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Home Office hands over £50m for police mobile devices

The Home Office has finalised plans to distribute £50m in extra funding to UK police so that they can purchase 10,000 mobile, networked devices for use by plods in the field.
Lewis Page, 26 May 2008
Book learning, image via Shutterstock

A reading from the second book of Codh

Verity Stob, 26 May 2008

CoolerMaster 900W PSU grabs top energy efficiency rating

PC power supply specialist CoolerMaster has become the first manufacturer of gaming-friendly PSUs to win a Silver rating from US energy efficiency monitor 80 Plus.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2008

Phoenix beams back Martian postcards

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander has beamed back its first snaps of the Martian Arctic's Vastitas Borealis region, having successfully landed at around 23:40 GMT yesterday:
Lester Haines, 26 May 2008

The Transparent Society revisited

CFP 2008A little over ten years ago, science fiction author David Brin stood up at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference and delivered the first draft of some of his 1998 book The Transparent Society. The crowd, he said Thursday, was "both helpful and actively hostile".
Wendy M. Grossman, 26 May 2008

Pentax snapper plumbs the depths

With summer just around the corner, Pentax has decided to deepen its compact camera range with the addition of a waterproof snapper capable of reaching the deepest depths – sort of.
James Sherwood, 26 May 2008

Samsung hammers out stylish Steel slider

Style and steel aren’t usually something you hear of together, unless you’re an architect. But Samsung’s mashed the two into one to create its latest slider handset - dubbed, simply, Steel.
James Sherwood, 26 May 2008

The music biz's digital flops - a short history

Since the record industry first noticed that some of the kids were using the internet in the mid-90s, it's flopped from one puddle to the next. Despite a desperate need to evolve - guys, the pond is drying up, do try to breathe - recording industry strategy has flopped from one muddy puddle to the next, and a muddy puddle is quite a good metaphor for the latest survival strategy: advertising supported music which 'feels like free' to the consumer.
Paul Sanders, 26 May 2008

Sony notion for retractable USB stick just clicks

Sony has taken a leaf out of Biro's book and come up with a retractable USB Flash drive design. Dubbed the MicroVault Click and Click Excellence, the new line up of drives runs from 1GB to 16GB.
Tony Smith, 26 May 2008

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