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Google opens Android kimono

Google I/OThe second loudest cheer was for the opening of Google App Engine. The loudest was for a compass built into an unnamed mobile handset running Android.
Cade Metz, 29 May 2008
Warning Go

KDE 4.1 beta 1 released

K Desktop Environment project devs have made the first beta of KDE 4.1 available today.
Austin Modine, 29 May 2008

UK electricity crisis over - for now

AnalysisThe UK electricity market has recovered from a troublesome shortage of supply on Tuesday, according to network operator National Grid. However, some analysts are seeing the problems - which included power cuts and reduced supply voltages - as a warning sign of more trouble to come.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2008

Mozilla Screaming Monkey offers freedom from IE 'millstone'

Google I/OMozilla's Screaming Monkey offers hope to developers who are frustrated by Internet Explorer's slow speed and skeptical of Microsoft's commitment to internet standards.
Gavin Clarke, 29 May 2008

NHS IT loses key contractor

The NHS patient care record project has suffered another serious setback - key contractor Fujitsu is ending any involvement in the scheme.
John Oates, 29 May 2008

French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal

A French postal worker and alleged speed-camera bomber reportedly had both hands blown off by one of his own improvised bombs yesterday, at his flat in Clichy-La-Garenne to the west of Paris.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2008

Tories would have to compensate ID vendors

A Conservative government would have to compensate suppliers of the National Identity Scheme for lost profits as well as costs if it cancelled the project.
Kablenet, 29 May 2008

FIPR slams central communications database

A proposal for a central database covering all electronic communications has been heavily criticised by members of the Foundation for Internet Policy Research.
Kablenet, 29 May 2008

Are you ready for WW2-style energy rationing?

AnalysisEnvironment Minister Hilary Benn again rebuffed calls this week for WW2-style energy rationing to return to the UK. He was responding to a Select Committee report urging ministers to issue 45 million Britons with an energy trading "credit card" - a mammoth techno-bureaucratic exercise costing several billions of pounds a year to operate.
Andrew Orlowski, 29 May 2008

Solar powered PMP shines down

Whilst Apple plays it cool over solar powered gadgets, a Japanese company has cut to the chase and unveiled a media player powered by the sun’s warming glow.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Dell's wee Eee-alike uncovered

Pictures of Dell’s upcoming Eee PC look-a-like have been revealed, and it’s rumoured to be called the Mini Inspiron.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Samsung taps Infineon as second source for UMTS chipsets

Last year, Nokia sparked the biggest realignment of the handset chipset market for years when it diversified its supply chain to create more competition to its silicon alter ego, Texas Instruments.
Wireless Watch, 29 May 2008

BBC continues to milk great tits

It seems the BBC is determined to milk the schoolboy innuendo potential of great tits to the max, having already raised the bar with its recent award-winning headline "Great tits cope well with warming".
Lester Haines, 29 May 2008

Samsung redesigns Soul handset

Samsung’s Soul handset only recently touched down in the UK - see today's review - but the manufacturer has already announced a candybar version of the phone.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?

Four people have been arrested after the BBC bought a driving licence and utility bills in the name of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.
John Oates, 29 May 2008
Atos Origin logo

Atos Origin buries hatchet with rebel shareholders

Atos Origin and its two largest shareholders yesterday ended their ugly public row over the firm’s management and biz strategy after chairman Didier Cherpitel resigned.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2008

Apple mega update strikes out calendar bug

Apple pushed out a bumper security and performance update on Wednesday that finally plugs a long-standing security hole.
John Leyden, 29 May 2008

Samsung Soul SGH-U900

ReviewWith touch control, a slim slider design, HSDPA mobile broadband and a 5-megapixel camera, the flagship Samsung Soul is aimed squarely at the hearts and wallets of style-conscious mobile buyers.
Phil Lattimore, 29 May 2008

Palm's new OS not dead, just going Nova

Palm is struggling valiantly on - it will have a new OS next year, codenamed Nova, and the Folio is very much still breathing. That's according to Palm's CEO Ed Colligan who spoke to Australian Personal Computer Magazine at the local launch of the company's Centro handheld.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2008

DVLA, Tiscali, Barclays rake in phoneline cash

Which? magazine has produced a list of 30 companies and organisations it found to be using high-rate numbers such as 0870 and 0845, including the DVLA which apparently made £3.4 million last year from punters calling in.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2008

Boeing starts leak tests on nuke-nobbler raygun jumbo

US aerospace megacorp Boeing has announced that ground tests of its nuke-roasting aerial blaster cannon are imminent. "Activation Tests" of the newly installed Airborne Laser (ABL) ray weapon - the final stage before ground firings - have now begun, according to the company.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2008

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

Virgin Media will double the number of hours it throttles the bandwidth of customers who hammer its network day and night, changes to its traffic management policy have revealed.
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2008

Deadly Oz snake bites tourist's todger

A tourist enjoying Australia's Queensland had a close brush with death when a deadly brown snake attacked his todger as he took a roadside toilet break, the The Cairns Post reports.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2008

Sony promises 27in OLED screen

Sony has revealed plans to launch a 27in OLED screen within 12 months, but the bad news is that it’ll be expensive.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

So how will the new US prez handle IT issues?

