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Small, awkward and looking for love: Delphi for PHP 2.0

Review The intent behind Delphi for PHP from CodeGear, last month acquired by Embarcadero Technologies, is clear: to provide an integrated development environment for PHP that matches the speed of development regular Delphi offers for Windows applications.
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Ofcom slices up the digital dividend

Ofcom, the UK regulator, has published its first consultation on how to carve up the digital dividend – the spectrum released in 2012 when analogue TV is switched off. And if you've found previous auctions confusing you ain't seen nothing yet.
Bill Ray, 09 2008

Wii Remote helps wheelchairs create virtual art

The Wii's Remote can already direct a disco, but it can also now be used to paint a virtual canvas, thanks to one intrepid student’s adjustments to the controller .
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US nuke boffins smash petaflop barrier with 'Roadrunner'

The US nuclear weapons programme has revealed a new supercomputer made from consumer processors, which has broken the petaflop barrier just about in line with projections. The machine, known as "Roadrunner", uses both Cell and Opteron based technology.

Samsung sneaks out snazzy 3G iPhone rival

In a bid to steal some of the anticipated 3G iPhone's glory - Apple's expected to announce it today - Samsung has launched Ominia, its Windows Mobile 6.1-based touchscreen handset.

Vendor punts coin-operated Wi-Fi base-station

People rarely need coins to make a call these days, but don’t ditch your coppers just yet because manufacturer Handlink has designed a coin-operated Wi-Fi access point.

HP settles patent row with Acer

Acer today confirmed that it has finally settled an ugly ongoing patent spat with Hewlett-Packard.
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Yahoo!'s latest letter warns of letters

Yahoo!'s chief executive, Jerry Yang, has written to his fellow yahoos telling them what to expect from the forthcoming proxy contest over the company's board of directors.

Police probe pirate-DVD detecting dog's demise

A dog trained to track down pirate DVDs has been found dead. The cause of death is not yet known.

Replicator maker highlights buoyant Blu-ray demand

German disc replicator maker Singulus today said that demand for dual-layer capable Blu-ray Disc production equipment is higher that it was for DVD manufacturing machines.
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Third ISS space walk done and dusted

Mission specialists Michael Fossum and Ronald Garan yesterday completed their third and final spacewalk outside the International Space Station - a six-and-a-half hour jaunt which ended at 20:28 GMT.
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Blighty admits 'national shortage' of nuke engineers

British immigration authorities have re-classified a range of nuclear-power specialisations as "national shortage occupations" and will thus ease applications for work permits.

XM-I X-Mini capsule travel speakers

Review Ask most people what they look for in a pair of travel speakers and they are likely to say they want something small and cheap but which nonetheless sounds like the stacks at Donnington.

Best compact camera with a viewfinder?

I'm looking for an easy-to-use budget-priced compact camera with viewfinder as well as an LCD screen? Any suggestions, folks?
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Phoenix chokes on 'clumpy' Martian soil

NASA's Phoenix Mars lander has hit a glitch in its first attempt to sample Martian soil - the Red Planet's surface may have proved too "clumpy" for one oven in the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer (TEGA).

Browser makers throw up drive-by download barriers

Opera has partnered with Haute Secure in a bid to defend surfers from drive-by download attacks.
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Labour isn't working for IT contractors

Outraged contractors have slammed Labour’s policies on freelance work in the UK and claimed that the government’s stance threatens their livelihoods.
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Chinese 419er punts a whopping $8

We're much obliged to Dave Appleby for sharing with us the following once-in-a-lifetime offer from the Lads from Lagos:
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Competition watchdogs urged to act on 'commercial iPlayer'

Competition watchdogs are probing Project Kangaroo, the commercial web TV venture set to carry BBC, ITV and Channel 4 programming, amid claims it could suffocate rivals.
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Man accused of using LinkedIn to steal clients

An ex-employee of recruitment firm Hays has been ordered to disclose details of his profile at social networking site LinkedIn. Mark Ions set up a rival agency and is accused of using LinkedIn to steal clients. He says Hays encouraged his use of the site.
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Taxing times for Hungary's porn inspectors

NSFW A group of Hungarian tax inspectors is apparently "protesting" at being forced to watch hard-core grumble flicks in an attempt to decide if the filmmaker has legitimately claimed £10,000 in allowances for set-dressing his DVD romps.
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Lunar mini-mole missile probes tested against Welsh target

