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Ex-Googlers reinvent web search

Updated - but still NSFWIn an attempt to upstage their former employer, a trio of ex-Googlers have launched a search engine of their own. They insist on calling it "Cuil" - pronounced "cool," apparently - and they say it "goes beyond today’s search techniques."
Cade Metz, 29 Jul 2008

China readies Blu-Ray competitor

Some Chinese consumer electronics companies are good and tired of signing royalty checks to foreigners for a new generation of high definition optical discs, but are they too late to make a change?
Austin Modine, 29 Jul 2008

Vista 'perfection' dream over for iPhone?

An iPhone hacker claims to have been told by Microsoft's legal team to stop giving broken handsets a Windows Vista make over.
Gavin Clarke, 29 Jul 2008

Oracle ratchets SAP 'grand-theft' allegations

Oracle has turned up the heat in its already torrid legal attack on SAP, accusing high-ranking executives throughout the German company of knowingly approving a program that illegally downloaded five terabytes worth of Oracle software and support materials.
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2008

Barclays and HBOS slash contractor rates

Exclusive:Barclays is cutting IT contractor rates by ten per cent across the group, less than a month after cutting 1,800 IT jobs.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2008

BT snares Silicon Valley phone firm

BT is buying phone firm Ribbit for $105m, months before the Silicon Valley outfit's service is even scheduled to launch to consumers.
John Oates, 29 Jul 2008

Boeing chuffed with latest raygun-jumbo ground tests

US aerospace colossus Boeing has informed the world that everything continues to be fine with its plan to build an enormous nuclear-missile-blasting laser cannon inside a jumbo jet. According to the company, the business part of the ray weapon has now begun ground checks using its deadly, poisonous, corrosive chemical fuel - rather than just water.
Lewis Page, 29 Jul 2008

Dell's dinky designer desktop

Dell has unveiled a range of miniature PCs aimed at anyone looking to minimise their electricity consumption and maximise their desktop space.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

UK BOFHs face psychometric dissection

The techies among you who are operating in or around Bolton had better watch your backs - the local uni is offering postgraduate PhD studentships in the ominously-titled "Cognitive Style Differences Between IT Support Staff and Computer Users as Causes of Stress in the Workplace".
Lester Haines, 29 Jul 2008

Panasonic's chameleon skin talker

There are two sides to every story, so goes the saying. But Panasonic has developed a phone that’ll always give you a different response, depending on which side you look at it from.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

Blank robbers swipe 3,000 'fraud-proof' UK passports

A consignment of 3,000 "useless" blank biometric passports has been stolen on its way to British embassies throughout the world. Or at least, the Identity & Passport Service says they're useless.
John Lettice, 29 Jul 2008

Branson unveils Virgin Galactic mothership

As expected, British billionaire Sir Richard Branson and American aerospace engineer Burt Rutan unveiled the WhiteKnightTwo mothership yesterday that will be used for his project to launch tourists into space.
Scott Snowden, 29 Jul 2008

60GB Xbox 360 spied in store

Microsoft confirmed its creation of a 60GB Xbox 360 earlier this month. And although the first such consoles aren’t expected to ship until next month, the machine’s already been seen in the wild. Sort of…
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

RM navigates through tighter market

RM today reported a tighter education software market and PC margins "affected by worldwide market conditions". But while saying "there is more to do" in Q4, its expectations for the full year are unchanged.
Team Register, 29 Jul 2008

Who wants a music tax?

In Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, set in WW2 London, a character called Slothrop begins to realize that everywhere he has sex, a V2 rocket subsequently lands on the same spot, obliterating the area. If you dig a little, you may notice something spookily similar with the idea of a Music Tax in the media.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 Jul 2008

LG KC550 5-megapixel cameraphone

ReviewAnd at first glance, the KC550 looks like a chip off the old Chocolate block, but with proper buttons rather than the touch-sensitive surfaces of LG's confectionery-monikered hero line.
Dave Oliver, 29 Jul 2008

EDS delivers final final numbers

EDS missed Wall St revenue estimates but trumped earnings forecasts when it turned in its swansong Q2 results yesterday.
Joe Fay, 29 Jul 2008

BO buy takes bloom off SAP Q2

SAP weathered the intensifying economic storm to post solid second quarter results this morning that showed the German business software giant beating market expectations.
Christopher Williams, 29 Jul 2008

Sub-prime 'woes' infect world’s laptop market

The world’s economy may be going down the pan, but PC sales are holding up pretty well. In Q2, demand from BRIC – Brazil, Russia, India and China - held firm, while fire sales in the US fuelled big shipments.
Team Register, 29 Jul 2008

Excessive texting 'damages your health'

Sore neck? Aching thumbs? Creaking wrists? The cause may not be too many hours sat at the keyboard, but excessive texting - a physiotherapy body warns.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008
For Sale sign detail

Alcatel-Lucent bosses walk as net loss tops €1bn

Alcatel-Lucent today posted a second quarter net loss of €1.1bn ($1.7bn), and announced CEO Patricia Russo and chairman Serge Tchuruk would step down by the end of 2008.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2008

