23rd May 2008 Archive

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  • Transport Dept wastes millions on shared services deal

    Whitehall computer says 'Nein'

    Government 23 00:02

  • Garage sale genius juices software-hawking eBayers

    Judge ignores Autodesk

    The Channel 23 04:49

  • Facebook battles Google over access to user data

    Friend Connect privacy kerfuffle

    Applications 23 08:55

  • Government announces shortlist for ID card contracts

    Five stooges sniff the pork barrel

    Government 23 08:57

  • Illinois gal gives Street View an eyeful

    Privacy these, big guy

    Bootnotes 23 08:58

  • Intel to use Centrino 2 to promote solid-state drives

    Steering SSDs into the mainstream?

    Hardware 23 09:39

  • MPs demand US spooks' guarantees on census data

    Patriot Act could expose British Jedis

    Government 23 09:42

  • Brit glitterati offered high-flying handset

    Aeroplane-grade frame

    Phones 23 10:22

  • NASA's Phoenix braces for Sunday touch-down

    So far, so good for Martian gig

    Science 23 10:23

  • AMD to launch 'Puma' laptop platform next month

    Challenging Centrino 2

    Hardware 23 10:23

  • Trillian blighted by security bug trio

    Parse the sick bag

    Security 23 10:42

  • Revenue admits another IT cock-up

    More magnificence from Keystone Kops

    Government 23 10:54

  • BOFH: The Batcave

    We've got to win it first

    BOFH 23 11:02

  • LG designs double-sided TV display

    One side for him, one side for her

    Hardware 23 11:10

  • Climate profs 'can't recommend' enormo-space-parasol

    Global-warming brains lukewarm on 'Sunshade World' ploy

    Science 23 11:16

  • Chinese supplier offers 'cheapest' Linux laptop

    Got £111 to spare for an Eee PC clone?

    Hardware 23 11:19

  • HP retains server revs and shipments crown

    Ahead of IBM and Dell in Q1

    Servers 23 11:44

  • City anti-Scientology protestor avoids court summons

    Prosecutors define 'threatening, abusive or insulting'

    Law 23 12:04

  • Dell XPS M1730 17in gaming laptop

    The machine Dell calls 'The Beast'...

    Hardware 23 12:24

  • RC car puts you in the driving seat

    That's how you spell RC

    Hardware 23 12:30

  • Incredible folding laptop untucked on eBay

    Origami computing

    Hardware 23 12:40

  • Naomi Campbell could face Heathrow charges

    Lost bag, lost rag, jet lag?

    Bootnotes 23 12:56

  • Reg readers split on Vista readiness

    Initial poll results in

    Applications 23 13:02

  • National Grid computers locked-down in outage cock-up

    'Country was safe' during 24 hour lie-down

    Servers 23 13:09

  • US firms use own staff to snoop on co-workers

    (Office)spy versus spy

    Management 23 13:42

  • Asus to release desktop Eee PC as Ebox

    First pics published

    Hardware 23 13:53

  • Yahoo! vs Icahn, Yahoo! blinks first

    Another proxy emerges and director quits

    Financial News 23 14:16

  • Electrosticky droid boffin in spider-gecko tech bitchslap

    Robo-thopter spy bat 'gargoyle mode' cracked?

    Science 23 14:17

  • Bittorrent tosses Orb into Apple's walled garden

    Apple - a monopoly in the making?

    Media 23 15:21

  • BT industrial action is off - for now

    See, it really is good to talk

    Broadband 23 15:38

  • Mobile money - a helping hand for the poor?

    Ring around the Western Union

    Mobile 23 15:39

  • Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies

    'Help us root out corruption'

    The Channel 23 16:08

  • American auto dealer offers free handguns

    Obama sparks US economy

    Bootnotes 23 18:37

  • Facebook poked by XSS flaw

    Social spamming

    Security 23 18:40

  • Nvidia to acquire ray tracing startup

    Render bender

    Hardware 23 18:48

  • Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel

    'Kinda like Acid3 on speed'

    Applications 23 19:45

  • TJX employee fired for exposing shoddy security practices

    Blank passwords for the company that lost 94m credit cards

    Security 23 22:54