11th July 2008 Archive

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  • HP's big splash on EDS all about shrinkage

    Hurd 'The Butcher' gets out his knife

    Servers 11 Jul 00:36

  • Mobe operators warn of ruin if regulators set roaming charges

    'Woe is us', cry hams

    Mobile 11 Jul 07:02

  • Dept of Business waves WEEE stick at electronics vendors

    Time to raise your game, chaps

    The Channel 11 Jul 07:02

  • Davis increases majority, says goodbye to Tory front bench

    Would turnout have been higher with stickers?

    Government 11 Jul 07:16

  • The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

    The very best smartphones - minus the Apple one

    Phones 11 Jul 08:02

  • Boeing to build combo airship-copter flying cranes

    Canadians plan worldwide rental whirlyblimp service

    Science 11 Jul 08:02

  • El Reg net closes on Street View fleet

    Third Orwellian Opel spotted in Brum

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 08:36

  • 3G iPhone disassembled, photographed

    New handset easier to repair

    Phones 11 Jul 08:52

  • O2 buckles under 3G iPhone demand

    Early bird customers left out in cold

    Mobile 11 Jul 09:14

  • Rambus sues Nvidia

    Mass memory-controller patent infringement alleged

    Hardware 11 Jul 09:15

  • Public sector faces hefty fines for data breaches

    Councils should scrap sales to database marketers

    Government 11 Jul 09:20

  • Ryanair wins German court victory in screen-scraping injunction

    Aggregator Vtours ordered to stop

    Financial News 11 Jul 09:24

  • Dancing to power London nightclub

    Boogie for a better world

    Hardware 11 Jul 09:33

  • Insight buys UK dealership for Cisco glory

    Ooh you little MINX!

    The Channel 11 Jul 09:43

  • London's black cabs get wireless payment kit

    Dismiss your cabbie with a wave

    Mobile 11 Jul 10:08

  • Alcatel launches 'My First Handset'

    Get you foot on the phone market

    Phones 11 Jul 10:09

  • Kodak unveils 720p HD pocket camcorder

    Hardware 11 Jul 10:10

  • Obama bloats Vista by 11MB

    56MB update adds five words to dictionary

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 10:10

  • UK games biz demands closer ties with academia

    But wants someone else to make it happen

    Games 11 Jul 10:28

  • ISS cosmonauts extract Soyuz explosive bolt

    Pyro fitting suspected over ballistic re-entries

    Science 11 Jul 10:31

  • Oracle preps summer patch cluster

    45 updates equal overtime for sysadmins

    Applications 11 Jul 11:03

  • Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s

    We're looking for a Mr Gorb... Gorbachev

    Science 11 Jul 11:08

  • Woman finds Lithuanian living in shed

    He cleared her garden - a frightening experience

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 11:12

  • MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

    You mean, it’s alive?!

    Operating Systems 11 Jul 11:15

  • Thales swoops on nCipher for hardware encryption goodness

    Scrambling for safety

    Financial News 11 Jul 11:18

  • Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 plasma HD TV

    Premium price equals premium quality

    Hardware 11 Jul 11:26

  • Telegraph explains 'Why Heath Ledger will blow us'

    Oooh, lovely

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 11:42

  • FCC chief wants to throttle Comcast

    Enforcement order on agenda

    Broadband 11 Jul 11:46

  • Yoof forum eats schoolkids, spits out ID card robodroids

    Blunkett and Smith ejected as barracking intensifies

    Government 11 Jul 12:04

  • Has ISO already rejected anti-OOXML appeals?

    Standards ain't what they used to be

    Applications 11 Jul 12:25

  • HP demonstrates mega-memory concept

    Memristor work continues apace

    Storage 11 Jul 12:29

  • South African survives exploding fridge attack

    'I thought the world was coming to an end'

    Science 11 Jul 12:32

  • Reg readers kickstart WiReD UK recovery

    And the winner is...

    Media 11 Jul 13:02

  • Groundbreaking two-in-one tubular console controller uncovered

    Break-apart wireless controller spied online

    Games 11 Jul 13:03

  • MediaMax/Linkup falls out of the cloud

    San Diego storage startup goes titsup

    Storage 11 Jul 13:36

  • Truphone brings VoIP to the iPhone

    Just don't expect free calls any time soon

    Mobile 11 Jul 13:38

  • Gadgets safe from global airport anti-piracy plan

    Conspiracy theory not conspiracy fact

    Media 11 Jul 13:54

  • Bic punts 'disposable' pre-charged phone

    Cheap-as-chips phone calls

    Phones 11 Jul 14:45

  • Europe loves HD TVs - but not HD broadcasts

    Waiting for free-to-air

    Hardware 11 Jul 14:54

  • Sony pooh-poohs PS3 price cut

    Save your cash for an Xbox 360

    Games 11 Jul 14:57

  • Japanese tiny PC fans offered 50p Eee

    Hardware 11 Jul 15:23

  • Verizon's open-door policy yields dip stick

    Get your fuel tanks ready

    Mobile 11 Jul 15:28

  • AMD takes a $950m hit in Q2

    From plucky upstart to just plucked

    Financial News 11 Jul 15:31

  • Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants

    Sorry, sir, we're right out of Pekingese

    Bootnotes 11 Jul 15:47

  • The iPhone 2.0 update - don't do it, kids

    That strange sense of disconnection

    Mobile 11 Jul 16:06

  • Sony will fix PS3s bricked by 2.40 update

    Games 11 Jul 16:22

  • Intel stinks

    Fouling Arizona

    Science 11 Jul 18:05

  • Patent violation, prosecution, acquisition: pick your top open-source project

    Microsoft goes native with poll backing

    Applications 11 Jul 19:19

  • Apple iPhone 3G

    It's here...

    Phones 11 Jul 20:23

  • Cnet blogger squadron discovers long lines at Apple retail stores

    The brick and mortar cult

    Media 11 Jul 20:59

  • Green-loving California may dodge utility bill bullet

    While rest of the US pays 20-30% more

    Science 11 Jul 23:08

  • IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz

    Will fuel 300,000-core, 10 petaflop giant

    Servers 11 Jul 23:45