28th July 2008 Archive

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  • Sun may or may not be about to obliterate Oracle and Microsoft

    Transactional memory: The great nerd equalizer

    Servers 28 Jul 03:56

  • Focus plus excitement: Michael Dell talks turnarounds

    While avoiding trucks

    Hardware 28 Jul 08:29

  • Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

    Out of the frying pan into the fireball

    Science 28 Jul 09:00

  • DIY: Replace your iPhone 3G's scratched screen

    Knowhow not included

    Phones 28 Jul 09:34

  • Motorola splits business into three parts

    Cell division

    Mobile 28 Jul 09:50

  • Super-skinny storage

    Freecom touts tiny travelling HDD

    Hardware 28 Jul 10:07

  • IBM throws arms around ILOG

    BPM, SOA treehuggers unite

    Financial News 28 Jul 10:32

  • Oops - SF prosecutors put city passwords on public record

    Cunning plan

    Security 28 Jul 11:05

  • Aussie school goes high-tech

    School opts for voice recognition desktops

    Government 28 Jul 11:06

  • Brits terrified of online fraud, but want magic cars, says BT

    UK a nation of web worrywarts

    Broadband 28 Jul 11:11

  • Toshiba's handy camcorder

    Sporting an "attractive palm-shaped design"

    Hardware 28 Jul 11:53

  • Home Office to order fingerprinting of air passengers

    T5 plan back, but bigger and nastier

    Law 28 Jul 12:00

  • Screwgle™ - Google's new ad revenue model

    It's wallet-emptying good...

    Broadband 28 Jul 12:02

  • US man cuffed for executing lawnmower

    Shotgun maintenance voids warranty, expert warns

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 12:24

  • Sophos bids €217m for data loss firm

    Prevention is better than cure

    Security 28 Jul 12:25

  • Celebrity publicist develops mathematical 'fame formula'

    (Zero + Bullshit)Spin = Total bullshit

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 12:28

  • FCC censures Comcast for doing its job

    Hangs the monkey

    Broadband 28 Jul 12:41

  • Nokia 6220 Classic candybar phone

    This mild-mannered mobile is secretly...Super Phone

    Phones 28 Jul 12:45

  • Microsoft slams 'sensationalist' Vista analysis

    Take my XP from my cold, dead hands

    Software 28 Jul 13:08

  • Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims

    Black helicopters circle missing adventurer

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 13:11

  • Sony unveils EPUB eBook support

    Format friendly electronic reading

    Hardware 28 Jul 13:34

  • SAP defends forced price hike against user anger

    'If you don't want it now, you will later'

    Software 28 Jul 14:13

  • Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm

    Great apes show medicinal savvy

    Science 28 Jul 14:17

  • CGI furnishes filmstar with fur

    Miller merkin made manifest in mockery of method

    Bootnotes 28 Jul 14:39

  • Gateway stops selling direct

    Follows parent company's lead

    The Channel 28 Jul 14:48

  • NASA's robotic moon-dirt grubbing contest is go

    Mole-mechs battle it out in 'regolith simulant' sandbox

    Science 28 Jul 15:39

  • Korean loan sharks feed on hacked data

    Alleged ringleader flees to China

    Security 28 Jul 15:44

  • Emirates takes delivery of its first A380 super jumbo

    One down, 57 to go

    Science 28 Jul 15:47

  • Dud Nvidia GPUs tip up in Dell laptops

    Not just HP, then...

    Hardware 28 Jul 15:55

  • The PSP: what's its future?

    PSP 3000 en-route?

    Media 28 Jul 16:17

  • Microsoft readies XP for One Laptop Per Child computer

    Windows-only XO timidly opens curtain

    Hardware 28 Jul 16:22

  • Business Objects/SAP bungle leaves users in lurch

    Thanks for the support

    Applications 28 Jul 17:02

  • Apple is sorry (again) over MobileMe

    Some email lost to the void

    Mobile 28 Jul 17:07

  • Rackable clears ICE Cube shipping containers for IBM blades

    We'll skate past the obvious joke

    Servers 28 Jul 18:42

  • AT&T kicks Intel's pet WiMAX project

    Sprint-Clearwire tie-up 'defective'

    Broadband 28 Jul 20:24

  • Exploit code targets Mac OS X, iTunes, Java, Winzip...

    Time for an Evilgrade

    Security 28 Jul 20:32

  • VMware slashes ESXi price to zero

    Eye on Redmond

    Servers 28 Jul 21:12

  • Site guesses your sex via age-old web flaw

    Pardon me, your browser history is showing

    Security 28 Jul 22:40