27th May 2008 Archive

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  • Suits could soon lose grip on Java

    JCP chief cautious on roadmap

    Software 27 May 05:02

  • Sarin quits Vodafone

    Surprise departure

    Mobile 27 May 08:02

  • Indian gov denied BlackBerry snoop

    Subcontinental spooks blackballed by RIM

    Mobile 27 May 08:14

  • Is Mac OS X ready for business?

    Tell us what you think

    Reg Technology Panel 27 May 09:01

  • Infineon boss heads for door

    Scraps over strategy lead to ship-jump

    The Channel 27 May 09:11

  • Internet censorship and mission creep

    Saving adults and teens from themselves

    Law 27 May 09:11

  • Swede packs off GPS to make world's biggest sketch

    One line, 110,664 km long

    Bootnotes 27 May 09:13

  • Japanese customs dish out free dope

    Airport sniffer dog test goes 'awry'

    Bootnotes 27 May 10:06

  • Virgin Atlantic site reveals sky-high employee disgruntlement

    'Quick! The boss is coming!!'

    Bootnotes 27 May 10:33

  • Japanese children warned off mobiles

    It's good to talk, but nothing else

    Mobile 27 May 10:35

  • TeliaSonera secures iPhone deal for Nordic and Baltics

    3G on its way

    Mobile 27 May 10:47

  • Wireless links to be trialled in Gulfstream flight controls

    Fly-by-wireWiFi not just sky-pie?

    Science 27 May 10:51

  • Videogames feed your inner cavemen, says report

    Primal Instinct, the videogame?

    Science 27 May 10:56

  • Touchscreen sales set to soar

    Virtual keyboards in, physical keyboards out

    Phones 27 May 10:57

  • Bluetooth finally reaches ten (years, not users)

    Happy 'toothday - or is it?

    Mobile 27 May 11:29

  • Deutsche Telecom caught doing an HP

    Board spying busted

    Broadband 27 May 11:37

  • Mozilla pilots second release candidate for Firefox 3.0

    Beset by bugs

    Applications 27 May 11:41

  • Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS compact camera

    An evolutionary rather than revolutionary offering

    Hardware 27 May 11:52

  • Alton Towers trials ban on PDAs

    "PDA spotted at 200 yards, GO, GO, GO!"

    Phones 27 May 12:10

  • Adobe coughs up CS4 public betas

    Test drive Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth

    Applications 27 May 12:21

  • Google gears Java 5 Web Toolkit

    CSS shrinkage on roadmap

    Developer 27 May 12:24

  • Apple patent filing suggests solar powered iPhone

    Cells lurking beneath screen

    Phones 27 May 12:52

  • Computacenter hires chairman

    Greg Lock takes Ron Sandler's old chair

    The Channel 27 May 12:52

  • Scientologist ASBOed for being over 36

    And Vista begs you to understand

    Letters 27 May 12:53

  • Voter-befuddling tricks moving online

    The forecast for November is stormy

    Government 27 May 13:02

  • Aussie droid planes in Barbados hurricane probe

    Sky-spy to eye eye of storm

    Science 27 May 13:17

  • International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws

    Plan to torpedo Pirate Bay-style freedom claims

    Law 27 May 13:57

  • Truphone becomes a true phone

    We don't need no stinking Wi-Fi

    Mobile 27 May 14:36

  • Sony touts upscale DVD player

    Only the best DVD quality will do

    Hardware 27 May 15:02

  • Microsoft hands Google the future of digital books

    Here, have a monopoly

    Media 27 May 15:38

  • EU sets ambitious IPv6 target

    The internet gets its own straight banana rule

    Data Networking 27 May 15:38

  • Brits pine for old and analogue tech

    Vinyl, CD and VHS all still popular

    Hardware 27 May 15:43

  • South Africa launches formal objection at OOXML

    Ratification as international standard could be delayed

    Applications 27 May 16:15

  • DARPA hands out cash for tiny bugbot-thopter

    Talk about your drone aircraft

    Science 27 May 16:19

  • Viacom suit is Net killer, Google claims

    Hey guys, this is what DMCA was made for

    Media 27 May 17:59

  • Failing Web 2.0 stars pray for copyright abolition

    Wanted: starving artists to help out web tycoons

    Media 27 May 18:32

  • Philips' feedback telly watches your vital signs

    TV adapts lights, sound and vibration to suit

    Hardware 27 May 19:02

  • Verari crosses blades with virtual I/O house

    Xsigo to storage blades: lemme I/O you

    Storage 27 May 19:36

  • FCC boss mulls free* wireless for all

    * - includes ads and content filters

    Broadband 27 May 19:43

  • Microsoft urges developers to tag sites for IE8

    Be prepared for Q3 launch

    Applications 27 May 20:28

  • Paypal glitch hits merchants with 12-day headache

    Software update gone bad

    The Channel 27 May 21:05

  • Attack code in the wild targets new (sort of) Adobe Flash vuln

    At least 20,000 pawns recruited

    Security 27 May 22:31

  • Dell guilty of defrauding New York customers

    Likely to appeal false advertising ruling

    Small Biz 27 May 23:02

  • RIAA abandons iTuneski suit

    Mistakes failure for victory

    Media 27 May 23:36