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IBM dumps Rational tools on unsuspecting users

IBM today launches the first products using its open-source Jazz project, extending real-time team collaboration across its own Rational tools and Microsoft's Visual Studio development suite.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Jun 2008

Asus offers Brits Eee PC 900 battery swap plan

Asus has bowed to consumer pressure and agreed to swap Eee PC 900 buyers' old, 4400mAh batteries for a new 5800mAh model - and for a payment of £11.75.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2008

Indian gov: Let us into BlackBerry or we'll shut you down

The Indian government has tightened the screw on Canadian push-email pioneer Research In Motion (RIM) in the ongoing dispute over official interception of BlackBerry email. Reports now indicate that if RIM won't open up its encypted messaging to Indian spooks, it won't be permitted to do business in the subcontinent.
Lewis Page, 02 Jun 2008

NHS IT procurement leaves solid carbon footprint

ICT procurement for the health service in England produces carbon dioxide equivalent to that generated by 27,000 of its patients.
Kablenet, 02 Jun 2008

Intel confirms Nvidia 'Nehalem' negotations

Negotiations between Intel and Nvidia over each others' technology are not going smoothly, the chip giant has confirmed. At stake: Nvidia's support for Intel's 'Nehalem' chips, and Intel's ability to support SLI.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2008

Nokia Supernova handsets flare up, vanish

Nokia could be chasing the ladies - or astronomers; or lady astronomers - with its latest out-of-this-world handsets, details of which have been spotted on the phone giant’s Polish website.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008
homeless man with sign

US town tells Street View to push off

Google has removed a private Minnesota community from its Street View feature after the town politely asked the search monolith to keep its roving spycars to itself.
Lester Haines, 02 Jun 2008

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

An IT consultant who attempted to board a British Airways flight to Dusseldorf at Heathrow's T5 wearing a Transformers t-shirt was told to take off the offending apparel or else, The Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 02 Jun 2008

Nvidia targets Intel Atom with ARM-based system-on-a-chip

Nvidia has announced its attempt to split Intel's Atom: Tegra, an ARM-based system-on-a-chip product for handheld internet access gadgets that's capable of crunching 1080p H.264 HD video.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2008

LG stretches out monitor range - literally

Widescreen TVs are the norm nowadays, but LG’s taking the form factor to crazy new… er... dimensions with a display that's more windscreen than widescreen.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008

Bonce-antenna education downloads foreseen in 30 years

A controversial ex-admiral who now represents much of Blighty's fee-paying schools sector has predicted that schoolchildren of the not-too-distant future might download knowledge directly into their brains. The private schooling honcho seemed to predict some kind of implanted cranial antenna technology, rather than the relatively old-school bonce-socket option.
Lewis Page, 02 Jun 2008

Europe agrees on exchange of criminal records

The European Commission has adopted proposals to make it easier for police to check criminal records in other European countries.
John Oates, 02 Jun 2008

Vodafone investigated own board in press leak probe

Vodafone has joined the select band of tech giants that have been outed for spying on board members’ contacts with journalists.
Joe Fay, 02 Jun 2008
Microsoft .NET logo

Windows experiment meets the bottom line

Project Watch: Microsoft 2008This project I began writing about in late January, the prototyping of a large database project using the latest versions of a Microsoft software stack, has been an unusual exercise.
Mark Whitehorn, 02 Jun 2008

iRiver E100 MP3 player

ReviewIn recent years, iRiver has established a reputation for knocking out good media players aimed at the slightly more discerning audience. With the E100 it's trying to move a little more into the mass market.
Alun Taylor, 02 Jun 2008

Analyst predicting tough times ahead for Wii

The Wii's popularity has dominated headlines for the last year or so, but it’s been forecast that a lack of availability in some regions could see the console’s sales start to dwindle.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008

Times hack has an attack of the Web 0.2s

It's come to our attention that Times hack Michael Moran has a book out - the snappily entitled Sod Abroad which explains "why you'd be mad to leave the comfort of your own home".
Lester Haines, 02 Jun 2008

