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Yahoo! shareholders call for Icahn preemption

Carl Icahn wants to replace Yahoo!'s board of directors so he can vaporize its employee retention plan and sell the company to Microsoft. But some litigious Yahoo! shareholders think he's got it slightly wrong.
Cade Metz, 11 Jun 2008
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Hacker cops to $70k botnet rampage

A 21-year-old American has admitted to using a potent botarmy to wage a relentless campaign of destruction on two volunteer websites as part of a scheme to punish the operators for behavior he thought was unfair.
Dan Goodin, 11 Jun 2008

Blue Whale pushes email for free

Blue Whale Systems is providing a push email client for a variety of phone handsets, and plans to pay for it by putting a banner at the top of the screen.
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008

Government backs Ofcom against EU regulator plan

The UK government is banding together with France and Germany to reiterate its opposition to the idea of an EU-wide regulator, so beloved of communications commissioner Viviane Reding.
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008
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Security breach at Belgacom exposed

Belgacom, the largest Belgian ISP, admitted today that 2,000 of its ADSL accounts were compromised earlier this year.
Jan Libbenga, 11 Jun 2008

ASA slaps down Vodafone 'unlimited' data claims

Vodafone has today been ordered to withdraw an advert for one of its data packages which falsely implied customers could get unlimited mobile web access.
Christopher Williams, 11 Jun 2008

Google supports US privacy law

Google, under fire recently for not being open enough about its own privacy policies, supports a wide-ranging federal bill protecting privacy.
John Oates, 11 Jun 2008

Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

AnalysisFor the last twenty-four hours or so the news has been full of beached dolphins, following incidents since Monday near Falmouth in which more than 70 of the marine mammals got into trouble and reportedly up to 30 have died.
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2008

Market watcher warns of 'Nehalem' slippage

Intel's next-gen processor architecture, 'Nehalem', is running behind schedule - or will be seen as such when the first of the chips ship - a US market analyst has claimed.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2008

Microsoft's own chip design blamed for Xbox 360 RRoD

The Xbox 360's infamous Red Ring of Death problem was the price Microsoft paid for attempting to save money by designing its own graphics chip for the console rather than buy one off a specialist supplier, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2008

Apple takes the operator's shilling

Apple's new iPhone is faster, better and cheaper than its predecessor, but the low cost is achieved by taking a subsidy from the network operator: a business model that Apple rejected last time, and one that will drive the unlockers quickly out of business.
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008
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Cotton Traders mauled by hackers

UpdateCotton Traders has become the latest firm to spill sensitive customer account details.
John Leyden, 11 Jun 2008

Radio's click-to-buy music service goes titsup

More grim news for the music business, as another potential digital retail channel withers. Radio group Unique will close down its instant music purchasing initiative, blaming the slow take up of DAB for the decision, the FT reports today.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jun 2008
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Red Hat shoots down brace of patent disputes

Red Hat Inc today settled two patent lawsuits that the Linux software firm had been contesting.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2008

Silver Final Fantasy PSP coming to UK

Sony will release its latest limited edition PlayStation Portable next week: a silver model styled to tie in with the Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII game it comes bundled with.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2008

Visual Studio goodies right here

Site offerMicrosoft has just released the first online learning courses covering the new Visual Studio 08 technologies, and we are offering these to you with a 20 per cent discount off the RRP* for a limited time only. Written and produced by Microsoft’s own product developers, these courses are ideal for anyone who wants to get started with the ADO.NET features of the new Visual Studio suite.
Register Books, 11 Jun 2008

MPs call Qinetiq sellout execs 'profiteers' - no, really?

CommentAnother government oversight body has just revisited the case of the QinetiQ sell-off, in which a group of business executives mounted an astonishing ten-year corporate raid on the British defence ministry. This is not, however, a commendable bit of vigilance on our behalf; it's politicians seeking limelight by attacking a safe target.
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2008

Fraudsters pool data to beat plastic fraud checks

Credit card conmen have developed a technique for making fraudulent purchases in the UK appear more legitimate.
John Leyden, 11 Jun 2008

SanDisk forecasts memory-less MP3 player future

At a presentation in London SanDisk Director of Product Marketing Jan Hauer announced that very soon MP3 players will come with... no memory at all. But they will have Ogg and Flac support.
Alun Taylor, 11 Jun 2008

OpenOffice update completes bumper patch crop

It never rains but it pours. Alongside a slew of Microsoft and Apple updates issued on Tuesday hard-pressed users and security admins also need to apply an important security fix from OpenOffice.
John Leyden, 11 Jun 2008

Qinetiq rolls out 'third party' SDK for killer robot lines

Killer robots are a bit like iPhones - tons of hype, but not that many units actually sold. Many people reckon that this is because these amazing, potentially multifunction devices' potential is not fully exploited. And that, of course, is because of the lack of a robust developer community.
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2008

Interstate web host foils gonzo porn baron Max Hardcore

A federal jury in Tampa, Florida convicted a pioneer of gross-out "gonzo" porn last week on obscenity charges stemming from the delivery of his movies over the Internet, despite the fact that he lives and works entirely in California.
Kevin Fayle, 11 Jun 2008

