3rd June 2008 Archive

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  • Sun's sales stud defects to HP

    Emerging Markets counter offensive initiated

    Servers 03 00:16

  • Heaven and Earth moved to slot Sun chip in IBM blade

    Themis works mortal magic

    Servers 03 00:22

  • Tech luminaries honor database god Jim Gray

    A tribute, not a memorial

    Applications 03 00:37

  • Best Wireless Broadband modem option?


    Hardware 03 07:02

  • Bangladesh cuts off anonymous handsets

    Every SIM to have registered owner

    Mobile 03 07:02

  • Intel releases 'Diamondville' Atom CPU

    One for laptops, one for desktops

    Hardware 03 07:02

  • Sim card reader takes cue from Toblerone

    Chocs away

    Hardware 03 08:02

  • Virtualisation titles for virtually nothing

    Get 'em here

    Site News 03 08:18

  • Discovery docks with ISS

    First spacewalk later today

    Science 03 08:26

  • ESA: space tourism greener than ordinary airline flights

    Virgin finally achieves some eco credentials

    Science 03 09:01

  • Police protester snap did not breach rights

    High court finds for plod in privacy case

    Law 03 09:20

  • Asus announces 10in, HDD-equipped Eee PC

    But Linux version to cost more than the Windows XP model

    Hardware 03 09:49

  • Samsung promises 'fastest' 256GB SSD by year's end

    Mainstream spec - but what about the price?

    Hardware 03 10:09

  • Canon EOS 400D digital SLR

    New to digital SLRs? This could be just the camera you need

    Hardware 03 10:13

  • Most 'malfunctioning' gadgets work just fine, report claims

    Lazy consumers blamed for most product returns

    Hardware 03 10:19

  • Tiscali subscribers to be sold to Vodafone tomorrow: report

    Deal will jump Voda forward in broadband market

    Broadband 03 10:27

  • MOD spectrum under the spotlight

    A lot more than defence of the realm

    Mobile 03 10:51

  • Cybercrooks plant phishing scam on crime reduction website

    Home Office pwned

    Security 03 11:10

  • Brussels wants eID cards to work Europe-wide

    Another nasty acronym

    Government 03 11:15

  • US imposes 72 hour pre-reg for Visa waiver travellers


    Government 03 11:21

  • Can Wi-Fi really compete with Bluetooth?

    Ozmo's PAN tech pipes up at Computex

    Broadband 03 11:56

  • Acer punts £199 Linux laptop

    Aspire One launched at Eee-beating price

    Hardware 03 12:34

  • MSI takes aim at Asus' Eee

    The latest minature PC

    Hardware 03 12:44

  • T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap

    Armed apparel supression team tackles terrorist threat

    Bootnotes 03 13:02

  • Oz parliament enjoys multiple orgasms

    Genetically-modified, naturally

    Bootnotes 03 13:09

  • Nvidia launches next-gen laptop graphics chips

    GeForce 9M series unveiled

    Hardware 03 13:45

  • $8.2m study to probe medical benefits of videogames

    Doom to cure hoplophobia?

    Games 03 14:11

  • MSI unveils tiny eco-friendly desktop PC

    Asus Ebox rival?

    Hardware 03 14:15

  • Hidden messages buried in VoIP chatter

    Skype covert channel confounds snoops

    Security 03 14:20

  • Intel lengthens first-gen 'Nehalem' CPU shelf life?

    Lynnfield, Havendale debuts delayed

    Hardware 03 14:41

  • Yahoo! bitchslapped Ballmer's $40 a share offer

    Yang accused of emotional response to MS offer

    Financial News 03 14:55

  • Hi-tech couch, coffee table pitched at modern sloths

    Table boasts internal DVD player

    Hardware 03 14:57

  • Intel launches P45 chipset, says it's OK to overclock

    Bundled utility offers easy tweaking

    Hardware 03 15:24

  • Disconnected O2 punters to lose connections again

    Scottish power problems

    Mobile 03 15:33

  • Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early

    Go now, for Gaia's sake

    Science 03 16:03

  • Over half of US HD TV owners blurry on Blu-ray

    Never heard of it

    Hardware 03 16:18

  • Hackers hijack hacking tools website

    Ironic exploit

    Security 03 16:25

  • Gates' last act: frees IE 8 and Silverlight second betas

    Robot Steve seizes the stage

    Developer 03 16:30

  • Time Warner gives America metered internet

    Choose a bandwidth cap. Any bandwidth cap

    Broadband 03 18:59

  • Windows XP given additional resuscitation

    2010 pass extended to low-cost desktops

    Operating Systems 03 19:13

  • 'Untraceable' phone fraudsters eye your credit card

    Press 1 for low-tech phishing scam

    Security 03 20:26

  • World realizes Google home page is 'illegal'

    Beauty is advertising, advertising beauty

    Law 03 23:10

  • Sun stretches for Flash dance

    SSD option in every server by 2010

    Storage 03 23:17

  • SanDisk makes sub-SSDs for sub-laptops

    Hold me closer, tiny laptop

    Storage 03 23:22

  • Online payment standards fall on deaf websites

    Beware of Belgians bearing card codes

    Security 03 23:35

  • AMD manages to ship 'Budapest' for single socket boxes

    Cray exhales

    Servers 03 23:55