16th June 2008 Archive

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  • Eclipse projects squeeze into record Summer fun pack

    Refined but bloated

    Developer 16 Jun 05:02

  • Discovery glides home safely

    Next shuttle mission: Hubble

    Science 16 Jun 08:47

  • NY street-cleaning truck swallows dog

    Bronx mutt-suck fatality

    Bootnotes 16 Jun 09:09

  • Californian boffins find Elixir of Eternal Youth

    For mice only. Catherine Zeta Jones not involved

    Science 16 Jun 09:56

  • RM relaunches Eee PC 900 as miniBook

    Education price: £285

    Hardware 16 Jun 09:58

  • Day dawns for Pentagon hacker Lords appeal

    Last chance saloon

    Law 16 Jun 10:00

  • Red Hat promises delayed JBoss 'worth the wait'

    Refactored and ready for Oracle

    Applications 16 Jun 10:02

  • Stunned commuter finds more secret papers on train

    War against terrorism lost at Waterloo

    Government 16 Jun 10:06

  • House of Lords hits YouTube

    Old farts get down with the kids

    Government 16 Jun 10:25

  • Cambridge woman in £90m 'leccy bill shocker

    Npower juice times n to the power of ahem

    Bootnotes 16 Jun 10:25

  • Intel roadmaps 3.2GHz desktop 'Nehalem' CPUs


    Hardware 16 Jun 10:29

  • Sony designing break-apart PS3 controller?

    A tale of two controllers

    Games 16 Jun 10:34

  • Reding would OK charges to receive mobile calls

    Double bubble for squeaking operators

    Mobile 16 Jun 10:44

  • Software houses must declare patents in standard-setting process: Commission

    Stealth tech-forcing not kosher

    Software 16 Jun 10:46

  • Motion-sensing gaming phone pics surface

    Sony Ericsson's F305 uncovered

    Phones 16 Jun 10:47

  • Business failures to rocket as growth nosedives

    Tech sector to the rescue?

    Small Biz 16 Jun 11:00

  • 80% want legal P2P - survey

    Physical music surprisingly perky, BMR finds

    Media 16 Jun 11:56

  • Microsoft ga ga over Goo-Hoo! deal

    Software giant campaigns against Google-Yahoo! tie-up

    Financial News 16 Jun 11:59

  • 'Humvee of the Skies' robot air-car design unveiled

    With marketing soundbites from Lead Balloon™

    Science 16 Jun 12:01

  • SanDisk Sansa Fuze

    Small but perfectly formed

    Hardware 16 Jun 12:09

  • Glastonbury Festival forecast: very windy, hopes Orange

    Giant turbine to power revellers' phones

    Hardware 16 Jun 12:24

  • Quantum crypto targeted in attack of the clones

    Holy Grail of security further tarnished

    Security 16 Jun 12:29

  • Nvidia launches GTX 200 series GPUs

    Massive chip for high-end gaming rigs

    Hardware 16 Jun 12:35

  • Blu-ray ramp beats DVD up-take in Europe

    But not for much longer?

    Hardware 16 Jun 13:05

  • Leaked BlackBerry clamshell pics kickstart rumours

    First clamshell from RIM

    Phones 16 Jun 13:06

  • Koreans develop smelly, blushing penguin-droid

    Bot-chuff bot has interface that gets into your face

    Science 16 Jun 13:43

  • Motorola slashes R&D lab by half

    Sensible response to lack of innovation?

    Mobile 16 Jun 14:06

  • T-Mobile points to cut-price PAYG 3G iPhone

    Only €1 on contract

    Phones 16 Jun 14:20

  • The iPhone - yours for €1

    But you'll have to speak German

    Mobile 16 Jun 14:49

  • Davis faces North Korean victory margin in civil liberty vote

    Ex-Sun boss bows out of 42 days by-election

    Government 16 Jun 15:17

  • Samsung unveils eco handset duo

    Bio-plastic casings and battery power alarms

    Phones 16 Jun 15:22

  • JVC punts dual-format camcorders

    World's first capable of AVCHD and MPEG 2

    Hardware 16 Jun 15:32

  • HP dishes 24 hour party people blade

    NonStop takes on modern touch

    Servers 16 Jun 15:36

  • Dog collared with Cat-5 cable


    Hardware 16 Jun 15:49

  • Spinal Tap's Tufnel gets new Honda hydrogen car

    Presumably it goes up to 11

    Science 16 Jun 15:59

  • Pentagon hacker vows to take extradition fight to Europe

    McKinnon begins nail-biting Lords wait amid claims of US threats

    Law 16 Jun 17:54

  • Nvidia blows out Moore’s Law with fresh Tesla

    Insane horsepower for the HPC geek on the go

    Servers 16 Jun 18:11

  • AT&T brainstorms Time Warner-like bandwidth cap

    'It's inevitable'

    Broadband 16 Jun 19:08

  • Outsiders get a crack at eBay's Selling Manager

    'Lucrative integration'

    Developer 16 Jun 20:32

  • Dell thinks small with 2.5-inch SAS storage sidecar

    Wee SAS for your DAS

    Storage 16 Jun 21:11

  • Malware not man blamed in child abuse download case

    Replacement PC was 'ticking time bomb'

    Security 16 Jun 21:36

  • Info on missing White House emails to remain missing

    The Agency Conundrum

    Government 16 Jun 22:18

  • Intel quad-core Xeon server virtualization score booted by VMware

    Opteron box now top of the VMmark heap

    Virtualization 16 Jun 23:56