Dissolving the plastic bag problem

AntonBy rights the world and its dog should now know the name Daniel Burd. For Daniel Burd has an eco-friendly solution for disposing of the plastic bag menace. About half a trillion plastic bags are produced globally each year, but they take up to 1000 years to decompose. In the meantime they can migrate to the oceans and be ingested by wildlife, with fatal results.
Anton Wylie, 11 Jun 2008

Motorola Z10 'kick slider' media phone

ReviewIt's take two for Motorola's kick slider concept. With the Z10, the phone maker has refined the back-bending sliderphone quirkiness of last year’s Z8 with an upgraded features list and a more sober design.
Phil Lattimore, 11 Jun 2008

Toshiba readies 'highest capacity' 1.8in SATA hard drive

Toshiba will put what it claims is the world's first 1.8in, SATA-connected 160GB hard drive into mass production in August.
Tony Smith, 11 Jun 2008

Ofcom swoops on caller ID-faking firm with... request for information

Ofcom said today it has responded to the launch of a new service enabling scammers to spoof their caller ID by, erm, writing a letter to the firm responsible.
Christopher Williams, 11 Jun 2008
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Windows Server 2008 cuts power costs, claims Microsoft

Microsoft spat out a white paper earlier this week in which it claimed that its Windows Server 2008 product cuts power consumption by about 10 per cent.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2008

T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP

UK operator T-Mobile is disconnecting its CSD-WAP subscribers from July 9th, suggesting customers might like to switch to GPRS or something a little more 21st century, and disposing of pay-per-minute internet access.
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008

NHS standardisation failed, says London CIO

London's programme for IT has succeeded by dumping the National Programme for IT's standardised model, according to the chief information officer for the capital's health service.
Kablenet, 11 Jun 2008

Mobile fingerprinting heads to another 10 police forces

The National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has announced a further roll out of mobile fingerprinting devices.
Kablenet, 11 Jun 2008

Northrop scoops DARPA mindreader-helmet threat visor cash

American armaments goliath Northrop Grumman announced another huge technology coup this week. The company has won a Pentagon contract to develop a mindreading hat which will allow US soldiers to identify threats with unparalleled range and speed.
Lewis Page, 11 Jun 2008

UK watchdog barks at MPs' expenses

The UK's political sleaze watchdog said yesterday that Britain's electoral system is in dire need of fixing and questioned whether MPs were really the best people to carry out an independent review of their own expenses.
John Oates, 11 Jun 2008

Google adds Firefox 3 support to Gears

Google Gears now works in Mozilla’s upcoming Firefox 3 web browser.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Jun 2008
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Canadian spectrum auction brings in the bacon

The Canadian spectrum auction has hit twice its estimate of $1.5bn (£700m), and the bidding is raging on as newcomers and incumbents vie for control of the airwaves.
Bill Ray, 11 Jun 2008

Fujitsu gives Solaris x86 the big squeeze

Sun Microsystems has firmed up Fujitsu as a Solaris reseller on x86 boxes, which leaves us wondering when HP will break and join the rest of the crowd.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Jun 2008

IBM's Power6 slaughters world+HP in transaction cranking

When IBM started rolling out 5.0GHz versions of Power6, you knew it was only a matter of time before the vendor tried to usurp HP as the transaction performance king. And now it has done it.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Jun 2008

Rubbermaid bot master sentenced to 41 months

A US-based hacker has been sentenced to 41 months in jail for breaking into corporate computers in Europe and making them part of a money-generating botnet.
Dan Goodin, 11 Jun 2008

Symantec pays $123m for consumer online storage house

Symantec Vision '08Symantec has stealthily purchased the online storage firm SwapDrive, slipping a reported $123m into the startup's pocket to flesh-out the consumer side of Symantec's web services.
Austin Modine, 11 Jun 2008
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Red Hat cancels one-click world domination effort

We called Red Hat on Monday to address speculation that its RHX (Red Hat Exchange) program was about to go tits-up. Red Hat responded to the concerns today with a blog post.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Jun 2008

US appeals judge shares porn stash with world +dog

Seven years ago, Alex Kozinski, one of the highest-ranking federal judges in the US, helped lead a successful insurrection after discovering court administrators had installed web filters that prevented jurists from accessing pornography.
Dan Goodin, 11 Jun 2008

Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

A leading Wall Street cheerleader for Windows Vista has taken the gloss off a new Microsoft website encouraging customers to give Windows Vista a go.
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jun 2008

Congressmen say Chinese hacked their PCs

Lawmakes are urging everyone on Capitol Hill to have their computers checked for malware after discovering that people working from inside China hacked into multiple congressional machines and accessed locations of Chinese dissidents and other sensitive data.
Dan Goodin, 11 Jun 2008

Apple chucks PA Semi at Jesus Phone

Steve Jobs has admitted that Apple will design its very own super-chips for both the iPhone and the iPod.
Cade Metz, 11 Jun 2008

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