1st July 2008 Archive

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  • US regulators lapse into state of approval for HP's EDS buy

    Deal receives official 'meh'

    Financial News 01 Jul 00:42

  • Congress still afraid to define 'internet gambling'

    Whatever it is. It's illegal

    Law 01 Jul 02:21

  • Adobe boosts Flash media search with Google and Yahoo!

    More ads where you don't want them

    Applications 01 Jul 05:02

  • Duff UK nukes risk 'popcorn' multi-blast accident apocalypse

    Atom bombs very dangerous, says CND man

    Government 01 Jul 07:55

  • French handbag eBay over fakes

    French court acts

    Law 01 Jul 08:35

  • Photos fool cigarette age-verification software


    Hardware 01 Jul 09:11

  • AMD chipset roadmap signals new southbridges, DDR 3

    Greater emphasis on integrated parts too

    Hardware 01 Jul 09:42

  • Flying cars on the horizon, says Clive Sinclair

    'I'm sure it will happen'

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 09:49

  • AMD rolls out line-leading four-core Phenom

    And an energy-efficient quad-core CPU pair too

    Hardware 01 Jul 10:03

  • Apple's fourth Leopard spits out 25 patches

    Mac OS X 10.5.4 lands

    Operating Systems 01 Jul 10:23

  • Legless Swede attempts to row home

    From Denmark...

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 10:28

  • Google free to offload '$1bn' AOL stake

    What does $1bn get you these days?

    Financial News 01 Jul 10:53

  • Sony touts weird multi-sensor handheld gadget tech

    Invented by former PlayStation chief

    Hardware 01 Jul 10:54

  • Orange tells customers they are now 'partners'

    Ask not what your mobile operator can do for you

    Mobile 01 Jul 11:26

  • UK most popular destination for 419 scams

    One in four Nigerian spams sent to Blighty

    Security 01 Jul 11:31

  • Schwarzenegger seizes Tesla Motors plant for California

    Governator sings the body electric

    Science 01 Jul 11:43

  • French gear up for biofuels retreat

    While Prince Charles runs the Aston on English wine

    Government 01 Jul 11:43

  • Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron

    Feral youths mug Middle England

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 12:16

  • Quantum of Solace trailer teases fans

    Daniel Craig struts his stuff

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 12:41

  • Microsoft dishes up interoperability version 1.0

    Incomplete code is go...

    Applications 01 Jul 12:47

  • Who will be the next Doctor?

    Get your popcorn in for Saturday’s geekfest

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 12:51

  • Boffins invent 42GB DVD

    A disc capacity to rival Blu-ray?

    Hardware 01 Jul 12:59

  • Italian authorities raid alleged music filesharing forum

    Megaupload and Rapidshare link site targeted

    Law 01 Jul 13:41

  • Getac E100 rugged UMPC

    Armour-plated 'ard drive

    Hardware 01 Jul 14:06

  • Tiwi spies on your children, so you don't have to

    Black box for the kids

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 14:17

  • Discover a new language with our programming books offer

    Don't hold back

    Site News 01 Jul 14:25

  • Software outfit keeps Vulcan airborne

    Looking hopeful for 2008 airshow season

    Science 01 Jul 14:26

  • Nikon unveils mid-range pro-friendly DSLR

    Better than the D300, but not quite the D3

    Hardware 01 Jul 14:26

  • Videogame cartridge business card holders

    Show off your gaming geek chic

    Hardware 01 Jul 14:31

  • Xandros buys Linspire, says bruised ex-CEO

    No harmony for Carmony

    Software 01 Jul 14:53

  • Swedish customs pull Frenchman with two asses

    You got a permit for those, mate?

    Bootnotes 01 Jul 14:56

  • Eurofighter at last able to drop bombs, but only 'austerely'

    In the sense of expensively but not very usefully

    Government 01 Jul 15:51

  • Arnie terminates driving and dialling

    California introduces hands-free law

    Phones 01 Jul 16:02

  • AT&T prices up PAYG 3G iPhones

    Remarkably close to alleged O2 price plan

    Phones 01 Jul 16:02

  • Trekkies to flip lids over Star Trek bottle opener

    Get off my bridge beer!

    Hardware 01 Jul 16:06

  • Dell conjures magic SD card for virtualizing blade server I/O

    Full height boxes ready too

    Servers 01 Jul 16:33

  • KVM backer takes virtual desktops on the road

    Have branch office. Will ship code

    Virtualization 01 Jul 16:36

  • Mandriva One 2008 Spring Eee PC Wi-Fi glitch

    Hardware 01 Jul 18:53

  • Google plays musical chairs with affiliate ad networks

    Double Clickization

    Financial News 01 Jul 19:16

  • Pillar pumps performance in Axiom array

    'We guarantee something'

    Storage 01 Jul 19:23

  • BEA gets last laugh on Oracle app server

    While other products get death row

    Applications 01 Jul 21:13

  • Japanese military shamed by USB device

    Stolen, found, loaned, lost

    Storage 01 Jul 21:30

  • JBoss app server 5.0 emerges from hiding

    Late date with destiny

    Software 01 Jul 21:35

  • Microsoft searches for meaning with Powerset buy

    Beats Google. Semantically speaking

    Financial News 01 Jul 21:47