28th May 2008 Archive

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  • Too much code, too few application security specialists

    Time to loosen up

    Software 28 May 05:02

  • Yet another hole found in BT Wi-Fi router

    BT Home Hub's loose lips

    The Channel 28 May 07:02

  • Irregular heart rhythm? Try a Taser

    Belligerent hospital patient faces the perp-busting defibrillator

    Science 28 May 09:04

  • UK to outlaw cartoons of child sexual abuse

    Best get rid of those manga comics

    Law 28 May 09:13

  • European manned spaceship design unveiled in Berlin

    Bound to be used - as bargaining tool in Moscow, at least

    Science 28 May 09:52

  • Phoenix prepares to flex its muscles

    Cyber limb extends today

    Science 28 May 09:59

  • Is Voda's Colao the new Gordon Brown?

    Sarin jumped ship just in time?

    Mobile 28 May 10:37

  • Controllers to define consoles in future?

    Are graphics still important?

    Games 28 May 10:49

  • SanDisk jacks into USB 2.0 storage

    Slot-in storage

    Hardware 28 May 10:50

  • EU agency declares war on botnets

    Root cause analysis

    The Channel 28 May 10:50

  • IBM pushes out Opteron-based servers

    Rack 'em and stack 'em

    Servers 28 May 11:09

  • Yes! It's the dancing suit!

    Turn dancing into audio

    Hardware 28 May 11:40

  • JPG hole cuts RAZR open

    Motorola handset vulnerable

    Mobile 28 May 11:54

  • HP launches siamese-twin server blade

    Because two CPUs are denser than one

    Servers 28 May 11:56

  • Belgian newspapers demand Google cash

    Flemish legal blemish refuses to disappear

    Media 28 May 11:58

  • ISS toilet fails to suck

    Cross-legged astronauts request spares

    Science 28 May 12:09

  • Samsung SGH-F490 cameraphone

    An altogether more run of the mill device

    Hardware 28 May 12:38

  • EC denies 'provisional decision' on Intel anti-trust probe

    Slams 'irresponsible' reporting

    The Channel 28 May 12:45

  • Control your PC, with a lemon wedge

    Or a sock, or a pen, or an armchair...

    Software 28 May 13:14

  • ID fraudsters soak the rich

    Soaraway losses

    Security 28 May 13:32

  • Intel faces long not very hot summer

    Centrino 2 starts looking like a mirage

    Hardware 28 May 13:33

  • Want a 1TB optical drive? Call/Recall me

    Backwards compatible with Blu-ray

    Storage 28 May 13:58

  • Wii's Balance Board turned into virtual flying carpet

    Man virtually flys over Alps

    Games 28 May 14:12

  • What's wrong with LINX?

    Outages here, outages there

    Broadband 28 May 14:27

  • Thus Group gives amorous Cable and Wireless the brush off

    Potential telecoms merger emerges

    Broadband 28 May 14:54

  • Japanese customs reunited with lost dope

    Passenger hands over surprise stash

    Bootnotes 28 May 14:54

  • Handset sales drop for first time in mobe history

    Economic woes beget mid-range lane-hoggers

    Mobile 28 May 15:06

  • Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints

    'Not a failure, not a mistake'

    Operating Systems 28 May 15:22

  • UK gov waves white flag on secret lobbying ruling

    Will 'fess up on secret meetings/menus

    Government 28 May 15:24

  • Russian crackers spread nuclear panic

    False meltdown syndrome

    The Channel 28 May 15:29

  • Split on support for 'old' Java in next Eclipse

    Embedded developers like it old skool

    Software 28 May 17:21

  • VMware dollars swarm into B-hive Networks

    Buys application apiarists

    Virtualization 28 May 18:40

  • Mozilla guns for Guinness world record with Firefox 3.0

    Slips out RC2 ahead of the download madness

    Applications 28 May 19:07

  • Man accused of siphoning $50,000 in micro-payments from Schwab, E-trade

    King of the Hill dethroned

    Security 28 May 19:56

  • US protests to WTO over EU 'IT' tariffs

    EU stands ground

    Financial News 28 May 23:03

  • Google opens cloud to (all) earthbound developers

    'Here's how much we'll charge (kinda, sorta)'

    Servers 28 May 23:07