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Time to dismount the hamster security wheel of pain

Enterprises are spending a huge amount of effort scanning for vulnerabilities that they already know are in their applications. Here's a little secret: there's no point in scanning if you haven't at least tried to put in a basic set of defenses. You already know you're vulnerable.
Jeff Williams, 23 Jun 2008

GTA IV website prompts outrage

Grand Theft Auto IV is once again at the centre of controversy. But this time people aren’t complaining that the game’s too violent, because they’re more concerned about the discovery of a so-called paedophile website.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Mobile phones to save airlines, by exposing passengers

Airline travel is set to get even more unpleasant, as hapless airline passengers face being hounded through airports by online advertisers as well as security, customs and perfume touting duty free sales staff.
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2008

Compressed VoIP leaves eavesdropping clues

Eavesdroppers might be able to gain clues about the content of encrypted conversations even without breaking the cryptography.
John Leyden, 23 Jun 2008
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Dutch boffins clone Oyster card

Researchers of Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands managed to crack and clone London's Oyster travel card. They were able to take free rides on the Underground and even perpetrated a DDoS attack on a Tube gate.
Jan Libbenga, 23 Jun 2008
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Phoenix spies probable Martian water ice

NASA's Phoenix Mars lander has spotted the sublimation of probable water ice in a trench excavated by its robotic arm by comparing two photos taken on the 21st and 25th days of the mission, aka Sols 20 and 24 (15 and 19 June):
Lester Haines, 23 Jun 2008

Motorola develops Kodak cameraphone

Motorola has finally spoken-up over rumours that it’s developing a mobile phone with camera giant Kodak, and has unveiled the Motozine ZN5 handset.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Snoop-happy councils warned off RIPA abuse

The head of the Local Government Association (LGA) has today warned every council in England to restrict how their investigators use new surveillance powers, or risk losing public support.
Christopher Williams, 23 Jun 2008

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln

A rare Mac OS X Trojan has been spotted on the internet. The AppleScript-THT Trojan horse exploits a vulnerability within the Apple Remote Desktop Agent to load itself with root privileges onto compromised Mac machines.
John Leyden, 23 Jun 2008

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

AnalysisWhen you hear the phrase "helping police with their inquiries", does an image of dedicated selfless citizenry instantly spring to mind? Or do you wonder whether the reality is not slightly more sinister?
Jane Fae , 23 Jun 2008

So, what can you photograph?

UpdatedIt may surprise readers to learn that with a few very specific exceptions, there is no law in the UK against taking photographs. That said, there are a range of quite specific exceptions to this rule.
Jane Fae , 23 Jun 2008

Pirate Bay bitchslaps Swedish law with SSL

The Pirate Bay plans to offer encryption services to people who use the BitTorrent tracker site in a direct attempt to combat a new controversial snoop law passed in Sweden last week.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jun 2008
Intel's second-generation Classmate PC

Daewoo's laptop is child's play – literally

Further details have emerged online of Intel's second-generation Classmate PC sub-laptop, but this time the education-oriented unit's been branded by Daewoo.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Logitech Squeezebox Duet multi-room music streamer

ReviewMedia streamers are all too often the jack of all trades yet the masters of none. Thankfully, no such blight tarnishes the Logitech Squeezebox Duet's shiny black carapace.
Alun Taylor, 23 Jun 2008

LG taps out keypad-based caller

Some people dislike touchscreen mobiles because they’re rarely able to provide any physical typing feedback. But LG’s proven that it has at least one finger on the button, with the launch of a slider phone sporting a bold arrangement of physical keys.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Veteran climate scientist says 'lock up the oil men'

Veteran climate scientist James Hansen is marking the twentieth anniversary of his seminal speech to the US Congress on global warming by calling for oil company execs to be locked up for denying global warming.
Joe Fay, 23 Jun 2008

Leeds thieves target Ford Focus chips

Police in Leeds have issued a warning to Ford Focus owners that thieves are targeting their vehicles in order to get their mitts on an allegedly magical chip from the car's stereo, the Yorkshire Evening Post reports.
Lester Haines, 23 Jun 2008

Yahoo!'s Decker! defends! Goo-Hoo!

