12th June 2008 Archive

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  • France gets closer to 'three strikes' downloader web ban

    International war on pirates part deux

    Broadband 12 Jun 06:02

  • Edinburgh Fringe ticket site dead as a parrot

    Whoops, there go my trousers customers

    CIO 12 Jun 07:01

  • Opera unleashes Kestrel

    What's the new browser like?

    Applications 12 Jun 07:02

  • Microsoft: keep your sticky mitts off our language runtime

    DLR stays closed, IronPython to accept donations

    Developer 12 Jun 08:02

  • Intelligence documents left on a train

    Laptop ban no barrier to government's data giveaway

    Government 12 Jun 08:19

  • Sergey Brin books joyride on Russian rocket

    Space merchant heads offplanet

    Science 12 Jun 08:21

  • Phoenix eats dirt

    TEGA oven finally full

    Science 12 Jun 08:46

  • AMD pooh-poohs dual-core 'Kuma' cancellation claim

    Allegation is bollocks, company states

    Hardware 12 Jun 09:33

  • GLAST sets its sights on gamma-ray bursts

    Successful launch for universe-probing 'scope

    Science 12 Jun 09:37

  • Property slump hits Carphone Warehouse

    Broadband deployments drag down figures

    Broadband 12 Jun 09:49

  • Pluto awarded celestial consolation prize

    Dwarf planets to be known as 'Plutoids'

    Science 12 Jun 09:52

  • Intel pledges free USB 3.0 chip spec 'early H2'

    Tells grumbling chip makers to pipe down

    Hardware 12 Jun 10:02

  • AMD to pair CPUs, GPUs with Intel's physics tech

    Cry Havok

    Hardware 12 Jun 10:24

  • Pope gives blessing to anti-christ terrorist squad

    Gendarmes get Interpol link, Swiss Guards get guns

    Bootnotes 12 Jun 10:46

  • Dodgy drug sales underpin Storm worm

    The bitterest pill

    Security 12 Jun 10:56

  • Global semiconductor sales forecast slashed

    A wee DRAM problem

    The Channel 12 Jun 11:00

  • Pentax Optio S12 compact camera

    Compelling upgrade?

    Hardware 12 Jun 11:02

  • God makes you stupid, researchers claim

    Intelligence begot atheism

    Science 12 Jun 11:06

  • China's spacewalk mission go for October

    Third manned jaunt confirmed

    Science 12 Jun 11:20

  • Bubbles mean O2, but anyone can use them

    UK carrier takes an early bath

    Mobile 12 Jun 11:23

  • eBay told to stop forcing Aussies to use PayPal

    Temporary suspension on competition grounds

    Financial News 12 Jun 11:26

  • RAF strafes Next in pirated duvet copyright rumpus

    Flyboys target bedspreads to protect brand revenue

    Bootnotes 12 Jun 11:29

  • Kremlin pushes Cyrillic alphabet net

    Nationalism online

    Government 12 Jun 12:02

  • US dominates tech R&D

    Propped up nicely by foreign scientists, engineers

    Government 12 Jun 12:27

  • Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

    On what?

    Government 12 Jun 12:56

  • Gamers not social misfits, after all

    Old stereotype no longer true

    Games 12 Jun 13:10

  • BBC deploys the Tw*t-O-Tron

    Unholy turdspurt feedback loop

    Bootnotes 12 Jun 13:21

  • Linksys revamps WRT54G wireless router

    Broadband 12 Jun 13:27

  • British pilot makes first supersonic stealth jumpjet flight

    Harrier successor's engine bother hover hold-up

    Government 12 Jun 13:27

  • EU to 'guide' local regulators on digital dividend

    Mme Reding readies big stick for Ofcom

    Mobile 12 Jun 13:37

  • LG launches world's least power-hungry display

    Hardware 12 Jun 13:47

  • Asus Eee PC 901 to hit Blighty on 1 July

    Availability no problem, maker claims

    Hardware 12 Jun 14:07

  • Data breaches easily prevented - report

    And often undetected for months

    The Channel 12 Jun 14:08

  • Oz mobe vid flasher caught red-handed

    Cracks one off for appreciative police audience

    Bootnotes 12 Jun 14:47

  • US PC sales sputter amidst economic gloom

    But laptop shipments boost worldwide growth

    The Channel 12 Jun 15:10

  • Free Wi-Fi still a goer in San Fran'

    Free love, free Wi-Fi

    Broadband 12 Jun 15:15

  • Firefox record breaker sets the date

    See you next Tuesday

    Applications 12 Jun 15:24

  • Apple partially rehabilitates Sun's DTrace

    Sitting up, but not walking about

    Developer 12 Jun 16:50

  • Sun to lose lunch money on JavaFX

    Opens wallet to tough kids

    Developer 12 Jun 17:19

  • SCADA security bug exposes world's critical infrastructure

    Oil, food and plane industries at risk

    Security 12 Jun 18:12

  • Canada moots tough sanctions for DRM flouters

    Proposes fines cap for 'mere' infringement

    Media 12 Jun 20:38

  • Yahoo! and Microsoft terminate talks, this time for good

    Yahoo! falls into Google's arms, as shares swoon

    Financial News 12 Jun 21:13

  • Scalent strokes physical to virtual to whatever you like play

    V/OE 2.5 - a real-time swapper

    Virtualization 12 Jun 21:59

  • Foldable sports plane gives Everyman a chance at crashing

    Turning jet-setters into jet-getters?

    Science 12 Jun 23:43