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Google penetrates fake sex world with Lively

It starts with a hug, then some petting on top of colored balls and before you know it you're down at some 3D sex club wielding a dildo.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Jul 2008

Vendors form alliance to fix DNS poisoning flaw

An alliance of software makers and network-hardware vendors announced on Tuesday that they had banded together to fix a fundamental flaw in the design of the internet's address system.
Robert Lemos, 09 Jul 2008

Hitachi second-gen terabyte hard drive tech

Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies division has rolled out its second-generation terabyte hard drive - the world's most energy efficient 7200rpm 1TB HDD, it claimed.
Tony Smith, 09 Jul 2008

Nintendo Wii to become true to type

The Wii’s convoluted text-entry system has always been a bone of contention for gamers. But now manufacturer Logic 3 is set to end all that with its latest invention: a Wii keyboard.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony re-releases latest PS3 firmware

Sony has, as expected, officially released a tweaked version of its troubled PlayStation 3 firmware version 2.40.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Carla Bruni sings of deadly luuurv

The crooning missus of French prez Nick Sarko this morning unveiled her latest album free online - ahead of its official release on 11 July.
Lester Haines, 09 Jul 2008
vulture tv reporter

MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users

UpdatedMicrosoft released four patches - all rated important - as part of its regular Patch Tuesday update cycle, one of which left ZoneAlarm users locked out the internet.
John Leyden, 09 Jul 2008

Rabbit murderer stalks Ruhr Valley

Rabbit owners in the German towns of Witten and Dortmund are living under a pall of fear following the slaughter of 30 animals in a year-long lapine decapitation murder spree.
Lester Haines, 09 Jul 2008

Criminal record checks: More often wrong than right

Sleight of hand by the Home Office doesn’t quite cover up the fact that last year the number of people wrongly branded as criminals was actually more than the number of people identified as having committed a sex crime.
Jane Fae , 09 Jul 2008

Jodrell Bank spared the chop

The UK's celebrated Jodrell Bank has been granted a reprieve by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 09 Jul 2008

Mio announces Knight Rider satnav

We’ve watched the dual Anamorphic Equalizers pulse as they guide wannabe Michael Knights across the alkaline flats, but, until now, Mio’s never confirmed whether the Knight Rider satnav was real.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Google and the End of Science

WiReD magazine's editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has just seen the end for scientific theories. And it is called Google.
Anton Wylie, 09 Jul 2008

Nvidia GeForce GTX 280

ReviewNvidia has spent the past year waiting for AMD to give it a fight in the graphics sector. The G92 chip used in GeForce 8800 GT was little more than a die-shrink of the G80 that debuted in the original GeForce 8800 GTS and GTX.
Leo Waldock, 09 Jul 2008

EU accidentally orders ISPs to become copyright police

Part of the EU Telecommunications Package, agreed by MEPs on Monday, could be interpreted to endorse cutting off P2P users after a written warning or two, even though the author claims that was not the intention.
Bill Ray, 09 Jul 2008

US and EC line up to kick credit ratings agencies

The Securities and Exchange Commission probe into the ratings agencies - the firms which wrongly assessed how risky certain US mortgage-backed investments were - is calling for new rules to govern how the companies operate.
John Oates, 09 Jul 2008

Leak reveals Xbox 360 Pro debut due

Microsoft is to release a 60GB Xbox 360 this month, if an allegedly leaked email from the software giant is to be believed.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008
Olympic rings

Beijing scales back RFID ticket plans

RFID technology won't feature on every ticket for the forthcoming Beijing Olympics - but those that do have it will contain an embedded chip with the holder's home address, passport details and email address.
Bill Ray, 09 Jul 2008

Microsoft tells SMBs Vista isn't a risky business

Microsoft isn’t going to let the small detail of sluggish sales and take-up among businesses of its Windows Vista operating system get in the way of its latest attempt to woo the little guys.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Jul 2008

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst

The 3G iPhone may be getting all the attention this week, but let's not forget Apple's other product line, the Mac family, which is enjoying new-found success thanks to... Microsoft.
Tony Smith, 09 Jul 2008

Govt moots game developer tax-break rethink

Tax breaks for the British videogames industry moved a step closer this week, after a government Minister admitted that the administration must “look again” at the issue.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Trust on the slide, Chris Moyles on the up at BBC

iPlayer good, London bias bad, rigged phone-ins very bad. Those are just some of the (predictable) gems that emerged yesterday as the BBC published its annual report on 2007/8.
Jane Fae , 09 Jul 2008

Belgian operator will sell iPhone simlock-free

Mobile telecoms group Mobistar SA. will launch the iPhone 3G in Belgium from Friday - but more importantly it will be one of the few European countries where the the iPhone will be totally simlock-free.
Jan Libbenga, 09 Jul 2008

