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Suits could soon lose grip on Java

A roadmap for reform, potentially exposing the Java Community Processes' inner workings to external scrutiny and ending a culture of closed-door meetings, could be made public in the next few months.
Gavin Clarke, 27 May 2008

Sarin quits Vodafone

Arun Sarin is leaving Vodafone. The chief executive departs as the mobile group's profits pass £10bn for the year.
John Oates, 27 May 2008

Indian gov denied BlackBerry snoop

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company behind the BlackBerry handheld, has refused to give the Indian government special access to its encrypted email services. Indian authorities have previously evinced concern that terrorists or criminals might use BlackBerries to communicate free from government interception.
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

Infineon boss heads for door

The chief executive of Infineon, Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, has resigned from the company because of an inability to agree strategy with the company's board of directors.
John Oates, 27 May 2008

Internet censorship and mission creep

CFP 2008"The internet perceives censorship as damage," John Gilmore famously observed, "and routes around it."
Wendy M. Grossman, 27 May 2008

Japanese customs dish out free dope

Japanese customs have very agreeably handed out 142g of cannabis to an unwitting passenger at Tokyo's Narita airport during a drugs-busting test operation "went awry".
Lester Haines, 27 May 2008

Virgin Atlantic site reveals sky-high employee disgruntlement

Times are hard and friends are few for the civil aviation industry. Airlines are going titsup left and right, while fuel prices rocket and passengers tighten their belts, metaphorically speaking.
Christopher Williams, 27 May 2008

Japanese children warned off mobiles

Japanese children should be prevented from using their mobile phones for anything other than talking to protect them from harmful influences, according to an advisory panel to the government.
Bill Ray, 27 May 2008

TeliaSonera secures iPhone deal for Nordic and Baltics

TeliaSonera today announced it will bring Apple's iPhone to all Nordic and Baltic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Jan Libbenga, 27 May 2008

Wireless links to be trialled in Gulfstream flight controls

Future generations of jet aircraft might use short-range wireless technology to connect cockpit controls to ailerons, elevators or rudders.
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

Videogames feed your inner cavemen, says report

Men now have a proper excuse for spending hours glued to a games console, thanks to new research which has concluded that videogames force blokes to revert to their caveman roots.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Touchscreen sales set to soar

Gadgets controlled through touchscreen interfaces will soon become increasingly commonplace. Market analyst iSuppli has forecast that sales of touchscreen display modules will skyrocket between now and 2013.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Bluetooth finally reaches ten (years, not users)

Last week the Bluetooth Special Interest Group celebrated ten years since its formation for the purpose of defining and promoting the radio-networking standard that was supposed to link everything together. But has Bluetooth actually done anything more than enable everyone to look like a twat with a glowing blue ear?
Bill Ray, 27 May 2008

Deutsche Telecom caught doing an HP

Deutsche Telecom has been caught snooping on its board directors and journalists in an apparent effort to stop directors talking to the press.
John Oates, 27 May 2008
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Mozilla pilots second release candidate for Firefox 3.0

UpdatedMozilla is considering whether or not to publish a further test version of Firefox 3 following the discovery of ten noteworthy bugs in Firefox 3.0 RC1.
John Leyden, 27 May 2008

Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS compact camera

ReviewNot long ago we looked at the Digital Ixus 70 IS and now comes the follow up, the Digital Ixus 80 IS. So is it a case of the same chocolates in a different box or has Canon radically redefined this camera sector?
George Cole, 27 May 2008

Alton Towers trials ban on PDAs

So-called quiet carriages on trains where the use of phones and laptops is frowned upon are to be avoided if you’re tech-obsessed. But now theme park Alton Towers wants to ban the use of PDAs from its grounds.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Adobe coughs up CS4 public betas

Adobe Systems is today releasing public beta versions of its Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth apps.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 May 2008

Google gears Java 5 Web Toolkit

Google is this week expected to release the long-awaited update to its Web Toolkit (GWT) adding support for Java 5 Standard Edition language features to speed development and performance of JavaScript.
Gavin Clarke, 27 May 2008

Apple patent filing suggests solar powered iPhone

The battery life of portable gadgets has always been a source of frustration. But Apple may have found an eco-friendly way around the problem – by integrating a solar panel behind, say, the iPhone’s LCD display.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Computacenter hires chairman

Computacenter has hired Greg Lock as its new chairman following Ron Sandler’s sudden departure from the IT services firm earlier this year.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 May 2008

Scientologist ASBOed for being over 36

CommentsA man dubbed "Leeds’s dumbest criminal" has been served with an ASBO forbidding him from posting videos of criminal activity on the internet. Andrew Kellett, 23, had been in the habit of showing off his exploits on YouTube, which made some of you wonder why he hadn't been convicted of the acts he seemed so proud of, and why he'd been effectively barred from providing evidence against himself.
Robin Lettice, 27 May 2008

