20th May 2008 Archive

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  • In Google We Trust: Health docs depo now open to Americans

    Body goes beta, soul effort still in alpha

    Law 20 00:17

  • Serve up iTunes with Apple's media browser

    Give your software some soul

    Applications 20 05:02

  • NEC shows heart-shaped LCD

    Don't break my LCD heart...

    Hardware 20 07:30

  • Games consoles not green enough, claims Greenpeace

    Manufacturers must do more to rid their products of nasties

    Games 20 08:02

  • Firefox developers tinker with new security protections (finally)

    Protecting users from net's weaker security links

    Security 20 08:57

  • IBM kicks off service management house party

    Folks wearing suits in Orlando Florida explained!

    Business 20 09:07

  • Airbus jets could be converted to fuel-cell propulsion

    Only on the ground, though

    Science 20 09:10

  • Brown brown-noses Google, Brin demands privacy

    Your indefatigability - I salutes it

    Government 20 09:22

  • Boffins' breakthrough boosts fuel cell output by 50%

    Membrane drain plugged

    Science 20 09:28

  • Medion takes aim at Asus' Eee

    Bigger screen, more storage, lower price

    Hardware 20 09:57

  • Mobiles help UK malls track shoppers' every move

    Every step you take, every toilet break you make...

    Mobile 20 10:00

  • When code goes bad: What to watch for

    Emergent Design: Pathologies uncovered

    Software 20 10:02

  • Symbian shipments up but royalties stall

    Send in the consultants

    Mobile 20 10:24

  • Philips probes possibilities of hi-tech pants

    Make sure they're clean

    Science 20 10:40

  • Israeli jailers listen to guard dogs with interpreter ware

    'What's that, boy? A breakout at Tower 14, you say?'

    Government 20 10:49

  • Stem cell researchers claim victory in battle with Church

    MPs fall in favour of hybrid embryos

    Science 20 11:12

  • UK.gov plans central database for all your communications

    Brown team plots Ripa redux?

    Government 20 11:22

  • Meizu Mini Player SL 8GB media player

    Flac and Ogg support to the fore

    Hardware 20 11:27

  • Consoles blamed for Japanese arcade sales slump

    Arcades shutting down across Japan

    Games 20 11:42

  • Pondlife earthquake scammers go mobile

    SMS scam hides behind proxies

    Security 20 11:44

  • South Korea Prez receives limited edition Xbox

    A mother-of-pearl gaming beauty

    Games 20 11:45

  • 'Experimental' Linux distro Exherbo eyes serious developers

    Whispering grass

    Operating Systems 20 11:57

  • US and Romania dredge up 38 phishing suspects

    Bank card gang PINned down

    Security 20 12:52

  • A videogame that truly takes the p*ss

    Is that really what they meant by Wii?

    Games 20 13:02

  • Metal Storm in further grenade-gasm tests, paper issues

    A 'certifiable' idea

    Science 20 13:30

  • Website in 'Apple to launch 3G iPhone at WWDC' allegation shock

    Never heard that one before...

    Mobile 20 13:36

  • Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

    Faces prosecution for branding Hubbardites a cu*t

    Law 20 14:35

  • Dutch ban voting computers over eavesdropping fear

    Back to basics

    Government 20 14:40

  • Iogear pitches over-the-network USB sharing gadget

    SAN on the cheap

    Broadband 20 14:44

  • Netflix to sell set-top box for streamed movies

    The postman doesn't need to ring twice...

    Media 20 14:51

  • DISH Network awarded $1,050 in NDS card crack case

    Uh, is that it your honour?

    Broadband 20 15:44

  • Unmanned Aerial Manhood outrage at Kasparov rally

    Drone chopper shocker in Moscow

    Bootnotes 20 15:58

  • Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

    Abzorbaloff creator waddles off into sunset

    Bootnotes 20 19:28

  • Platform Computing makes cluster management land grab

    Adds branch of HPC software

    Servers 20 19:41

  • Royal Bank of Scotland takes three weeks to squash nasty Worldpay bug

    Amateur security sleuth spurned

    The Channel 20 19:51

  • Wikimedia Foundation muzzles Wikinews

    Speech is free if you pretend it's free

    Media 20 20:10

  • EMC: The age of high-end flash has begun

    Enterprise SSDs match high-end disk prices by 2010?

    Storage 20 22:24