9th July 2008 Archive

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  • Google penetrates fake sex world with Lively

    Watch clips of Sadville on virtual YouTube TV

    Applications 09 Jul 00:13

  • Vendors form alliance to fix DNS poisoning flaw

    Giving the good guys a headstart

    Security 09 Jul 09:15

  • Hitachi second-gen terabyte hard drive tech

    World's most energy efficient, maker claims

    Hardware 09 Jul 09:20

  • Nintendo Wii to become true to type

    Write your novel on a Wii

    Games 09 Jul 09:23

  • Sony re-releases latest PS3 firmware

    Verson 2.41 posted

    Games 09 Jul 09:28

  • Carla Bruni sings of deadly luuurv

    Je t'aime, Sarko available free online

    Bootnotes 09 Jul 09:39

  • MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users

    A cure worse than the disease

    Security 09 Jul 10:05

  • Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley

    Fans of Watership Down look away now

    Bootnotes 09 Jul 10:29

  • Criminal record checks: More often wrong than right

    Just how well do they protect children?

    Law 09 Jul 10:32

  • Jodrell Bank spared the chop

    Sci-Tech Facilities Council sees sense

    Science 09 Jul 10:32

  • Mio announces Knight Rider satnav

    It's official, Michael

    Science 09 Jul 10:33

  • Google and the End of Science

    Bringing it all back Hume

    Science 09 Jul 10:56

  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 280

    Over-priced, over-specced and over here

    Hardware 09 Jul 11:02

  • EU accidentally orders ISPs to become copyright police

    Legislator: 'No we never'

    Broadband 09 Jul 11:11

  • US and EC line up to kick credit ratings agencies

    Action likely on both sides of pond

    Financial News 09 Jul 11:11

  • Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

    MS to adjust standalone HDD line too

    Games 09 Jul 11:20

  • Beijing scales back RFID ticket plans

    Still embedding passport, address and email though

    Security 09 Jul 11:38

  • Microsoft tells SMBs Vista isn't a risky business

    You may end up dancing round the living room in pants

    Small Biz 09 Jul 11:53

  • Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst

    Apple sales growth 3x industry average

    Hardware 09 Jul 11:58

  • Govt moots game developer tax-break rethink

    Less tax equals more games?

    Games 09 Jul 12:16

  • Trust on the slide, Chris Moyles on the up at BBC

    Annual report shows serious navel-gazing

    Media 09 Jul 12:17

  • Belgian operator will sell iPhone simlock-free

    Low country, high price

    Mobile 09 Jul 13:19

  • Zero day Word flaw exploited by Trojan

    The one that got away

    Security 09 Jul 13:32

  • Elonex shows off second Small, Cheap Computer

    As inexpensive as the One?

    Hardware 09 Jul 13:39

  • Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops

    It's the way she tells them...

    Government 09 Jul 13:49

  • NebuAd makes meal of opt-out cookie

    Whither the opt-in?

    Broadband 09 Jul 14:02

  • Only 3% of us recycle mobile phones, finds report

    And most of us didn't even realise we could

    Phones 09 Jul 14:17

  • Ryanair begins screen-scraping lawsuit

    Claims violation of IP rights

    Law 09 Jul 14:22

  • BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

    Right two and eight down Albert Square

    Media 09 Jul 14:24

  • World+Dog lines up for iPhones

    But rain puts Brits off

    Phones 09 Jul 14:27

  • Polaroid 'inkless' handheld photo printer hits UK

    Hardware 09 Jul 15:09

  • Sun saunters into open storage formation

    JBOD army arrives with Thumper 2

    Storage 09 Jul 15:34

  • Man powers up PC to pop popcorn

    Hot Butter revival?

    Hardware 09 Jul 16:04

  • Getty dips into Flickr to beef up photo stock

    Who you calling an amateur?

    Media 09 Jul 16:17

  • Microsoft prepares to sell SQL Server 2008

    An August release?

    Servers 09 Jul 17:23

  • Shocker DNS spoofing vuln discovered three years ago by a student

    The mad woman in the attic

    Security 09 Jul 17:47

  • Monitor your data center with a coffee mug-sized server

    The cup that phones home

    Servers 09 Jul 18:17

  • AJAX browser vote exceeds 'wild' expectations

    Flourish follows fizzle

    Software 09 Jul 18:24

  • Cisco boss wants successor to be less bossy

    Executive round table constructed by 2013

    Data Networking 09 Jul 18:47

  • Rogers chucks (small) bone to Canuck Jesus Phoners

    App Store opening early?

    Mobile 09 Jul 21:46

  • Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

    'More attractive' pricing on the way

    Storage 09 Jul 22:15

  • Senate approves FISA makeover and telco wiretap immunity

    Oink, oink my black ops sweetheart

    Law 09 Jul 23:48