8th July 2008 Archive

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  • Facebook value drops $11.25bn

    A pauper poking

    Financial News 08 Jul 00:09

  • Fiorina threatens to get in McCain's antique cabinet

    Er, but Bush already mastered the 'Invent' agenda

    Government 08 Jul 00:15

  • Panasas teams with Penguin on clustergasm

    Mad Scyldz

    Servers 08 Jul 00:43

  • MobileMe steals Live Mesh thunder

    Exchange power for individuals?

    Applications 08 Jul 05:02

  • File system killer leads police to wife's bones

    Reiser's desperate bid for a reduced sentence

    Law 08 Jul 05:53

  • Small, Cheap Computer countdown continues

    All arriving late July?

    Hardware 08 Jul 07:02

  • Street View spycar prowls Inverness

    Caledonia falls to Orwellian Opel

    Bootnotes 08 Jul 09:02

  • DWP slammed for fraud computing failure

    MPs blame slow improvements

    Government 08 Jul 09:30

  • Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha

    £25 Greengestion charge deep-sixed

    Government 08 Jul 09:33

  • Malware infects Merriam-Webster

    Fanboys drop dirty bomb on collegiate dictionary

    Bootnotes 08 Jul 09:35

  • Elgato transmits MacBook Air-friendly Freeview tuner

    Hardware 08 Jul 09:37

  • IPS ditches e-passport system

    Writes off £10.8m

    Government 08 Jul 09:44

  • Nvidia spurns Intel Atom for VIA, spurns VIA for Intel Atom?

    Tech licensing triangle in play, moles allege

    Hardware 08 Jul 10:13

  • MS issues eleventh hour Snapshot bug workaround

    Rush to fix serious ActiveX flaw

    Security 08 Jul 10:22

  • NASA firms up space shuttle launch manifest

    10 flights before retirement

    Science 08 Jul 10:24

  • Sony offers double-capacity M2 card

    Hardware 08 Jul 10:57

  • MEPs give Reding bloody nose over telco regulation

    Telecoms revolution reduced to talking shop

    Mobile 08 Jul 10:58

  • NXP sues to silence Oyster researchers

    Report publication 'irresponsible'

    Security 08 Jul 10:59

  • Lower VAT could help small businesses amid recession fears

    Rates cut lifeline for small PC shops?

    Small Biz 08 Jul 11:23

  • Philips turned off by monitor business

    TPV Tech takes over

    The Channel 08 Jul 11:40

  • Symbian debases platinum

    Developer program thrown open to proletariat

    Mobile 08 Jul 11:59

  • Mozilla develops browser security metrics

    Seeks smarter vuln stats

    Security 08 Jul 12:05

  • HTC Touch Diamond

    The iPhone assault continues

    Phones 08 Jul 12:30

  • Microsoft hopes third time is lucky with XP SP3 update

    Sets server release dates despite MIA SQL server

    Software 08 Jul 12:46

  • Drobo 'data robot' revamped with Firewire

    'Infinite-capacity' data safe gets faster

    Storage 08 Jul 13:02

  • Aerovironment sells hurl 'n' splash roboplane to US spec-ops

    Snake-eaters SEAL $200m porta-drone deal

    Science 08 Jul 13:55

  • Minister urges end to videogame rating feud

    Think of the children, pleads Hodge

    Games 08 Jul 14:22

  • Morse loses CEO, warns on revenues

    Restructured firm reports to chairman Loosemore

    The Channel 08 Jul 14:25

  • Greene washed out of VMWare as revs undershoot

    MS veteran replaces co-founder

    Servers 08 Jul 14:36

  • Can T-Mobile get an Android onto US market in '08?

    Google's muscle put to the test

    Mobile 08 Jul 14:43

  • Sharp ships 19in Acquos Jr.

    Hardware 08 Jul 14:47

  • Eco-satnav software solves 'drive or walk' decisions

    Calculates CO2 emissions or calories consumed

    Science 08 Jul 14:52

  • Google out-visions Jobs on Mac roadmap

    Now that's what I call Mac OSX 14

    Bootnotes 08 Jul 15:17

  • Peers call for cybercrime shakeup (again)

    Say banks should pay for fraud

    Security 08 Jul 15:50

  • iPhone 3G to be in 'very short supply for weeks' - carrier

    Blame for O2 pre-order chaos laid at Apple's door

    Mobile 08 Jul 16:00

  • No import ban in InterDigital v Samsung patent case

    Trade Commission Staff sides with Samsung

    Mobile 08 Jul 16:11

  • Stormy Peters lands on Gnome Foundation

    Ex-HP exec takes charge

    Operating Systems 08 Jul 16:15

  • Microsoft prices services for the email-poor

    No hands, new blinkers

    The Channel 08 Jul 16:22

  • Google evaporates Docs and Spreadsheets cloud

    Try again in 30 seconds. Or an hour

    Applications 08 Jul 17:03

  • EMC CEO's ego has cost investors billions

    Whacks Greene when VMware needed her most

    Servers 08 Jul 17:39

  • Jobs bars 3G Jesus Phone sales at Canuck Apple Stores

    Rare moment of over-charging concern for CEO

    Mobile 08 Jul 18:36

  • Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

    OS man's daughter sees truth in OS

    Operating Systems 08 Jul 19:25

  • DreamWorks switches to Intel for stereoscopic 3-D high

    Studio to AMD: Drop dead

    Servers 08 Jul 19:49

  • Hawkeye technology turns tennis into a cartoon

    Reality hardware needed

    Bootnotes 08 Jul 22:46

  • Brocade and Cisco squabble over future fabric standards

    Now playing - Acronym Wars: The Convergence Brutality

    Data Networking 08 Jul 23:04