13th June 2008 Archive

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  • IBM's SVC gets thin provisioning

    Pillar patted

    Storage 13 00:12

  • EU security agency gets three more years

    Extra time for ENISA

    Government 13 00:41

  • IBM traps Captain Planet in a container

    Shrink wrapped data centers all the rage

    Servers 13 07:02

  • PayPal ambushes users with mystery Skype charges

    Glitch or breach?

    Security 13 07:02

  • DARPA pilot-ware unflappable in wing-fling damage test

    Don't shoot the robots, you'll just make them mad

    Government 13 08:52

  • UK prisoners offered data cabling training

    Cat Burglar 5 specialists?

    Data Networking 13 09:32

  • Irish mobile numbers just too portable

    Easily stolen, quickly recovered

    Mobile 13 09:33

  • Nintendo Wii US sales 3x PS3, Xbox 360

    Grand Theft Auto IV not shifting hardware

    Games 13 09:45

  • Intel preps low-cost two-, four-core challenge to AMD's Phenom X3

    New entry-level CPUs near release

    Hardware 13 10:06

  • Scripting bugs blight security giants' websites

    McAfee, Symantec and VeriSign plagued by XSS flaws

    Security 13 10:20

  • UK appeal court dismisses mod chip conviction

    Devices not responsible for copyright infringement

    Games 13 10:26

  • Discovery crew preps for Saturday landing

    Final checks made

    Science 13 10:36

  • Bloke finds illegal immigrants living in loft

    Kosovan squatter shocker

    Bootnotes 13 10:37

  • Eccentric brain-chip admiral expelled by toff schools

    Flashmob goth Nostradamus war hero goes overboard

    Bootnotes 13 10:50

  • BOFH: Shafting the consultants over the new layout

    Marking territory

    BOFH 13 10:55

  • Sharp pitches 'world's largest' LCD screen


    Hardware 13 10:55

  • Google preps net neut dowser

    'If Comcast won’t tell you, find out yourself'

    Broadband 13 11:02

  • Copan's bid for greatness

    Ward's way for relief from data obesity

    Storage 13 11:02

  • Ex-Sun chief to fight Davis in '42 days' by-election

    Gordon Brown ate my civil liberties

    Government 13 11:15

  • Aussies deploy bovine facial recognition

    Sorting the cows from the goats

    Applications 13 11:20

  • Shuttle lands one-of-a-kind Alone in the Dark PC

    Hardware 13 11:21

  • Becta schools deal stuns British open-istas

    UK tech quango's 'posturings...a sham'

    Government 13 11:42

  • Pentax K20D digital SLR

    A serious DSLR for the serious snapper

    Hardware 13 11:50

  • FTC wants to hit the spyware guys where it hurts

    Calls on Senate for civil penalties

    Security 13 12:02

  • LG premieres world's first phone with built-in Bluetooth headset

    Mobile 13 12:14

  • UK's first caller ID-spoofing service shuttered after five days

    Spookcall spooked

    Broadband 13 12:23

  • Yahoo! Messenger! Trojan! false alarm!

    ZoneAlarm in Brown Alert drama

    The Channel 13 12:25

  • Biggles battles Yanks for right to sport tash

    Handlebars at dawn for RAF flyboy

    Bootnotes 13 12:26

  • Boffins: Roadrunner hypercomputer could drive a car

    A bloody big car. Also, human obsolescence imminent

    Servers 13 12:43

  • IBM 'advises' staff to opt for a Microsoft Office-free world

    Somewhere over the rainbow...

    Applications 13 13:10

  • UK culture sec wants a public service web

    One where it's always just before 9pm

    Government 13 13:36

  • Ransomware Trojan code break 'impractical'

    Crackers says Schneier

    Security 13 14:57

  • Reding threatens to cap data roaming in July

    And wants half of digital dividend

    Mobile 13 15:46

  • Blackswift hyperplane hits trouble in Washington

    DARPA Mach 6 porkbarrel logroll dash cash slashed

    Science 13 15:50

  • OpenSolaris still has some Linux copying to do

    Keep baking, boys

    Operating Systems 13 15:54

  • MySpace hides in bathroom ahead of make-over

    News Corp still poking around for revs

    Media 13 15:55

  • Nokia, Verizon ready Dark Knight batphone

    Holy CDMA

    Phones 13 15:58

  • Metro suspends Euro fantasy football game

    England can't even win in virtual reality

    Servers 13 16:01

  • Next year critical for Sun's 'Project Copy Linux'

    Packages, packages, packages

    Operating Systems 13 16:03

  • AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

    You're not that popular after all

    Security 13 20:05

  • Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

    Brought down by computer named 'kuku'

    Law 13 21:35

  • Bill Gates cried to make the world a better place

    Meanwhile, Google pays for Linus Torvalds' breakfast

    Open Season 13 22:31

  • US Senate to probe Goo-Hoo!

    Fear not. Escape hatch in place

    Law 13 22:35

  • NASA previews future astronaut threads

    White after Labor Day is OK if you've got a rocket

    Science 13 23:07

  • Microsoft: 'We will save America from foreign domination'

    The Great White Space Hope

    Broadband 13 23:59