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Intel bets millions on speedy DNA sequencing chips

Intel is among several investors pumping $100m into a biotech start-up that wants to make mapping an individual's genome as routine as taking an X-ray.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

Netflix will stream movies on Xbox 360

Microsoft is now flirting with making its Xbox 360 movie download service very nearly interesting thank to a new deal announced today with Netflix.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

Sky beams TV onto PSP

Sony and broadcaster Sky have finally televised details of their joint subscription TV-on-PSP service, which is now available to the portable console's punters.
James Sherwood, 15 Jul 2008

Price drops on Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 and 280

High-end gamers owning a bit of patience can thank the free market. Or at least offer a courteous nod to AMD for supplying sufficient heat under Nvidia's tender bits.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

Soccer star scores uni degree with Wii

Gamers have argued about the Wii’s ability to aid weight loss since the console’s launch. But now we've got an answer, thanks to a professional footballer.
James Sherwood, 15 Jul 2008
Dead face

Want a new career as a contract killer?

A bizarre case was reported in the Times last week of a woman who used a website - www.hitman.us.com - to hire a contract killer to “rub out” her multi-millionaire partner. Sharon Collins, 45 and a divorced mother-of-two, hired Tony Luciano – actually an Egyptian poker player called Essam Eid - to kill property tycoon P J Howard and his sons.
Jane Fae , 15 Jul 2008

BT updates Home Hub Wi-Fi box with 802.11n

BT has updated its hacker-vulnerable Home Hub wireless box, introducing support for 802.11n Wi-Fi and - perhaps more importantly - the WPA security technology enabled out of the box.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

Court advisor says poem list infringed database right

Europe's highest court could strengthen the rights of database creators to protect their work. One of the European Court of Justice's Advocates General has issued an opinion backing a German University's right to stop others using information it compiled.
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Jul 2008

Oz censor, gamers fall out over Fallout 3 ban

Australia's censor has effectively banned Fallout 3 from sale by refusing to grant it a certificate. The reason: it believes the game rewards drug-taking.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home

BT will spend some £1.5bn on fibre optic cables to bring decent broadband to British homes and offices, provided Ofcom acts to protect its juicy margins.
John Oates, 15 Jul 2008

Be the first millionaire on your block to go Tiltrotor

FarnboroughEveryone knows about the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor - the remarkable plane/copter combo craft around which the US Marines have based so many of their future plans, and which is at last in operational service after long a painful teething troubles. Relatively few, however, have been following the development of the Osprey's civilian counterpart, the Bell 609. The 609 has yet to be fully certified, but it's flying now - The Reg has seen it in action here at the Farnborough airshow - and the makers would love to hear from prospective buyers.
Lewis Page, 15 Jul 2008

Intel rolls out Centrino 2, compares it to 2006's 'Napa'

Intel has formally launched Centrino 2 - actually the fifth incarnation of its laptop platform technology - and the world's notebook makers will be rolling out 'Montevina'-based machines throughout the week.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

Nintendo bring real-time interactivity to Wii

Nintendo is to bring "an unmatched level of precision" to the Wii's ability to work out where a player's flinging the Wii Remote.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

School chases truants by text

A school in Bedford has become the latest outpost of the public sector to turn to text messages as the answer to all its problems.
Joe Fay, 15 Jul 2008

Motorola ROKR E8 music phone

ReviewMotorola’s ROKR music mobiles hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, the let-down of its E1 setting the par for the rest. With the E8 however, Motorola has approached the music mobile arena afresh.
Phil Lattimore, 15 Jul 2008

Barclays to scrap 1,800 UK tech jobs

Barclays is to axe 1,800 IT jobs in the UK as part of a major business overhaul to set up technology centres in key offshore locations around the world, with 700 workers being forced out by September.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Jul 2008

Unpatched Windows PCs own3d in less than four minutes

An unpatched PC is likely to last just four minutes on the internet before being attacked and compromised.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2008

Reding vows Autumn assault on EU data roaming charges

Vivian Reding has pledged to get legislation to slash text and data roaming charges on the legislative agenda by October, after an investigation found that roaming charges were still up to ten times more expensive than home network charges.
Joe Fay, 15 Jul 2008

World fails to end as Palm ships Treo smartphone with Wi-Fi

Palm's smartphone family has finally joined the Wi-Fi era. The company last night introduced the Windows Mobile 6.1-based Treo 800w, which has EV-DO Rev. A 3G on board too.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

Bagel brownin' Cylon toaster now frakkin' available

Sitting somewhere in between Red Dwarf's Talkie Toaster and the 7ft tall Cylon Centurion we covered a few weeks back, comes the Comic-Con limited edition Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster. Oh yes.
Scott Snowden, 15 Jul 2008

Google: the mother of antitrust battles?