America.com auction fails to hit cash target

America.com, assumed to be one of the web's most valuble addresses, has disappointed its owner by failing to sell at auction, prompting fears that the property slump has spread to digital real estate.
Christopher Williams, 02 Jun 2008

Mole uncovers Toshiba's DVD upscaling plans

Now that the dust’s settled on Toshiba’s humiliating HD DVD defeat, the company is rumoured to be preparing a comeback - in the form of an upscaling DVD player.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008

VIA revamps NanoBook sub-notebook platform

VIA has revised its NanoBook Small, Cheap Computer reference design to make it a little more like Asus' Eee PC. It also comes with a new name: OpenBook.
Tony Smith, 02 Jun 2008
Flag China

Chinese crackers blamed for US power blackouts

Chinese hackers have been blamed for two sets of cyber attacks that left US homes without electricity in recent years.
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2008

Safari practices self-love, claims code monkey

Aficionados of code profanity in which exasperated operatives embed their disaffection deep in their masters' source code will doubtless enjoy Last.fm's contribution to the genre, found hidden in this innocent-looking page.
Lester Haines, 02 Jun 2008

DARPA's Heliplane retrocopter project in trouble

Efforts by Pentagon tech chiefs to revive a long-neglected rotary wing aircraft type appear to have stalled, as the main contractor announced financial problems and sweeping layoffs.
Lewis Page, 02 Jun 2008

UK cops arrest six alleged BitTorrent music uploaders

UpdatedCleveland police have today confirmed that six people have been arrested for allegedly sharing music files via the defunct BitTorrent tracker OiNK.cd.
Christopher Williams, 02 Jun 2008

Crazy Japanese create iMac-like iPod dock

You want an Apple iMac, but don’t have either the space or funds for one. What do you do? One Japanese manufacturer has designed a dock that gives the iPod Touch the appearance of a miniature iMac.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008

Spanish chanteuse strips for anti-bullfighting campaign

NSFWVeteran Spanish singer Alaska has brought her considerable assets to bear in a combined AnimaNaturalis-PETA campaign against bullfighting.
Lester Haines, 02 Jun 2008

3 pre-pay database server has a Sunday snooze

Engineers at 3 are busy rebuilding the firm's pay-as-you-go top-up database after the server carrying it fell over on Sunday.
Christopher Williams, 02 Jun 2008
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US bank loses unencrypted data on 4.5m people

Couriers lost magnetic tapes containing the personal details of 4.5 million people who had dealt with the Bank of New York Mellon, it has emerged. The incident happened three months ago, but has only surfaced after legal papers were filed in the state of Connecticut.
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2008

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release

The next major firmware update for the PS3 goes live within two weeks, it's been claimed. The new system software gives gamers access to the much-hyped in-game messaging and video chat facility.
James Sherwood, 02 Jun 2008

HP biased against BIOS password security

HP has come under fire for nullifying BIOS password protection steps on laptops by publishing reset data on its website. UK-based security consultancy SecureTest compared the approach to hiding a front door key under a welcome mat.
John Leyden, 02 Jun 2008
IE7 teaser 75

Microsoft seeds HP PCs with Live Search

Ever determined to close the gap on Google, Microsoft has cut a deal with HP to dope all new PCs it flogs to North Americans with Live Search.
Christopher Williams, 02 Jun 2008
Amazon logo 75

Overstock and Patrick Byrne sue New York over Amazon Tax

New York's new online tax law is now facing lawsuits from two big-name online retailers.
Cade Metz, 02 Jun 2008

Phoenix Mars website invaded by hackers

Add the webpages for the Phoenix Mars Lander to the list of high-profile sites that have been hacked by script kiddies. Not once, but twice.
Dan Goodin, 02 Jun 2008
Recycle sign

Best Buy flirts with e-waste recycling

US electronics retailer Best Buy is experimenting with taking back some of the toxic materials contained in the products it peddles.
Austin Modine, 02 Jun 2008
Flag Russia

Panic attack brings down Russian nuke pages

This story was updated to correct the name of the researcher.
Dan Goodin, 02 Jun 2008

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