6th June 2008 Archive

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  • Microprocessors are the new cigarettes

    JP Morgan urges chip CEOs to inhale

    Financial News 06 00:29

  • Multi-threaded development joins Gates as yesterday's man

    Knuth and Bray call time

    Developer 06 05:02

  • City of London pilots national fraud project

    Banks can report e-crime

    Law 06 06:02

  • Dotcom icon ISP Breathe inhales Fast4

    Suck it up

    Broadband 06 06:43

  • Two top posts at NPfIT are still empty

    Get those CVs dusted off - please

    Government 06 07:02

  • Phone watchdog plans text spam clampdown

    Wd u lk 2 buy sm vgra? No? Txt u l8r NEway

    Mobile 06 07:02

  • Intel said to be unwilling to share USB 3.0 toys

    Even though SuperSpeed's not even standard yet

    Hardware 06 07:02

  • CSC cranks the whalesong up to 11

    'Emotionally compelling' new brand frontage

    Bootnotes 06 08:47

  • Microsoft proposes gadget feature disabling tech

    'Please switch off your mobile' enforcement

    Hardware 06 09:38

  • US Intel case delayed again

    Competition punch-up set for 2010

    The Channel 06 09:55

  • Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

    Let's make threatening music together

    Broadband 06 10:04

  • AMD launches external graphics card box

    VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort... and not XGP

    Hardware 06 10:34

  • Second ISS spacewalk runs on rails

    Light tinkering with Kibo

    Science 06 10:44

  • PSP going nowhere, gaming exec alleges

    Sony needs to make clear what the handheld's about

    Games 06 10:57

  • Wikipedia kills Greatest Show On Earth

    It was better than Cats

    Financial News 06 10:58

  • Sony Alpha 200 digital SLR

    Surprise super snapper from Sony

    Hardware 06 11:02

  • BOFH: Dealing with engineers

    Sometimes it takes a bit more effort

    BOFH 06 11:02

  • Dell's wee Eee-alike loses some keys

    Launch pushed back too

    Hardware 06 11:08

  • Besuited cubicle monkey trashes office

    Good day at work, dear? Er, no...

    Bootnotes 06 11:28

  • Firefox 3: now available bug-free, say devs

    Ready for record attempt

    Applications 06 11:34

  • Biofuel 2.0 gets off ground in Kiwi airliner trial

    Oily desert nuts juice up righteous jumbo

    Science 06 11:43

  • Cyber B52 strikes mooted as response to Chinese infowar

    PHP is our profession...

    Government 06 11:44

  • Sony selects tri-colour LED backlighting for top-end TVs

    White light out, triluminous LED in

    Hardware 06 12:04

  • Asus quietly demos Eee Box

    Desktop peers out of sub-laptop sibling's shadow

    Hardware 06 12:11

  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday promises seven fixes

    So let's get critical, critical

    Security 06 12:28

  • Computex Taipei 2008

    All the stories

    Hardware 06 12:33

  • Harvard rivals claim smoking gun in Facebook 'code theft' case

    'See you in court... bitch'

    Financial News 06 12:36

  • NASA chief: Europe should have own astronaut ship

    Put some spam in the Jules Verne can

    Science 06 12:38

  • TfL hands out contracts for congestion charge tags

    Tag and beacon to bring home the bacon

    Government 06 13:58

  • US air force chiefs sacked in robot-armada brouhaha

    Bigwigs also fingered in mislaid atom bomb bungle

    Government 06 14:21

  • Carphones making a comeback - sort of

    More vroom, vroom than ring, ring

    Hardware 06 14:53

  • Google silences Android critics

    'It is an open platform. Just not yet'

    Developer 06 17:45

  • US FTC cracks open anti-trust investigation on Intel

    Alleged predatory pricing scrutinized

    Law 06 18:28

  • Amazon.com's US site KO'd!

    Assailant unknown

    Financial News 06 19:13

  • Icahn laughs at Yahoo!

    Details Googlicious takeover plan

    Financial News 06 19:18

  • Cavalcade of privacy watchdogs bark for data pimping probe

    Deep packet inspection goes to Washington

    Law 06 21:07

  • Eclipse slams Sun for 'mockery' of a Java process

    Just like an old hardware vendor

    Developer 06 22:07

  • Security militia sought to brutalize ransomware virus

    Time to crack some key

    Security 06 22:37

  • Fellow from AMD ridicules Cell as accelerator weakling

    Opteron and GPU will conquer all

    Servers 06 23:24

  • What hell hath science wrought lately?

    A quick guide to man's abominations

    Science 06 23:48