CommentThe US Senate today embarks on what could become years of antitrust investigations into Google by the IT, telecoms and media industries.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 2008

Kiwi botmaster escapes conviction despite guilty plea

An NZ teenager who became notorious for masterminding the creation of one of the largest cybercrime networks has escaped conviction, despite admitting computer hacking and fraud offences.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2008

UK's future super-stealth jumpjet 'rock solid' - Brit test pilot

FarnboroughOne of the most avidly-followed aircraft now under development - the F-35B supersonic stealth jumpjet - is naturally on show here at Farnborough this week, and lead maker Lockheed has just given a press conference studded with air marshals and generals from the various armed forces around the world who hope soon to be operating the revolutionary jet. Graham Tomlinson, the British test pilot who took the F-35B up for its first flight last month - albeit strictly operating as an ordinary plane, without using the vertical-thrust features - also briefed reporters.
Lewis Page, 15 Jul 2008

BT breaks up families

BT customers affected by the dog-and-bone merchants' recent unconnecty unpleasantness will no doubt be pleased to know that it could be worse - the company is responsible for the traumatic break-up of at least one previously happy family.
Sarah Bee, 15 Jul 2008

British drivers face jail for causing death by dangerous driving

The Sentencing Guidelines Council has released its definitive guidelines (pdf) for sentencing in cases of dangerous driving which result in death, describing them as "serious" and worthy of "appropriate sentences".
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 2008

Farmers face subsidy error fall-out

The cost of processing each single farm payment has often exceeded the claim's value, according to the Public Accounts Committee.
Kablenet, 15 Jul 2008

El Reg nails Street View spycars to Google Maps

Well, we at El Reg have decided we've had quite enough of Google's Orwellian Street View fleet - coming over here, invading our privacy, burning our petrol, and so forth - so we decided to nail the blighters to the search monolith's own Google Maps.
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 2008

Home Office unveils tagtastic immigrant control plans

Detained illegal immigrants are the latest to fall victim to the Home Office's bizarre love affair with electronic tagging. The draft immigration and citizenship bill, published this week, puts forwards proposals for "large" but unspecified bail bonds along with tagging as an alternative to detention.
John Lettice, 15 Jul 2008

RIM BlackBerry 9500 'Thunder' spied on web

RIM's iPhone-wannabe touchscreen BlackBerry, the 9500, has made an early appearance on the web, complete with specs.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008
Pirates ahoy!

Street-savvy Microsoft tries to pop the pimply face of piracy

Microsoft has tagged schoolkids as the UK's worst culprits for illegally downloading files from the net.
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Jul 2008

Info commissioner says comms database is leap too far

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said today that government plans for a communications database are a step too far and need proper public debate.
John Oates, 15 Jul 2008

Acer pitches Aspire One at Euro cellcos

Acer is said to be talking to T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange in a bid to persuade them to bundle its Aspire One Small, Cheap Computer with a USB 3G modem and subsidise the price through airtime subscription.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

Irate sysadmin locks San Francisco officials out of network

Hapless municipal bosses in San Francisco have been locked out of their network by a disgruntled sysadmin charged with computer sabotage.
John Leyden, 15 Jul 2008

SanDisk touts read-only SD cards for sensitive data

Flash-fancier SanDisk's mission to eradicate all recording media and replace them with solid-state storage continued today with the release of an SD card you can only write to once.
Tony Smith, 15 Jul 2008

HP and Sony double team better storage tape format

Hewlett-Packard and Sony are putting their heads together again to make a denser breed of Digital Audio Tape drives and cassettes.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

Court cheers warrantless snooping of e-mail

Your e-mail is at risk again thanks to a recent ruling that backs no-notice, warrantless digs through e-mail accounts held by service providers.
Kevin Fayle, 15 Jul 2008

Google will anonymize YouTube data before sharing with Viacom

Sanity has prevailed in the Google-Viacom case. At least for the moment.
Cade Metz, 15 Jul 2008

Hackintosh maker gets legal greeting from Apple

As was inevitable, hackintosh vendor Psystar has found itself on Apple's legal to-do list.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness

CommentDoes anyone else remember when technology companies were propping up this economy?
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jul 2008

IBM one-ups Sun with terabyte tape drive

IBM has launched its 1 terabyte tape drive the day after Sun launched the T10000B, and its is 33 percent faster than the Sun product.
Chris Mellor, 15 Jul 2008

Sun calms investors with early Q4 dish

Sun Microsystems has issued an early take on its fourth quarter financial results, showing sales figures that have declined from the same period last year.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jul 2008

Google taunts 'losers' with secret Android code

Google isn't just hiding the Android SDK from the world's developers. It's teasing them with it. Yesterday, just as we finished detailing the search giant's shabby treatment of mobile-minded coders, it treated them even worse, dangling its secret software developer's kit just under their proverbial noses.
Cade Metz, 15 Jul 2008
Intel logo teaser

Intel at ease with economic chaos

The economy looks bleak as can be, but Intel doesn't care. The chip maker today reported a record second quarter haul and expects the good times to keep on rolling throughout the year.
Ashlee Vance, 15 Jul 2008

Microsoft questions Google's plan to save the world through ads

Yes, Microsoft turned up at today's dueling Congressional hearings on the Google ad pact with Yahoo!.
Cade Metz, 15 Jul 2008

Citrix's 'Kensho' tools shed earthly hypervisor restraints

Citrix Systems is developing a set of Open Virtual Machine (OVM) format tools that will let virtualized applications jump across different hypervisors.
Austin Modine, 15 Jul 2008

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