Oracle warns over unpatched vuln

Oracle has decided to break its quarterly update release cycle with plans to develop a patch against a zero-day exploit.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2008

Bebo users to summon superhuman alien pop-fancier invasion

A controversial Russian scientist with a history of beaming powerful radio signals to possibly hostile alien civilisations has now teamed up with Bebo. The idea is that a collective of Bebo users - and people selected by them, such as their chosen musical artistes - will compile multimedia packages to be transmitted into deep space on behalf of the human race.
Lewis Page, 29 Jul 2008

Sage joins the PCA

Sage is joining the Professional Computing Association in a show of love for the channel lobby group's stance against software piracy. Sage goodies may be coming down the line for PCA members, if comments from Sarah Mckenzie, Sage software licensing manager are anything to go by - "We hope that our membership of the PCA will benefit our existing activity in this area, which aims to deliver great rewards and benefits for legitimate traders. We look forward to taking an active part in the association over coming months."
Team Register, 29 Jul 2008

Mosley orgy judge blocks web forum libel writ onslaught

The High Court judge who prompted sharp intakes of breath from newspaper editors when he awarded Max Mosley damages last week has now drawn sighs of relief from website owners, by blocking a web forum libel case that could have suffocated the flame wars that often rouse debate.
Christopher Williams, 29 Jul 2008

US firm with 'limited operations' wants to buy Dorset reseller

CLP Computer Office Supplies looks set to be bought by a US company called Geo Vision International Group, for an undisclosed amount of stock and cash. The press release is somewhat ambiguous. The headline reads: "Geo Vision International Group to Acquire CLP UK". But the first sentence says GEO is "negotiating acquiring" CLP.
Team Register, 29 Jul 2008

Microsoft quietly settles .NET legal dispute with web firm

Microsoft settled a patent lawsuit with Vertical Computer Systems Inc (VCS) late last week.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2008

Nintendo rallies troops in R4 fight

Nintendo is currently embroiled in a fierce legal spat over its Wii Classic Controller, but the videogames giant still has enough spare time to lead the fight against software piracy.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

Russians probe depths of Lake Baikal

The Russians earlier today claimed a new record for "freshwater submersion" by dispatching two vessels to the deepest point of Lake Baikal - 1,680 metres (5,510 feet) beneath the surface.
Lester Haines, 29 Jul 2008

Apple skewered over missing DNS patch

Apple has come under fire for failing to patch the critical Domain Name System (DNS) flaw which prompted a (rest of) industry wide response earlier this month.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2008

Pentax's identical digital duo

Pentax has been relatively quiet of late, but the manufacturer’s sneaked back onto the scene with two compact cameras so similar that not even a strip of 35mm film separates their differences.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

Transition roadable-plane/flyable-car prototype on show

A prototype of the Terrafugia Transition - the folding-winged, road-drivable light aeroplane, perhaps the vehicle closest in the world to being a flying car - was revealed to the general public at an air show in America yesterday. The designers say they are on track for first flights and road-safety testing by the end of the year.
Lewis Page, 29 Jul 2008

ETS expelled from re-marking by exams body

ETS Europe has been barred from administering the re-marking of exam papers following the school test admin fiasco – brought on in part by technical cock-ups at the firm.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 Jul 2008

Cybercrooks get faster, further and sneakier

Cybercrooks are becoming faster at utilising newly-discovered browser exploits. More than nine in ten of all browser-related exploits occurred within 24 hours of an official vulnerability disclosure, according to a survey by IBM's X-Force security division.
John Leyden, 29 Jul 2008

Sony profits down, but PS3 sales up

The financial results for Sony's first quarter of 2008 are out, and things aren’t looking good. However, the firm's PlayStation business will be smiling because PS3 and PSP sales increased.
James Sherwood, 29 Jul 2008

Lateral thought saves sizzling server

D'oh!I learned a long time ago that generating random numbers (really, truly random numbers) is a non-trivial exercise.
Mark Whitehorn, 29 Jul 2008

Swedish spy agency sics lawyers on wiretap critic

Swedish spy authorities have taken legal action against a Brussels-based blogger who published a classified document purporting to prove they snooped on individual Swedes more than a decade ago.
Dan Goodin, 29 Jul 2008

HPIntelYahoo! fluffs cloud for every boffin and his brother

HP, Intel, and Yahoo! have teamed up to build an enormous cloud for grounded boffins across the globe.
Cade Metz, 29 Jul 2008

Apple confesses MobileMe vanishing contact bug

Apple is having yet another issue with its MobileMe service, although this time the problem is mercifully less substantial than having subscribers locked out of their accounts for more than a week.
Austin Modine, 29 Jul 2008

Yahoo! vows freedom for DRM prisoners

Yahoo! now says it will reimburse all those people silly enough to purchase DRM-shackled tunes from its failed music store.
Cade Metz, 29 Jul 2008

Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

AnalysisIf you listen very carefully, you'll hear a new beat coming from the drums in Microsoft's marketing department these days.
Gavin Clarke, 29 Jul 2008

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