11th June 2008 Archive

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  • Yahoo! shareholders call for Icahn preemption

    Another kick to Yang's fiduciaries

    Law 11 Jun 01:07

  • Hacker cops to $70k botnet rampage

    'I'll take 2 years in the clink'

    Security 11 Jun 01:11

  • Blue Whale pushes email for free

    Only it's really pulling, obviously

    Mobile 11 Jun 07:02

  • Government backs Ofcom against EU regulator plan

    No to EU overlord regulator

    Networks 11 Jun 07:02

  • Security breach at Belgacom exposed

    Protest against download limits

    Security 11 Jun 08:54

  • ASA slaps down Vodafone 'unlimited' data claims

    Plus ça change

    Broadband 11 Jun 08:57

  • Google supports US privacy law

    If it stops stronger laws anyway

    Law 11 Jun 08:58

  • Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts

    Fishermen (and media bottom feeders) a bigger threat?

    Science 11 Jun 09:04

  • Market watcher warns of 'Nehalem' slippage

    Customer expectations high, Intel told

    Servers 11 Jun 09:36

  • Microsoft's own chip design blamed for Xbox 360 RRoD

    Should have gone to a specialist

    Games 11 Jun 10:24

  • Apple takes the operator's shilling

    You are no longer the customer

    Mobile 11 Jun 10:32

  • Cotton Traders mauled by hackers

    Rugby apparel website rucked

    Security 11 Jun 10:35

  • Radio's click-to-buy music service goes titsup

    Another DAB failure

    Media 11 Jun 10:37

  • Red Hat shoots down brace of patent disputes

    But still fighting third lawsuit

    Operating Systems 11 Jun 10:56

  • Silver Final Fantasy PSP coming to UK

    Games 11 Jun 10:58

  • Visual Studio goodies right here

    Get 'em at Register Books

    Site News 11 Jun 11:02

  • MPs call Qinetiq sellout execs 'profiteers' - no, really?

    Cutlasses, parrots retrospectively seen as clues

    Government 11 Jun 11:02

  • Fraudsters pool data to beat plastic fraud checks

    Post code lottery fix

    Security 11 Jun 11:07

  • SanDisk forecasts memory-less MP3 player future

    Hardware 11 Jun 11:16

  • OpenOffice update completes bumper patch crop

    Integer overflow angst

    Security 11 Jun 11:39

  • Qinetiq rolls out 'third party' SDK for killer robot lines

    Droid-legion hax0r warlords should get in on the beta

    Government 11 Jun 11:43

  • Interstate web host foils gonzo porn baron Max Hardcore

    California obscenity, Florida conviction

    Law 11 Jun 12:02

  • Dissolving the plastic bag problem

    The Phage Factor

    Science 11 Jun 12:02

  • Motorola Z10 'kick slider' media phone

    Media monster mobile Mk II

    Phones 11 Jun 12:26

  • Toshiba readies 'highest capacity' 1.8in SATA hard drive

    Only 8mm thick

    Hardware 11 Jun 12:42

  • Ofcom swoops on caller ID-faking firm with... request for information

    Your regulator: On top of the issues that matter

    Government 11 Jun 12:44

  • Windows Server 2008 cuts power costs, claims Microsoft

    Compared to Windows Server 2003 that is

    Servers 11 Jun 12:58

  • T-Mobile calls it a day for WAP

    No more circuit-switched data tariffs

    Mobile 11 Jun 13:06

  • NHS standardisation failed, says London CIO

    'Pragmatic, rather than dogmatic'

    Government 11 Jun 13:43

  • Mobile fingerprinting heads to another 10 police forces

    NPIA raises the blue Lantern

    Law 11 Jun 14:33

  • Northrop scoops DARPA mindreader-helmet threat visor cash

    Electrode-hat paranoia specs will detect subversives

    Science 11 Jun 14:35

  • UK watchdog barks at MPs' expenses

    Electoral system not too clever either

    Government 11 Jun 15:06

  • Google adds Firefox 3 support to Gears

    Transmission revamp

    Applications 11 Jun 15:29

  • Canadian spectrum auction brings in the bacon

    Up to $3.4bn and rising

    Mobile 11 Jun 16:15

  • Fujitsu gives Solaris x86 the big squeeze

    HP now the lone OS holdout

    Servers 11 Jun 17:17

  • IBM's Power6 slaughters world+HP in transaction cranking

    5.0GHz and $17m run to glory

    Servers 11 Jun 18:15

  • Rubbermaid bot master sentenced to 41 months

    Adware meltdown

    Security 11 Jun 18:30

  • Symantec pays $123m for consumer online storage house

    SwapDrive swaps owners

    Storage 11 Jun 19:30

  • Red Hat cancels one-click world domination effort

    Now banking on enthusiasm

    Servers 11 Jun 20:46

  • US appeals judge shares porn stash with world +dog

    Maverick libertarian presiding over obscenity trial

    Law 11 Jun 21:33

  • Windows Vista has been battered, says Wall Street fan

    Solution: give them more Windows Vista!

    Operating Systems 11 Jun 22:01

  • Congressmen say Chinese hacked their PCs

    Dissident locations, other sensitive data intercepted

    Government 11 Jun 23:19

  • Apple chucks PA Semi at Jesus Phone

    'We will build our own mega-chips'

    Hardware 11 Jun 23:21