21st May 2008 Archive

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  • Napster flirts with Apple fanboys

    'Get your MP3s here'

    Media 21 May 00:11

  • Compuware too cool for quality tools?

    "Appropriate" investment

    Developer 21 May 00:14

  • Home Office backs e-crime overhaul

    One-stop fraud busting shop

    Law 21 May 07:02

  • Mass SQL injection hits English language websites

    Chinese hackers spread the silent love

    Security 21 May 07:02

  • World's first touch-sensitive e-reader touted

    Force sensing technology

    Phones 21 May 07:33

  • Big news for small cells

    Qualcomm invests in femtocells while Forum agrees standards

    Mobile 21 May 08:02

  • Medion charts a path for women drivers

    Find your way, in pink

    Science 21 May 09:02

  • Temp workers to get equal rights after 12 weeks

    Employers' groups and small biz world up in arms

    Small Biz 21 May 09:06

  • Teapot backdoor probed by German telescope boffins

    Spoons, spectacles, even eyeballs - all security risks

    Security 21 May 09:23

  • Intel plans Q3 Core 2 Quad, Duo line-up shuffle

    Steady as she goes before 'Nehelam' launch quarter

    Hardware 21 May 09:41

  • Motorola dodges $4bn damages

    Orbital sword of Damocles sheathed

    Mobile 21 May 09:57

  • Orange mobile broadband takes six-day break

    Working to fix it...

    Mobile 21 May 10:00

  • Amazon.com: Now with 50% less cockfighting

    The Gamecock pulled from the shelves

    Law 21 May 10:04

  • Intel nudges Centrino 2 debut back

    Still in public H1 2008 launch window - just

    Hardware 21 May 10:05

  • Stone catches fallen Rock

    Notebook reseller saved from administration

    The Channel 21 May 10:20

  • HP's Hurd points out flat and spotty US in Q3

    Shows Wall Street its best face

    The Channel 21 May 10:25

  • Hello Kitty gets claws into UK electronics

    Branded gear and mobile content on the way

    Mobile 21 May 10:26

  • Sikorsky X2 superwhirlybird enters ground spin-up phase

    Revolutionary in more ways than two

    Science 21 May 11:35

  • Open source code crawling with fewer bugs

    Audit gives thumbs up

    Security 21 May 11:50

  • Nokia says no plan to switch phones to Linux

    What is a mobile phone, exactly?

    Mobile 21 May 11:58

  • SF's green mayor dreams of electric car heaven

    Socket to me, Shai...

    Science 21 May 12:02

  • Roll-your-own SugarCRM targets partners and enterprises

    Build big

    Applications 21 May 12:02

  • Asus Eee PC 901 spied on web... in black

    Once again, way cooler than the white one

    Hardware 21 May 12:19

  • SOCA defends e-crime record as minister admits gap

    NHTCU 'nostalgia' misplaced, says UK's FBI

    Law 21 May 12:24

  • UK censor launches online content classification drive

    Age verification to become the norm?

    Hardware 21 May 12:34

  • Ofcom pulls plug on wholesale broadband regulation

    For most of the UK

    Government 21 May 13:00

  • Cornish lingo gets standard written form

    Factions get their orthographic act together

    Bootnotes 21 May 13:03

  • Samsung Adidas F110 miCoach personal trainer phone

    Pint-sized Mr Motivator

    Phones 21 May 13:04

  • Official: no Gunmetal Grey PS3 for UK

    US gamers to get it though

    Games 21 May 13:15

  • Latest 'designer handset' touted by Christian Dior

    Anything you can do, i can do better

    Phones 21 May 13:18

  • Oz carrier Primus blitzed by DDoS attack

    International links 'trashed'

    Broadband 21 May 14:06

  • Japan gets cryptic timepiece

    Looks great, but does it tell the time?

    Hardware 21 May 14:30

  • Revealed! The new face of the Eee PC

    Model plan

    Hardware 21 May 14:30

  • Time Warner and Time Warner Cable split

    Breaking up is hard to do...

    Broadband 21 May 14:46

  • 3 told to cut rates

    No special treatment

    Mobile 21 May 14:49

  • Moody's computer 'bug' caused over-optimistic credit ratings

    Computer says yes!

    Financial News 21 May 14:53

  • US Reapers get satnav bombs, deploy on Canadian border

    Cloudy-weather killbot weapons a coincidence, no doubt

    Government 21 May 14:56

  • Register Books brings you Dorset House

    Pick up the classics here

    Developer 21 May 14:59

  • Acer Predator packs powerful specs, lacks skull cleaning capability

    Will eat the competition?

    Hardware 21 May 15:01

  • Microsoft loses Alcatel-Lucent patent legal spat

    Intellectual property infringement claims thrown out

    Software 21 May 15:24

  • 'F**k the Country Channel', says the Country Channel

    Web TV outfit in email newsletter shocker

    Media 21 May 15:29

  • Christian Bale signs for Terminator trilogy

    On board for the whole shooting match

    Bootnotes 21 May 15:46

  • Whither Google's new CFO?

    Massageland loses its luster

    Applications 21 May 15:58

  • Phlashing attack thrashes embedded systems

    Router bricking risk

    Security 21 May 16:16

  • Tory proposes street-legal Segway legalisation

    MP calls for 'personal transporters' to allowed on UK roads

    Hardware 21 May 16:23

  • Microsoft pays people to use its search engine

    Chicktionary not enough

    Software 21 May 18:47

  • After Debian's epic SSL blunder, a world of hurt for security pros

    Admins: Heal thy certificates

    Servers 21 May 18:47

  • Bush tests Castro with mobile phone gift barrage

    Let freedom ring — oh hey, it's polyphonic

    Networks 21 May 18:49

  • Microsoft to ODF, PDF - let's get it on together

    ODF champion says 'put your tongue away'

    Applications 21 May 20:51

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux thinks big

    New drivers for old

    Servers 21 May 21:22

  • Man barred from posting crimes on YouTube

    Interim ASBO for 'Leeds’s dumbest criminal'

    Security 21 May 22:27

  • Vista on your iPhone - almost 'perfection'

    When Apple met Microsoft

    Mobile 21 May 22:30