25th July 2008 Archive

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  • World's biggest ISPs drag feet on critical DNS patch

    AT&T among those putting subscribers at risk

    Security 25 Jul 00:24

  • How government will save you from P2P deviance

    It's stealing, you know...

    Media 25 Jul 04:43

  • MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks

    Windows Vista by any other name

    Software 25 Jul 04:56

  • Proof of age system moves net ID a step closer

    But gov ID may be set back

    Broadband 25 Jul 07:02

  • Happy Sysadmin Day!

    Give yourselves a big hug

    Data Networking 25 Jul 07:02

  • Dead author's estate snatches child's domain


    Media 25 Jul 07:02

  • Free for all on London Underground

    Oyster falls down again

    Data Networking 25 Jul 08:47

  • Greenpeace: UK gov trying to strangle wind power

    Won't hand over nuke plants' grid connections

    Science 25 Jul 09:02

  • Fugitive spammer in murder-suicide

    Three dead as teenage girl escapes carnage

    Security 25 Jul 09:16

  • The ultimate mouse?

    Concept mouse aims to eliminate RSI and maximise operational comfort

    Hardware 25 Jul 09:29

  • Edinburgh Fringe ticketing chaos continues

    Standing on the shoulders of clowns

    CIO 25 Jul 09:47

  • Lovefilm 1, BitTorrent/iTunes/retail 0

    Why rent-by-mail DVD services are now my video collection

    Hardware 25 Jul 10:02

  • Microsoft crowbars Live Search into Facebook

    'Hands off my ad space... bitch'

    Applications 25 Jul 10:12

  • SanDisk Sansa Clip MP3 player

    Molecule-sized micro MP3 player

    Hardware 25 Jul 10:18

  • Cancer doc issues mobile phone warning

    But only to his staff and based on unpublished results

    Phones 25 Jul 10:23

  • Ingram's second quarter cheers

    But predicts tough third quarter

    The Channel 25 Jul 10:44

  • Microsoft to fold DATAllegro into server platforms

    Appliance of datawarehouse science

    Storage 25 Jul 10:56

  • HP prepping 2133 Mini-Note rival

    Less durable, but cheaper, claims HP

    Hardware 25 Jul 10:59

  • The FDRs of Green explain the gentle art of planet saving

    Flunking economics the Green New Deal Group way

    Science 25 Jul 11:02

  • Thunderbird patches are go

    Hot to trot

    Security 25 Jul 11:08

  • Buffalo burns 8x Blu-ray

    The fastest burners in the west east?

    Hardware 25 Jul 11:39

  • Capgemini goes Dutch

    Buys app firm

    The Channel 25 Jul 11:49

  • US Air Force may allow killbots to be flown by non-pilots

    Flyboys sick of couch-potato warfare

    Science 25 Jul 11:59

  • Who killed Three Strikes for filesharing?

    National Freetard Register cancelled - but freetards don't notice

    Broadband 25 Jul 12:02

  • Intel knits SoCs roadmap for x86

    TV, storage array and robot pandering

    Hardware 25 Jul 12:02

  • Journey's latest hit: an MP3 player

    No. 1 calling?

    Hardware 25 Jul 12:13

  • Inquirer celebrates spammer murder-suicide

    'Yay. No, YAY!'

    Security 25 Jul 12:27

  • Cops slap ticket on Street View spycar

    Exclusive snap of Orwellian Opel bust

    Bootnotes 25 Jul 12:42

  • Morse detects cost savings - takes £4.5m charge

    The Channel 25 Jul 13:03

  • Apple sees red over iPhone 3G

    (Product) RED that is

    Mobile 25 Jul 13:09

  • SAP user group foments revolt over massive price hike

    'Slap SAP ASAP'

    Applications 25 Jul 13:10

  • Apple seeks iPhone reverse engineering expert

    iPoacher turned gamekeeper role

    Mobile 25 Jul 13:32

  • Lawsuit spells trouble for Facebook's Scrabulous

    And predictable puns for journalists

    Law 25 Jul 13:59

  • Gov pulls plug on prison PlayStations

    'No videogames unless you earn it, 655321'

    Government 25 Jul 14:11

  • Sutton Police bribe kids to behave

    Haven't they heard of databases and CCTV?

    Law 25 Jul 14:18

  • Microsoft pledges love and money to open source

    Ponies up to Apache, endorses LGPL

    Developer 25 Jul 18:02

  • Orange UK: the iPhone's latest colour carrier?

    Could Orange become the UK's second iPhone carrier?

    Broadband 25 Jul 18:07

  • Austrian official fuels Skype backdoor rumours

    'No particular problems' to listening in

    Security 25 Jul 18:19

  • Yahoo! shoots DRM servers, swallows keys to tunes

    Music Unlimited

    Media 25 Jul 18:22

  • US nuke missile crew falls asleep on the job

    While in possession of launch codes

    Bootnotes 25 Jul 19:00

  • Virgin Galactic to unveil tool to fling rich people into space

    Hawaiian shirt flight suits still in design phase

    Science 25 Jul 19:23

  • Google gives GMail always-on encryption

    New feature closes security loophole

    Security 25 Jul 20:29

  • Google Code blacklists Mozilla Public License

    Less is more

    Developer 25 Jul 22:00

  • Sun tosses most US customers to the resellers

    Only largest accounts will get a direct line

    Servers 25 Jul 22:22

  • High-priority patch fixes critical vulns in RealPlayer

    Available in Windows, Mac and Linux

    Security 25 Jul 22:30

  • Security shocker: 75% of US bank websites have flaws

    Insecure by design

    Security 25 Jul 23:13

  • Europe approves HP purchase of EDS

    Shareholder lawsuits settled

    Financial News 25 Jul 23:49