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Would a data notification law improve UK data security?

A panel of experts in data protection was beaten yesterday by a simple question from the floor: "Can you give us an example of good data security practice by the British Government?"
John Oates, 04 Jul 2008

Apple takes axe to MacBook Air SSD price

Apple's MacBook Air - still the world's slimmest laptop; VoodooPC's Envy isn't shipping yet - just got cheaper. Well, sort of. Apple's knocked £300/$500 off the price of the solid-state drive model.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2008

Driver-updated satnavs to beat traffic jams

The next time you’re stuck in traffic with no idea what the hold-up is, a driver way out in-front could be the one to let you know. That’s if a driver-fed satnav information service makes it out of the starting grid.
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2008

Solar-curtain "soft house" plan proposed by MIT prof

Architect WatchHeavens be praised* - the energy security/climate/fuel-price crisis has been solved by an MIT professor. Remarkably, not a professor of engineering or science either - but an architecture prof. Sheila Kennedy and her partner Frano Violich - assisted by other architects - have designed a "soft house" powered by "energy harvesting" solar-photovoltaic curtains.
Lewis Page, 04 Jul 2008
homeless man with sign

Oracle risks loss of influential BEA users

During its trumpeted webcast on plans for BEA Systems, Oracle's top brass stressed their commitment to middleware to keep the new flock happy. So it purchased BEA to expand Oracle's presence in Asia and Japan - that wasn't the point.
Gavin Clarke, 04 Jul 2008

Government waves cutlass at IT budget

Treasury minister Yvette Cooper yesterday announced a plan to look for wide-ranging cost cuts in government budgets.
John Oates, 04 Jul 2008
Windows Vista teaser

MS readies Vista code injection risk fix

Critical bug fixes are on the agenda for this month's monthly patch update from Microsoft.
John Leyden, 04 Jul 2008

BSA slams EC's 'narrow-minded' interoperability vision

An open standards row is brewing between the EC and a lobbying group for software multinationals over a proposed European framework on interoperability – a draft of which is due to be published on 15 July.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Jul 2008

Microsoft gets hip with da yoof to flog email

What could be more insincere than a bunch of marketing types concocting a fake blog to pimp their company's services by hitching them to worthy causes?
Gavin Clarke, 04 Jul 2008

Palm, BlackBerry-beating demand for 3G iPhone claims researcher

More than half of US consumers looking to buy a smartphone in the next three months will opt for Apple's 3G iPhone.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2008

Solar power gets curtains twitching

Given that curtains help us block light out, it seems sensible to use one side to suck up the sun’s rays. So a textiles boffin has developed "smart" drapes with integrated solar panels.
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2008

Pioneer plots Blu-ray Disc autumn offensive

Now that HD DVD's out of picture, consumer electronics companies can steer Blu-ray into the mainstream. The latest to do so, Pioneer, has unwrapped a quartet of players it plans to launch.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2008

Google deigns to comply with a privacy law

Google has finally added a link to its privacy (or lack thereof) policy on its homepage following pressure from privacy advocates.
Christopher Williams, 04 Jul 2008

Opera update fixes stability bugs

Opera released an update to the latest version of its browser on Thursday.
John Leyden, 04 Jul 2008

BOFH: The admin gene

Episode 24
Simon Travaglia, 04 Jul 2008

Geldof backs Davis 'For Freedom' by-election

Popstar turned humanitarian Bob Geldof has thrown his unkempt weight behind David Davis' by-election campaign.
Joe Fay, 04 Jul 2008

'Anaconda' 200m rubber snake generator scheme gets funding

British professors have secured government research funding for their plans to generate energy using gigantic black rubber snake-like devices moored off the UK coasts.
Lewis Page, 04 Jul 2008

eBay Australia ditches PayPal scheme

eBay Australia has given up on its attempt to force virtually all payments through its subsidiary PayPal.
John Oates, 04 Jul 2008