Zero day Word flaw exploited by Trojan

Microsoft warns that an unpatched Word vulnerability has become the subject of targeted attacks.
John Leyden, 09 Jul 2008

Elonex shows off second Small, Cheap Computer

UpdatedFlush with the apparent sell-out success of its Small, Cheap Computer, the One, Elonex is preparing another model, this time with a more traditional laptop look.
Tony Smith, 09 Jul 2008

Jacqui Smith kick-starts yoof ID debate site, site kick stops

Fresh from its success in selling ID cards to the aviation industry, the Home Office has moved straight on to young people with a 'have your say' online forum, mylifemyid.org. The site is fronted by a video of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith getting down with the yoof of Shooters Hill College.
John Lettice, 09 Jul 2008

NebuAd makes meal of opt-out cookie

As it prepares for a Congressional pow-wow on the "Privacy Implications of Online Advertising," behavioral ad targeter NebuAd has vowed to eat its infamous opt-out cookie.
Cade Metz, 09 Jul 2008

Only 3% of us recycle mobile phones, finds report

The recycling message may have been drummed into us for everything from plastic bottles to old newspapers, but the majority of people still don’t recycle their worn out mobile phones, Nokia says.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Ryanair begins screen-scraping lawsuit

Ryanair is taking a Dutch airline website to court over the 'screen-scraping' of Ryanair's site. The no-frills airline claims that Dutch company Bravofly's activities violate the site's terms and conditions and infringe its intellectual property rights.
OUT-LAW.COM, 09 Jul 2008

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

The Information Commissioner's Office has ordered the BBC to release information about the salaries of the stars and other staff at soap opera EastEnders.
John Oates, 09 Jul 2008

World+Dog lines up for iPhones

Global sales of camping tents must be skyrocketing, because reports are coming in from many corners of the globe of iPhone fanatics queuing up days in advance of the phone’s launch, just to ensure they’re first in line.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Polaroid 'inkless' handheld photo printer hits UK

Polaroid's handheld picture printer, the PoGo, has gone on sale in the UK with the promise of straight-from-camera inkless printing.
Tony Smith, 09 Jul 2008

Sun saunters into open storage formation

Sun Microsystems is trying to inject some much needed vim and vigor into its storage business by dosing the operation with extra cc's of open-source therapy.
Austin Modine, 09 Jul 2008

Man powers up PC to pop popcorn

VideoGiven the number of film fanatics who watch movies on their laptops, popcorn by your PC is probably just what the doctor ordered. One DIY hardware pioneer has worked out how to make your very own USB-powered popcorn maker.
James Sherwood, 09 Jul 2008

Getty dips into Flickr to beef up photo stock

Flickr fanciers will soon be able to make cash out of the photos they post online following a secret deal inked with the world’s leading photo agency, Getty Images.
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Jul 2008
For sale sign

Microsoft prepares to sell SQL Server 2008

Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 appears ready to go after months of delay, as the company is taking steps to begin selling the database.
Gavin Clarke, 09 Jul 2008
Mortar board

Shocker DNS spoofing vuln discovered three years ago by a student

A flaw in how the internet's addressing system works that sparked a patching frenzy on Tuesday night may has first been uncovered by a student as long as three years ago.
John Leyden, 09 Jul 2008

Monitor your data center with a coffee mug-sized server

Plat'Home is a curious Japanese company that seems intent on cracking the US market with its weird brand of tiny Linux servers. This week, it has offered the land of the free and the home of the brave the KANSHI Blocks Pro 6.0.1 device, which is a coffee mug-sized monitoring server.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Jul 2008

AJAX browser vote exceeds 'wild' expectations

There's been a late surge of interest in voting for a wishlist of features users want added to web browsers, after being ignored for months.
Phil Manchester, 09 Jul 2008

Cisco boss wants successor to be less bossy

Cisco's next boss won't reign on high like it's current chief executive John Chambers if John Chambers has anything to say about it.
Austin Modine, 09 Jul 2008

Rogers chucks (small) bone to Canuck Jesus Phoners

After complaints from countless Canucks over its service plans for the imminent 3G iPhone - and a slap or two from Apple - Rogers Wireless has attempted some last minute damage control.
Cade Metz, 09 Jul 2008

Samsung fires up 128GB SSD massive attack

Samsung has the factory hamster wheels oiled and has started mass-production of 128GB solid-state hard drives.
Austin Modine, 09 Jul 2008

Senate approves FISA makeover and telco wiretap immunity

The Senate today passed the revised Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), offering blanket immunity to the telecoms giants for whatever spying activities they conspired in, smothering ongoing litigation against the companies and for all intents and purposes burying forever whatever unconstitutional surveillance activities the Cheney administration embraced.
Burke Hansen, 09 Jul 2008

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