22nd May 2008 Archive

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  • Chicago demands ticket taxes from eBay, StubHub

    'You must pay for your amusements'

    Financial News 22 00:07

  • NetApp shares fall on downbeat forecast

    Q4 revs up, earnings flat

    Storage 22 00:17

  • Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

    Trademark tango

    Hardware 22 01:02

  • EU sets out mobile satellite services

    Transmissions from space must reach all of Europe

    Broadband 22 07:02

  • Missing MacBook Air cables


    Hardware 22 07:29

  • Deutsche Post issues Rudolf Hess stamp

    Neo-Nazis make merry with design-your-own service

    Bootnotes 22 08:32

  • Tories show they're ready for government...

    By carelessly losing thousands of voter records

    Government 22 08:46

  • MS bashes Gay(wood) Xbox Live gamer

    Brit's surname ruled offside

    Bootnotes 22 08:52

  • Dutch boffin, astronaut in space-sickness breakthrough

    Space-flying Dutchman and PhD student team vs astronausea

    Science 22 08:55

  • Asus speaks out on UK Eee PC 900 battery issue

    Caveat emptor

    Hardware 22 09:42

  • Pants purveyor punts handset-holding undies

    Brief encounter

    Hardware 22 10:08

  • China airlifts bamboo to quake-hit pandas

    Emergency rations

    Science 22 10:11

  • Samsung's F480 hitting Europe next month

    Yet another iPhone 'killer'?

    Phones 22 10:40

  • Time to overcome Java misconceptions

    Program, profile, repeat

    Developer 22 10:47

  • Hackers exploit China earthquake to punt Trojan

    Sadly predictable

    Security 22 10:52

  • Petrol stations deploy anti-theft stingers

    Metal spikes 1, 'Drive-aways' 0

    Law 22 10:55

  • Nokia shows an Orange face to the world

    Operator and manufacturer in perfect harmony

    Mobile 22 11:15

  • Moody's drafts in lawyers to probe ratings code 'screw-up'

    Rate my regulator

    Financial News 22 11:22

  • Palm Treo 850 snap reveals Wi-Fi connection

    A Treo with WLAN support? About time too...

    Mobile 22 11:23

  • Fujifilm to tempt lovers with smooch-sensing snapper

    A vision of love?

    Hardware 22 11:27

  • Broadband bumpkins overtake city surfers

    Hay-chewing yokels stockbrokers lead the UK's charge online, Ofcom crows

    Broadband 22 11:29

  • The economy: A big Arab did it and ran away, claims PM

    'Scandalous' OPEC to blame for slump, by-election results, weather etc...

    Government 22 11:41

  • EC takes own sweet time backing Microsoft ODF move

    Interoperable? We'll be the judge of that

    Applications 22 11:51

  • Tesco VoIP goes mobile

    Just not for Tesco Mobile customers

    VoIP 22 11:53

  • MEP tries to ban lightbulbs with mercury amendment

    Mad as a hatter

    Government 22 11:53

  • Logitech Z Cinema advanced surround sound system

    Put your PC’s audio on a course of steroids

    Hardware 22 12:03

  • Epson rolls off A4-size e-paper panel

    William Caxton turns in his grave

    Hardware 22 12:08

  • Boffins sound exam cheat warning on brain enhancing pills

    P*ss tests for SATs?

    Science 22 12:20

  • CPS apologises for DNA disc blunder

    Civil Service pass-the-parcel

    Law 22 12:22

  • 'Loitering Munition' prowler-bomb in Welsh test

    Lurking sky-shell gives new meaning to fire-and-forget

    Government 22 12:27

  • WD pitches Firewire pocket HDD

    Hardware 22 12:30

  • Wii still king in US

    Yet to leave the building, despite April sales slippage

    Games 22 12:42

  • Undercover teachers to track gang members online

    Beware - dangerous minds at work

    Law 22 12:55

  • Too dim to set up your phone? Pay someone else to do it

    Get your phone settings here, only a quid

    Mobile 22 13:55

  • Cisco breaks cycle with IOS patch

    Preemptive defence against rootkit exploits?

    Data Networking 22 14:05

  • Lenovo undershoots Wall St as US disappoints

    PC maker cracks a tooth on credit crunch

    The Channel 22 15:24

  • Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

    Over 36? You can't play

    Law 22 15:47

  • Iomega launches leather-bound pocket drive

    Old codgers' favourite?

    Hardware 22 15:51

  • Boeing robot whisper-copter team claims record

    Whirlydroid outlasts all comers

    Science 22 15:58

  • Samsung tightens grip on world LCD TV sales

    Outsells Dell in the monitor market, too

    Hardware 22 16:02

  • IBM and Dell lick their lips as Microsoft and Google buy billions in gear

    The death of the white box makers

    Semi-Coherent Computing 22 16:54

  • Researchers out Apple over unpatched iCal bugs

    Too slow for Core's liking

    Security 22 17:05

  • Tech Data sales, profits up in Q1

    Acquisition to pump up Europe revenues

    The Channel 22 18:32

  • Lifelock's fraud-prevention service takes more legal flak


    Security 22 18:54

  • Print-on-demand crusader tags Amazon with anti-trust suit

    'Unlock my BookLocker'

    Media 22 20:13

  • IBMers answer call for IBM-free Eclipse

    Build it and they might come

    Software 22 20:32

  • Electrical grid overlords take drubbing over cyber attack vulnerability

    'Disorganized, ineffective'

    Security 22 23:00