Voter-befuddling tricks moving online

CFP 2008The conundrum in anything to do with voting: the people who write the election laws are the ones who won the election. What motive do they have for changing the status quo?
Wendy M. Grossman, 27 May 2008

Aussie droid planes in Barbados hurricane probe

American weather boffins plan to send more unmanned aircraft plunging deep into the 2008 crop of Caribbean hurricanes, in a bid to find out more about the deadly rotating storm systems.
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

International copyright talks seek BitTorrent-killer laws

A new international trade agreement could seek to strengthen criminal sanctions against BitTorrent tracker sites that claim not to profit from internet users sharing music, movies and software.
Christopher Williams, 27 May 2008

Truphone becomes a true phone

Mobile-VoIP operator Truphone has expanded its offering with the launch of Truphone Anywhere, giving users access to their Truphone minutes from the cellular network.
Bill Ray, 27 May 2008

Sony touts upscale DVD player

Sony has unveiled its latest upscaling DVD player, which the electronics giant’s also touting as the perfect way to display still photos on your HD telly.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Microsoft hands Google the future of digital books

While Bill Gates now holds a lucrative monopoly on digital images, his successors don't see the same prosperous future for the digital word. Microsoft is withdrawing from the Open Content Alliance digitisation project and will cease to scan books, the company said on Friday. It's abandoning its Live Book Search venture - a curious decision, since it effectively hands the future of the book to arch-rival Google.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 May 2008
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EU sets ambitious IPv6 target

The European Commission is pushing for 25 per cent of the bloc's government bodies, industry and public to switch to IPv6 by 2010, amid warnings that the current IPv4 protocol is fast running out of net addresses.
Christopher Williams, 27 May 2008

Brits pine for old and analogue tech

Blu-ray and MP3 may be conquering the world, but vinyl, CD and VHS still hold a special place in the hearts of UK adults, according to survey into so-called graveyard-bound technology.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008
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South Africa launches formal objection at OOXML

The official blessing of Microsoft’s controversial Office Open XML (OOXML) document format as an international standard could be delayed after a formal objection was lodged against it.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 May 2008

DARPA hands out cash for tiny bugbot-thopter

Famed solar-plane company Aerovironment announced today that it has won further US military funding to carry on its Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) programme, which will develop a tiny "three-inch flapping-wing air vehicle system".
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008

Viacom suit is Net killer, Google claims

Viacom's copyright infringement lawsuit against YouTube threatens the way that hundreds of millions of people use the internet, YouTube owner Google has said in its court defence.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 May 2008

Failing Web 2.0 stars pray for copyright abolition

Remember the date - the one about an inch above the words you're reading now. 27 May 2008.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 May 2008

Philips' feedback telly watches your vital signs

Philips may have found the perfect use for its blood pressure monitoring pants – a TV range that provides physical and visual feedback according to your body’s changing vital signs.
James Sherwood, 27 May 2008

Verari crosses blades with virtual I/O house

Verari Systems is now packing its network storage blades with a virtual I/O appliance, courtesy of a partnership with Xsigo Systems.
Austin Modine, 27 May 2008

FCC boss mulls free* wireless for all

The US Federal Communications Commission is mulling a plan that would blanket America with free wireless broadband. Not to mention online ads and content filters.
Cade Metz, 27 May 2008

Microsoft urges developers to tag sites for IE8

Microsoft has firmed up the date a little for its Internet Explorer 8 second beta, saying the browser is coming in the third quarter.
Gavin Clarke, 27 May 2008

Paypal glitch hits merchants with 12-day headache

PayPal customers are up in arms as a series of fresh glitches cost them time and money. Once again, eBay's inability to accurately say when the problem might be fixed is adding insult to injury.
Dan Goodin, 27 May 2008

Attack code in the wild targets new (sort of) Adobe Flash vuln

UpdatedSecurity researchers from Symantec have clarified an earlier report of attack code in the wild that targets a previously unknown vulnerability in the latest version of Adobe Flash. They now say current versions of Adobe's stand-alone Flash application are vulnerable, but that updated browser plug-ins are not.
Dan Goodin, 27 May 2008

Dell guilty of defrauding New York customers

A New York state judge says Dell and its finance wing are guilty of making false promises to stir up more sales.
Austin Modine, 27 May 2008

RIAA abandons iTuneski suit

The Recording Industry Ass. of America has dropped its copyright infringement suit against the Russian online music seller AllofM3.com - aka iTuneski.
Cade Metz, 27 May 2008

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