4.1 of the desktop suite.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Jul 2008

Intel feeds Portuguese 500,000 Classmate laptops

Intel has scored a massive low-cost laptop deal with Portugal's government to provide primary school students with 500,000 computers based on the company's Classmate PC notebook design.
Austin Modine, 30 Jul 2008

Microsoft claims heart beats in open source

If Microsoft has a beating heart then the senior director of Microsoft platform strategy Sam Ramji reckons he's found it.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Jul 2008
Amazon logo 75

Amazon launches self-cloning experiment

Amazon has officially unveiled its answer to PayPal.
Cade Metz, 30 Jul 2008

Beloved websites riddled with crimeware

Sixty of the 100 most popular websites either hosted malicious content or linked to malicious websites at some point during the first six months of 2008, according to a new study by web security firm Websense.
John Leyden, 30 Jul 2008

Apple says MobileMe mail problems 'behind us'

Apple claims to have repaired its MobileMe service to all subscribers that were blocked from using their e-mail accounts for more than a week.
Austin Modine, 30 Jul 2008

Dr. Strangevote saves mankind with Luddite voting recipe

UsenixWhen it comes to elections, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen opts for blander, more traditional technologies, and that preference is helping her sleep better at night.
Dan Goodin, 30 Jul 2008

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