Yahoo! president Susan Decker has criticised the company’s naysayers, many of whom have protested against the fraught firm’s recent web search ad deal with Google.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jun 2008
Apple Safari logo

Threat remains despite Safari carpet bombing fix

Apple finally fixed a "carpet bombing" flaw in the Windows version of its Safari web browser, but security researchers warn that the consumer electronics giant's patch only provides partial relief from bugs involving the interaction of Safari and other browser packages.
John Leyden, 23 Jun 2008

Virgin Media rubbishes P2P throttling rumours

Virgin Media has today strongly denied a charge it is running secret tests with a view to introducing new bandwidth throttling hardware to target peer to peer and Usenet downloaders.
Christopher Williams, 23 Jun 2008

Cap, trade, subsidise - Obama's energy plan goes off piste

One of the huge surprises of the way that climate change is being discussed and the way we ought to try to deal with it, is that the orthodox economists have won. We don't have crazed Naderites screaming that carbon must be regulated and legislated out of business, as we did only a couple of decades ago with chlorofluorocabons and the like: no, everyone agrees that we should use either tax or cap and trade permits to create or influence the markets. And having given markets that push, we can pretty much leave them to themselves.
Tim Worstall, 23 Jun 2008

Ex-Logica boss to teach UK.gov how to identify crap IT

The government has turned to the former boss of Logica to try and it teach it how to run IT projects and jettison them as quickly as possible when it becomes apparent they have got it wrong again.
Joe Fay, 23 Jun 2008

Wii hack promises Remote vibration

Jokes about alternative uses for the vibration functions on some gadgets, including mobile phones, are nothing new. But, a group of Wii boffins claim to have developed an alternative use for the console’s Remote that’s, well, just for the ladies.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Android delays hurt self-realisation

Phones based on Google's Android platform may not be around this year as promised, according to sources tracked down by the Wall Street Journal, which reports technical delays and industry antipathy surrounding the project.
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2008

Vauxhall launches virtual backseat driver

Vauxhall has developed an in-car safety system designed to alert drivers to roadside signs, or give them a ticking off when veering out of their lane.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

Nokia looking for love in all the wrong Plazes

Moody Finnish mobe giant Nokia has acquired Plazes, a location-based social networking service, as part of its continuing effort to work out what kind of business it wants to be in.
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2008

Wi-LAN expands Wi-Fi litigation net

Serial litigant Wi-LAN is suing RIM, Motorola and UTStarCom for breaches of the company's various wireless networking patents, and is asking for triple damages for wilful infringement.
Bill Ray, 23 Jun 2008
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HP throws Tru64 code to Linux fanciers

Hewlett-Packard plans to make its Tru64 Unix Advanced File System available to the open source community.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Jun 2008

Researcher: NebuAd forges Google data packets

The man who caught Comcast blocking BitTorrents has now turned his attention to NebuAd, the Phorm-like behavioral ad targeting service that's tracking net surfers from inside multiple American ISPs.
Cade Metz, 23 Jun 2008

Yes! It's the Knight Rider satnav!

The days when Michael Knight tore across the US in KITT are long gone, but Mio is keeping the memory alive with a Knight Rider inspired satnav.
James Sherwood, 23 Jun 2008

HP duplicates deduplication

Adds different enterprise deduplication product alongside SME D2D ones
Paul Roberts, 23 Jun 2008

Sun's Niagara 3 will have 16-cores and 16 threads per core

ExclusiveSun Microsystems looks poised to lead the "mainstream" multi-core race for at least a couple more years. By late 2009, the server maker should deliver a third major revision of its Niagara processor which will have 16 cores and an astonishing 16 threads per core, The Register has learned.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Jun 2008

Salesforce chief brags of cloud for grown-ups

Salesforce.com's CEO has tried to nudge potential partners and customers away from the hosted computing services of Amazon, Google and Facebook by saying that Force.com is for serious business developers who want to make some coin.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Jun 2008

Web browsers face crisis of security confidence

User beware. Today's web browsers offer more security protections than ever, but according to security experts, they do little to protect people surfing the net from some the web's oldest and most crippling threats.
Dan Goodin, 23 Jun 2008

Data Domain sends de-duped files into unalterable state

Data Domain is teaching its de-duplication boxes a new storage retention trick to satisfy those picky government regulatory-types when they come sniffing the machinery.
Austin Modine, 23 Jun 2008

FCC preps puritanical broadband

It's official. FCC boss Kevin Martin wants a free US-wide wireless broadband network. And he wants it equipped with "family-friendly" content filters.
Cade Metz, 23 Jun 2008

Ruby flaws send security researchers into shock

Developers have patched five vulnerabilities in the open-source programming language Ruby that could provide a trivial way for attackers to exploit a variety of web applications.
Dan Goodin, 23 Jun 2008

Microsoft fights gaming Trojan menace

Microsoft is claiming big successes in its efforts to to rescue gamers from malware.
John Leyden, 23 Jun 2008

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