Penetrator probe missiles designed to be fired from an orbiting, robotic space mothership into the dark side of the Moon have been tested on targets in Wales. The moon harpoons are expected to confirm the exact makeup of the lunar crust, possibly by the deployment of robotic moon-tunnelling mole cruisers.
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US stops Optimus Prime at the border

Comments Air travel was a major theme last week, starting with the news that the US is to require those travelling under the Visa Waiver Program to register their details at least 72 hours prior to leaving for the States. At present citizens of participant countries can enter the US without first obtaining a visa, but from January next year pre-reg will be mandatory. You lot took the opportunity for a good moan:

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed

Rockstar won't be releasing downloadable extras for the Xbox 360 version Grand Theft Auto IV quite as soon as rather a lot of gamers were anticipating.

Trend withdraws from 'irrelevant' VB100 anti-virus test

Trend Micro plans to withdraw its software from the Virus Bulletin 100 (VB100) tests after criticising them a poor way of deciding how well security products defend against contemporary internet threats.

Toshiba Cell-based GPU trounces quad-core CPU

Graphics chip buffs sceptical about Toshiba's attempt to muscle in on the market with its Cell-derived SpursEngine chip may need think again: the chip last week heartily thrashed an Intel 3GHz Core 2 Quad.
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Manchester's congestion charge: pay-to-leave

Manchester council looks set to pick up a big pile of cash from central government in exchange for setting up a two-tier congestion charge system to tax drivers who enter or leave the city.

AMD pitches latest Opterons at swollen boxen

AMD today pushed out its latest round of quad core Opteron chips, this time designed for four-socket and eight-socket x86 server beasts.
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Icahn spews green ink at Yahoo!

Carl Icahn has written an open letter in reply to Yahoo!'s latest press release on his attempted hostile takeover of the company.

Sun SOA launch sucks in open source

You remember SeeBeyond Technologies? Rather successful application integration company? Lots of really big customers and $140m in annual revenue? Purchased by Sun Microsystems in 2005 for the knockdown price of $387m.

Apple to charge iPod Touch owners for new OS - again

WWDC Apple will release version 2.0 of the iPhone operating system in early July, CEO Steve Jobs has revealed. Existing iPhone owners will get it for free - iPod Touch owners, however, will have to cough up $10.

Apple under the gun to master the iPhone's 'second album'

Comment When your band scores its first big hit album, your work isn’t finished. No, sir . . . your troubles have just begun.
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FCC free wireless scheme trapped in lobby limbo

The US Federal Communications Commission has backed off its plan for a free nationwide wireless broadband network. For the moment.
Cade Metz, 09 2008

Apple's 3G iPhone to launch 11 July

WWDC Yes, he did it. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just unveiled the 3G iPhone, doubling the handset's talk time in the process - and halving the price.
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EMI hires the Biggest Brain in Sadville

How desperate is EMI? Desperate enough to hire the co-founder of Sadville? Amazingly, yes. Not only is a graphics programmer joining the storied British music group as head of "digital strategy" - he cheerfully admits he doesn't know anything about the music business. And he doesn't even like music - he's only bought five albums in the past eight years and three of those are by Rush.

Silverlight 2 beta 2 - Go Live if you dare

Review Microsoft has released beta 2.0 of Silverlight 2.0, complete with a Go-Live license that permits commercial deployments for those sufficiently brave.

US Supremes limit royalty double dippage

The US Supreme court has overturned a lower court ruling that let South Korea's LG Electronics double-dip on royalty licensing.
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Country mice oppose Yahoogle

Even rural America takes issue with this Yahoogle idea.
Cade Metz, 09 2008

Dell touts Windows XP to 2009 - and 'likely longer'

The official June 30 cut-off date for Windows XP is getting even fuzzier, with Dell vowing to sell PCs running the operating system until "at least 2009".

AMD inks aid for HPC parallel code hounds

AMD is making deals with a pair of multi-threaded code wranglers today in a move to help high performance computing applications shine on multi-core chips and graphics cards.
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Bots to blame for Amazon.com outages?

Amazon.com suffered a fresh round of outages on Monday amid speculation that it was under a denial of service attack.