16th July 2008 Archive

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  • Maven founder proposes Eclipse marriage

    Membership has its advantages

    Developer 16 00:52

  • Apple has that syncing feeling over MobileMe

    When we say push, we really mean shove

    Mobile 16 07:02

  • Falling pound brings iTunes UK into line with Europe

    Apple UK escapes price cuts

    Media 16 07:02

  • Attack of the Italian space pod parachute babes

    Orbital foam-dive project has models signed up

    Science 16 09:03

  • Man hacks Mac OS X onto MSI Wind

    From Air to Wind

    Hardware 16 09:57

  • Grand Theft Auto coming to the DS

    The first stylus-based slash-'em-up?

    Games 16 09:58

  • Government halts work on Scope intelligence network

    For undisclosed reasons at an undisclosed cost

    Government 16 09:59

  • AOL spammer jailed for 30 months

    One minute behind bars for every junk mail

    Security 16 10:03

  • Sony to sell 80GB PS3 at 40GB price

    Backward compatibility to go for good?

    Games 16 10:09

  • Cisco takes us back to the future

    Like the crash (before this one) never happened

    Data Networking 16 10:18

  • EU dumps more anti-trust charges on Intel

    Antitrust probe embiggened

    The Channel 16 10:34

  • Sierra Wireless Compass 885 HSUPA 3G modem

    aka the O2 Business Modem

    Broadband 16 11:02

  • MySQL 5.1 servers take early bath

    Database firm breaks download tool database

    Applications 16 11:03

  • San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail

    Mayor says bricked IT system won't affect ability to govern

    Management 16 11:20

  • Global warming to stone US kidneys

    Rising temps = more kidney stones, scientists predict

    Science 16 11:20

  • eBay UK pimps users' privacy for targeted ads

    When opt out means locked out

    Small Biz 16 11:46

  • Phorm protestors picket BT AGM

    Walking the streets to protest against data pimping

    Broadband 16 11:54

  • BAE 'skips a generation' in killer robot tech

    The one where it was cheap, to be exact

    Science 16 12:01

  • HP's white trash data center is up for anything

    Your POD or mine?

    Servers 16 12:04

  • Vodafone presents punter with £500k phone bill

    'Yes, of course I have the keypad locked'

    Mobile 16 12:14

  • ISS expands parking capacity

    Spacewalk preps installation of new berths

    Science 16 12:21

  • Call for reform as UK data protection rules turn 10

    Time for info law to grow some...teeth

    Law 16 13:06

  • Grissom bows out of CSI

    William Petersen hangs up his lab coat

    Bootnotes 16 13:06

  • Samsung goes HD with compact flagship

    Featuring beauty mode, for slightly less ugly photos

    Hardware 16 13:07

  • World's smallest iPod music beamer debuts

    Hardware 16 13:11

  • Samsung L201 offers cut-price, basic snapping

    Hardware 16 13:14

  • Sony PS3 movie downloads are go

    Films and TV at the touch of a DualShock 3

    Games 16 13:34

  • UK boffins roll out video periodic table

    Sodium: The (explosive) motion picture

    Science 16 13:43

  • Sony pitches 'unique' 16in, 16:9 HD Vaio at movie buffs

    Hardware 16 14:09

  • ETS apologises for online marking blunders – again

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word

    Government 16 14:20

  • Sony builds hot-swap GPU tech into ultra-portable laptop

    Vaio Z debuts

    Hardware 16 14:34

  • HMRC disc losers still getting paid

    Carry this can, and this sack of money

    Government 16 15:16

  • Hamilton Rentals regains independence

    £10m MBO for rent-a-server outfit

    The Channel 16 15:20

  • Copyright gets 'Use It Or Lose It' clause

    EC ties strings to term extension

    Media 16 15:37

  • Sensitive Wii maker snubs developers

    Nintendo keeps development kit to itself

    Media 16 15:49

  • EMC accused of stifling discrimination claims while battling class-action

    Denies alleged sexist ways

    Storage 16 17:15

  • App Store clean-up follows allegations

    What a difference a space makes

    Developer 16 17:17

  • Blinkx bestows video search on world+dog

    White Red label play

    Media 16 18:01

  • iPhone 3G unlocked in Brazil

    Coders to the rescue?

    Phones 16 18:06

  • EU tells UK to deal with Phorm - or else

    The pre-warning letter

    Broadband 16 19:05

  • Former Samsung boss receives suspended jail term

    Avoids prison for corruption charges

    Financial News 16 19:34

  • Acer Aspire One: the new sub-laptop to beat?

    A quick play with it and we're hooked

    Hardware 16 19:58

  • Congress spotlights another American data pimper

    Barks at Embarq

    Broadband 16 20:52

  • Fastscale sends Windows Server to Weight Watchers

    De-bloating Bill's code

    Servers 16 20:53

  • Dell and Wal-Mart team on TV installations

    Don't worry. Only Dallas affected

    Hardware 16 22:15

  • Seagate CEO cops to sloppy floppy in Q4

    More tidiness planned

    Storage 16 22:34

  • Mono man accuses Mac Gtk+ fans of jeopardizing Linux desktop

    Trading hard ISV gains for the easy compile

    Operating Systems 16 23:40