19th June 2008 Archive

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  • New vistas with windows frames

    Open your mind

    Developer 19 05:02

  • European release date inked for Samsung Omnia

    Not long now...

    Phones 19 07:02

  • Japanese mobile-based bank cashing in

    Mobile phone-based bank accounts

    Phones 19 08:02

  • Tumble dryer bites woman in Weston-super-Mare

    Tin snips deployed in harrowing rescue ordeal

    Science 19 08:32

  • Bugs casts shadow over Firefox 3

    First day zero day bugs

    Security 19 08:42

  • FSA fines stockbrokers for poor data security

    Multiple failures put customers at risk

    Security 19 09:17

  • Vodafone hangs up on Tiscali auction

    Mamma mia!

    Broadband 19 10:00

  • Could pen-sized GPS jammers paralyse UK shipping?

    Obsolete satnav rivals troll for security pork

    Government 19 10:02

  • US school cheat hack suspect faces 38 years jail

    'If we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?'

    Security 19 10:07

  • Snail mail goes hi-tech – literally

    Molluscs deliver email by 'hand'

    Broadband 19 10:24

  • Oxford tops Blighty university rankings

    According to paper owned by Oxford graduate

    Bootnotes 19 10:46

  • Nokia N78

    Nokia's newest N-series quad-band candybar

    Phones 19 10:53

  • Big TV flips ad blockers the bird

    Hulu says goodbye

    Applications 19 11:02

  • Yahoo! email! fans! get! more! domains!

    'A happy user stays with us for life'

    Broadband 19 11:15

  • New mobe operator slash Wi-Fi hotspotter launches in UK

    Aims to avoid the standard crash 'n' burn model

    Mobile 19 11:16

  • Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?

    If you've got the time, ask a policeman

    Law 19 11:25

  • 3G iPhone packs in $100 of hardware - analyst

    Asia manufacturers hear ring of tills, jump for joy

    Mobile 19 11:35

  • Smile! You're on grin-gauging HD camcorder

    Sony camcorder touts smile capture mode

    Hardware 19 11:37

  • Net addiction a 'clinical disorder', says US shrink

    Turn off that PC and get help

    Science 19 11:56

  • British Columbia stray foot tally hits six

    Latest find size 10, wearing Adidas

    Bootnotes 19 12:02

  • WD RAIDs up My Book external hard drive

    Hardware 19 12:16

  • Jumbo bug crashes Cisco anti-hacker appliances

    I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band

    Data Networking 19 12:22

  • Preachers caught squatting in white spaces

    US debates, while Ofcom plans yard sale

    Networks 19 12:32

  • AMD SB750 chip to support 'OverDrive Extreme' overclocking

    Speed boost for future 790FX, 790GX mobos

    Hardware 19 12:46

  • Google faces probe over Yahoo! advertising deal

    How dominant is too dominant?

    Financial News 19 12:52

  • Devil dog laughs in the face of Taser

    And gets shot for its trouble

    Bootnotes 19 12:54

  • Mario Puzo's son sues Paramount over Godfather royalties

    Seeks $1m damages for EA game

    Bootnotes 19 13:02

  • AMD rolls out Radeon HD 4850

    Next-gen desktop GPU launched

    Hardware 19 14:11

  • Sanyo invites you to splash out on 52in waterproof HD TV

    Watch Michael Fish outside

    Hardware 19 14:24

  • We've harvested your green computing views

    ...and boiled them down into a tasty report

    Reg Technology Panel 19 14:50

  • Sprint promises WiMAX in September

    Before 'competing 4G' technologies

    Mobile 19 14:58

  • Sky HD prices to tumble next month

    Hardware 19 15:14

  • Apple out to trump gadget warranty fraudsters

    Water damaged goods no longer covered

    Hardware 19 15:18

  • SMS addiction awakens 'sleep-texting' phenomenon

    R U UP?

    Phones 19 15:23

  • UK Unix group vows to appeal OOXML ruling

    But appeals for cash first

    Software 19 15:37

  • Bogus Beijing earthquake reports used to spread malware

    Playing with Olympic fire

    Security 19 16:00

  • Asus Eee Box to debut in UK... minus Linux

    Windows XP only at launch

    Hardware 19 16:12

  • Apple sells 5bn iTunes songs

    And 50,000 film rentals per day

    Hardware 19 16:22

  • Freescale loves open and closed source equally

    Does Eclipse and Microsoft on same day

    Developer 19 17:22

  • Red Hat opens Satellite service code for Spacewalk

    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on

    Servers 19 17:40

  • eBayer slaps $714 price tag on $630 in cash

    Will Microsoft pay the difference?

    Small Biz 19 18:53

  • MySQL quits Torvalds' former BitKeeper love interest

    Embraces the Canonical religion

    Developer 19 19:22

  • Are Dell's Energy Smart servers really smart at all?

    $270 extra buys X amounts of brain

    Servers 19 21:09

  • Cobbler pieces together mass Red Hat Linux installations

    Deploy Windows and then obliterate it

    Servers 19 22:18

  • AVG fake traffic spares Google AdWords

    You may pay. But not for clicks

    Security 19 23:35