David Davis tells El Reg that Labour is 'mesmerised' by tech

InterviewAs polling day approaches for the Howden and Haltemprice by-election, voters and observers are left with an eerie sense of déjà vu as Labour once again refuses to debate its civil liberties record with David Davis.
Jane Fae , 04 Jul 2008

TVonics MFR-300 micro digital TV set-top box

ReviewThousands of Brits are going to find their analogue TVs incapable of picking up a signal come 2012. Clearly, that doesn't concern too many of us, since we're still buying plenty of analogue tellies.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2008

Wii racers get a wheel deal

Mario Kart is a great Wii game, but because the driving wheel doesn’t have a fixed position, kart control can be tricky. Thankfully, an ingenious Wii Wheel Stand has been…ahem… invented.
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2008

Mystery over Verisign boss' shock exit

Wall Street shut down for the long July 4 weekend pondering a puzzler. It emerged yesterday that Verisign CEO Bill Roper had suddenly quit the firm to be replaced by the firm's founder and chairman, Jim Bidzos.
Christopher Williams, 04 Jul 2008
toy soldier

MoD mega gov-IT project only mildly catastrophic - NAO

The UK Ministry of Defence has received some qualified praise for its ongoing, enormous effort to replace hundreds of different internal IT systems comprising scores of thousands of machines with a single integrated infrastructure.
Lewis Page, 04 Jul 2008

IPS finds no nuggets in ID checking goldmine

Government plans to position the Identity & Passport Service as the UK's de facto identity services broker seem not to have entirely caught the imagination of the private sector, figures in IPS' annual report and accounts suggest. Although IPS recruited 44 new customers for its Passport Validation Service (PVS), income from this for the year ending March 2008 was only £357,000.
John Lettice, 04 Jul 2008

Consider yourself Moderatrixed

Well, I was actually hoping to spend this Friday performing my usual duties, perhaps enjoying a little light banter with my colleagues, and then sauntering out at lunchtime to get society-endangeringly drunk.
The Moderatrix, 04 Jul 2008

Navman upgrades satnavs with 3D

Navman has re-launched its S-series of satnavs with three models that promise to guide you around points of interest - now in glorious 3D.
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2008

Ofcom flashes cash guarantees at BT for fibre investment

The boss of Ofcom has given the clearest indication yet that regulators are ready to offer BT more control over a next generation UK broadband infrastructure in exchange for investment.
Christopher Williams, 04 Jul 2008
Dead face

Serco sharpens the IT jobs guillotine

Government services firm Serco is looking to cut up to 500 jobs from its IT division, with satellite offices and its Birmingham HQ all likely to be hit.
John Oates, 04 Jul 2008

Apple drags its heels on iPhone security patches

Apple has failed to keep software for the iPhone up to date with patches available for its desktop PCs.
John Leyden, 04 Jul 2008

Welcome back, WiReD!

CompetitionMore than a decade after it crashed and burned so spectacularly, WiReD - the house magazine for the Children of the Corn - is returning to the UK.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jul 2008

DARPA calls for 'DUDE' combo infra-nightscope

DARPA, the renowned bulgy-bonced battle-boffinry bureau (apparent motto: "If you can't beat them... well, some sort of murderous killer robot army would seem to be in order") has just issued its latest call for notions. This time, the Pentagon science chiefs want a new and ultra-puissant combo nightsight module.
Lewis Page, 04 Jul 2008

PC World pips Asus to UK Atom sub-laptop premier

PC World today claimed to have beaten Asus to the punch by launching the first Small, Cheap Computer in the UK equipped with an Intel Atom processor.
Tony Smith, 04 Jul 2008

2010: the 5TB 3.5in HDD cometh

Hitachi has pledged to release a 5TB 3.5in hard drive within two years, and it claims two of the drives will boast enough capacity to store everything in your brain.
James Sherwood, 04 Jul 2008

Indies celebrate Independence Day

InterviewDid anyone, I wonder, ever buy just one Motown single? Or just one 2-Tone single? And while you're pondering... can you even remember what major label your favourite artist is on? Unigram, perhaps. Or Polycorpse.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Jul 2008

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