CFP 2008Dear Potus 2008...
Wendy M. Grossman, 29 May 2008

Frameworks and the danger of a grand design

It's probably safe to say that we've all succumbed to the "grand-design mindset" at one stage or another. It's a critical stage in a developer's growth: the dawning awareness that design matters, an earnest desire to write good code but without the bitter lessons that the reality of an over-designed project will soon fling at you.
Matt Stephens, 29 May 2008

STMicro boss admits: 'We need to do more pruning'

STMicroelectronics NV plans to close or sell another 10 to 15 per cent of its operations as Europe’s largest chip maker attempts to cut costs up against a strong euro.
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2008

UK begins probe into aeroplane air quality

The UK government is paying Cranfield University to investigate air quality on aeroplanes amid concerns that dangerous contaminated air could be endangering pilot and passenger health.
John Oates, 29 May 2008

UK auction delay would be major blow to WiMAX

The UK’s upcoming auction of 2.GHz mobile broadband spectrum is intensely anticipated - partly because it is the first major European market to make the move, and so will provide some clear indicators for the rest of the region; but also because it represents the best chance for a WiMAX operator to gain a national licence in a leading EU economy.
Wireless Watch, 29 May 2008

Nintendo DS launching anti-smoking drive

Playing on a Nintendo DS whilst clutching a cigarette is difficult. So, videogame firm Ubisoft is developing a title to transform you into a two-handed and healthier gamer.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

BBC website suits slapped for cash splurge

The BBC Trust has today sharply criticised BBC executives for poor management of online services after an investigation of the finances of bbc.co.uk revealed it was £36m over-budget.
Christopher Williams, 29 May 2008

Naomi Campbell charged with assault

WSABattling Streatham clotheshorse Naomi Campbell has been charged with assaulting two police officers during an incident aboard an LA-bound British Airways flight at Heathrow's T5 last month which saw the supermodel escorted from the aircraft by armed police.
Lester Haines, 29 May 2008

KPN tempts Dutch customers with mobile TV

KPN will become the first operator in Europe to launch a nationwide mobile TV service when it begins broadcasting 10 channels across DVB-H next month.
Jan Libbenga, 29 May 2008

Pong, the dining table

If you’ve reached that age where Saturday nights are taken up with dinner parties, don’t you sometimes wish you could be playing videogames instead? Well, thanks to one inventor, you can now do both.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Hackers start poking holes in NFC

A researcher from the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technolog used the recent EUSecWest event to demonstrate progress in attacking NFC applications and to announce the availability of tools so that everyone can have a go at NFC hacking for fun and profit.
Bill Ray, 29 May 2008

SpaceShipOne firm to build Stealth Bomber 4.0?

Media reports suggest that the US military has begun a secret, multibillion-dollar programme which will develop a new and more effective Stealth bomber. Reports indicate that Scaled Composites - famous for its X-Prize and Virgin Galactic rocketplane work - will play a key role.
Lewis Page, 29 May 2008
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Comcast hack leaves users without email

The portal of US communications giant Comcast was hacked on Wednesday night in an assault that left subscribers unable to access their emails for several hours.
John Leyden, 29 May 2008

BenQ touts world's slimmest compact

BenQ has launched what it claims is the world's slimmest compact camera so far, whilst also incorporating so-called user-friendly iPhone-esque touch controls.
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Fujitsu Siemens Computers announces Amilo series

The brand new range is aimed at an "across the board" audience, from a "sleek" entry-level desktop to a "high performance" gaming machine and notebooks that cater for frequent use when mobile.
Scott Snowden, 29 May 2008

Will Seagate build a flash SSD foundry?

The ebullient Seagate CEO Bill Watkins has made it clear that Seagate thinks flash solid state drives (SSDs) are interesting and Seagate will sell them - but not yet. When Seagate does sell a Seagate-brand SSD how will it make it? Will there be a Seagate flash foundry?
Chris Mellor, 29 May 2008

French police bust 22 youths in alleged hacking network

Police in Dijon, France have detained 22 youths suspected of being members of a domestic network of hackers.
Austin Modine, 29 May 2008

Potty-mouthed hackers steal comcast.net keys, go for a spin

Unknown hackers hijacked Comcast's domain name for three hours overnight, sending subscribers who tried to access webmail and other services to a rogue site that bragged of the exploit.
Dan Goodin, 29 May 2008

Google waves Occam's Razor at web coders

Google I/OGoogle's famously stark home page was a happy accident. It was designed by company co-founder Sergey Brin, and as legend has it, stark was his only option. "We didn't have a web master," Brin says. "And I don't do html."
Cade Metz, 29 May 2008

Media police assault takes down legit video website

BitTorrent watchdog MediaDefender is once again taking heat after it was accused of launching a pernicious attack that brought down a web-based distributor of legal video.
Dan Goodin, 29 May 2008

Dell sales go 'over there'

Dell posted a strong first quarter in its fiscal 2009, but the results, which beat many Wall Street estimates, shouldn't be taken as a sign that US companies are opening their wallets again.
Austin Modine, 29 May 2008

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